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Lights Out


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Episode 12 - Sucker Punch

6 March 2012

It seemed fairly obvious that Lights Out wouldn't see a second season and the confirmation of that makes the Hal Brennan subplot even harder to care about. Brennan finally reveals his darker motive for being involved with Lights - he wants to become the new Barry Word. He wants to take over the fight game and perhaps that is what a Season Two for the show would have focussed on.

The return of Lights' mother would have felt like wheel spinning even if the show was headed for a second season though. She waltzes back into town just as we should be building the tension up for the fight. Sadly she was also a walking cliché. The alcoholic who abandoned her family, claims she has changed but is really just scamming them for more money. It was once more a reminder that Lights Out didn't have a thorough creative vision for the show or a writing team strong enough to make such a static story interesting.

On the other hand there were nice moments here. Margaret's character was fully fleshed out as we imagine her having to play mother at a young age and losing her freedom. The best moment was probably seeing Lights' childlike smile as he watched his mum and dad dancing at dinner. Being the oldest of his siblings Lights clearly remembers more good things about his mother than either Johnny or Margaret do. Robert too played his part well. Clearly he had always been in the thrall of Mae the way men who land a beautiful woman can be. I loved the way he applauded her toast and no one else did, that was a very natural moment.

The press demanding that the boxing match become more interesting than just two men fighting was sad but believable too.


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