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Episode 11 - Slow Down Your Neighbours

6 March 2012

Credit ABC

I liked Luke soaking Gloria and Hayley to make them learn, that was a pretty funny idea. I also enjoyed Phil saying "Luke I am your father!" It's entirely believable that he would have used that one in the delivery room.

Otherwise this was bad. The Claire-Phil-Laura plot was built on flimsy foundations. One driver who goes too fast doesn't sound like a mortal threat to any neighborhood and Claire's frantic pursuit of the car made her look like the bored housewife that Laura dismissed her as. Phil should have been able to tell Claire to lay off for the sake of his career, especially as Laura was moving away. Claire doesn't play the exaggerated intensity well either.

Meanwhile the Cameron-Mitch-Barry plot started off on more promising ground with Cam's amusing giggly crush. But then Barry just became yet another unconvincing sit com one-off character who was weird and implausible. The big fight inside the castle was as preposterous as anything you are likely to see on TV.

Modern Family could really use some ongoing stories or some different writers. Every week is a sketch show right now and not in a good way.



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