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Episode 13 - War

6 March 2012

So the sad end for Lights comes with a great victory but at what price? I really don't think there ever was a Season Two for this show. I know the creators had one in mind but the show was never interesting enough to carry that. I'm also not sure TV is the right format for real tragedy.

And that's what a Season Two would have looked like. Here Lights proves himself to be a great fighter but afterwards he can't remember who won. It was a terrific moment and confirmed that despite winning the day and solving most of his family's problems he had brought his own dementia one step closer. Are there fans who wanted to sit through a season of panic and misery as Lights faced the prospect of losing his mind?

I don't think so. Lights Out was an admirable season and when focussing on fighting had some really strong moments. The choreography between Death Row and Lights was far better than the Morales fight. However the little stories weren't strong enough to make the fight a dramatic spectacle the way some of the fights on Spartacus have been.

I'm glad I sat through the whole season as Holt McCallny's performance was always likeable and Lights remained an admirable figure until the end. As I discussed in my blog post about The Killing, we are in a changing era where more and more Cable dramas are coming at us and we will discover eventually what kind of formula can lead to ratings success. I don't know if it was boxing that turned people off from Lights Out. I always felt that the show's focus on Lights himself made it hard to care about anyone else.



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