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The Event


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Episode 2 - To Keep Us Safe

28 March 2012

Hmm. I still don't know quite what to think of The Event. Is it just shiny and new which is keeping me from tossing it in the same bin that 24, Flashforward and Heroes all landed in? Or is there something a little more interesting on offer?

The show is certainly more forthright with its answers than any of those shows were. We now know that the group of people being held are not human and that there are more of them out in the wider world. We also know that they acted to save the President and that they age much slower than humans do. For some reason having spared the President they then killed the airplane passengers. Or did they? Whose helicopters were headed toward the survivors?

The key of course to making those mysteries matter is to have characters that the audience will care about. The President has played things straight so far and the "aliens" have yet to be fully characterized either. Sean is the only person to have received much attention and he is scripted to be only a generic good guy so far. Fortunately he seems a good piece of casting and I enjoyed the scene of him first meeting Leila in the swimming pool quite a bit.

The time jumping device is helping the show at the moment but may become a hindrance over time. Right now it allows for instant explanations and flashbacks to explain who characters are and what they have been up to. It's certainly entertaining while the show is new.

I remain generally cynical about The Event and its lack of characterization worries me. But at the same time there is potential there. The non-terrestrial people may not actually be aliens, they may have a more intriguing origin. They may turn out to be an interesting metaphor to explore things about our society the way the Cylons were. But that's probably too optimistic and I will just stick to being generally entertained for now.



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  • Now the show feels like V and other alien invasion shows from 2005.

    I might give it a couple more but I don't have high hopes.

    Posted by Yogabon, 29/09/2010 8:22pm (10 years ago)

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