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Episode 1 - I Haven't Told You Everything

28 March 2012

The Event - 101 - I haven't told you everything

Well this wasn't boring that's for sure. As with anyone else who watched The Event I don't know what to make of it yet.

The pilot had a very particular style, a blend of Lost, 24 and Flashforward intended to hook anyone who enjoys their TV with a slice of adrenaline and mystery. The question I want answered is not what is "the Event" but is this the way every episode will be presented?

If each week is going to be jump cuts through time and lots of intense but probably inconsequential action sequences then it will get tired fast. 24 burned me out on adrenaline. After a while I began to resent the fact that my body would react with tension to characters lives being put in danger even though my mind knew nothing of importance was actually going to happen.

That is very much how The Event felt. Each action sequence (rather like the movie Vantage Point as well) was fun in itself but was just building something else, none had significance or consequence in the moment. If the producers chose this tactic just to hook viewers and soon the show will settle down into something with substance then I don't mind. But I am deeply suspicious that this won't be the case.

The lack of characterisation was predictable. Sean seemed likeable enough and he showed some nuance with his nervousness in front of Leila and her father Michael. But I was disappointed in the scenes where he returned to his cruise ship to discover they had no record of him. I felt he slightly overplayed his growing panic and running away from security seemed like an overreaction. Though I suppose we may soon discover that he already knew something fishy was going on. But those scenes were the most compelling of the episode and personally I would have enjoyed a pilot which focused entirely on the lovebirds and saw Sean's confusion and misery at his plight grow and grow. Instead it was just a setup for more mystery and adrenaline.

Sadly I suspect that last statement may well be what the show ends up giving us. Every mystery show since 24 has ignored characterization despite Lost showing the way. The mysterious prisoners who are apparently behind "The Event" must have supernatural powers of some kind. Whether they are aliens or time travelers or mutants or whatever, I have seen very few shows do a good job with such ideas.

So mark me down as deeply skeptical about where this is headed. By the way, I was really amused by the casting of Željko Ivanek and Tony Todd as two of the President's most senior advisers. What was the casting call on that one? "Get me the most recognizable, clichéd creepy looking middle aged men you can!"



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  • If this is good, I'll be pleasantly surprised. Unlike robin, I do seem to find myself in the market for a mystical-conspiratory-mystery genre replacement for Lost.

    Posted by Mike Drew, 22/09/2010 2:05pm (10 years ago)

  • Blair Underwood is fine, and I think Jason Ritter is OK. I'll keep watching. The fractured timeline was overused, as it didn't really serve the viewer to tell the story out of sequence. Apparently it was used to artificially elevate the tension and confusion. Laura Innes is excellent, and it might be fun when she decides to tell everything.

    Posted by Donna Buckley, 22/09/2010 11:56am (10 years ago)

  • I found the time jumping here to be very jarring. I was not engaged in the Jason Ritter character but became intrigued when the President's scenes began. The cliffhanger will bring me back but I'm only allowing this show to take 4 episdes to "catch". I will be surprised if you rate this pilot very high.

    Posted by Yogabon, 22/09/2010 12:00am (10 years ago)

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