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Mike and Molly


Mike and Molly - 101 - Pilot

If you didn't see the show then basically it can be summed up as: a classic live audience style sit com about two fat people falling in love.

If your mind is now imagining awful jokes aimed at fat people with a laugh track cackling away then you are right. But it should be pointed out that there is some heart to the show as well. The two leads Mike (Billy Gardell) and Molly (Melissa McCarthy) deserve most of the credit for this. They both convey a relatable warmth and kindness that is pretty endearing. They also both seem like normal people, which helps.

But those writers just cannot leave them alone. No line of believable dialogue can be left unspoiled by a punch line. Now many of those punch lines are innocuous enough but too many are unnecessary or counterproductive. One of the biggest crutches of sit com writers is inebriation and sure enough within five minutes Molly's sister is getting stoned. A crutch in big comedy movies is to have painful looking injuries occur and the writers decide to throw one of those in just in case any subtlety was remaining. Mike lands on his own hand ludicrously bending his finger the wrong way, complete with prosthetic! Hilarious. Finally Mike steps all over a touching story about how he became a cop by revealing that his father eventually left his family to marry a prostitute. Oh dear.

Mike and Molly can't escape feeling like a factory produced sit com because it is one. Chuck Lorre is making a lot of money from and for CBS by creating comedies which middle America is very comfortable with. Sadly I don't think this one has the potential which The Big Bang Theory has and so I will skip it for now.

Don't blame the actors for this one though, they do a fine job.