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Lights Out


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Episode 9 - Infight

6 March 2012

I'm sorry to say Lights Out is losing me as a fan. I've gone so long into the show now that I will continue to watch and review but I don't feel very interested in the story anymore.

The scissor stab wound to Lights felt cheap to me. It felt like a way to inject drama into a show which is treading water until the final episode and big fight roll around. Clearly it won't injure Lights enough to stop him fighting but it will allow everyone to wade into the argument of whether he should and who should be training him.

This sudden attempt to make Ed Romeo's story an important part of the show backfired a bit. His gravelly voice began to grate this week. His performance is ok but the voice just feels forced as did much of his interaction with the Leary girls and Johnny. Ed only arrived last episode and yet by the end of this one we were meant to care about his relationships with people. There just wasn't enough time to establish any of that and the stabbing only added to the sense that Ed was a distraction, thrown in to pass time as Lights trained.

There were parts of the story that I liked. Lights' paranoia over whether Ed had asked Theresa to have sex with him was a nice organic demonstration of why the controlling relationship was starting to really bother him. The different training methods to increasing his flexibility and avoid sparring were interesting. But instead of bringing something out of the actual boxing part of the story we just got Johnny being a douche. It all just felt so rushed. I can imagine Johnny being frustrated but to pack Ed's things up for him felt heavy handed. As did Ed's emotional distress at another boxer rejecting him. We only met him last episode and suddenly we are being asked to care about his feelings in a way we've only been expected to with Lights up till now.

Something I think could or should have been explored more was Lights stuffing down pizza behind Ed's back. With the promo I could easily understand Lights feeling like he should live up to his obligations. But eating junk food raises questions about how much Lights really wants to win. The show is built around him believing he can solve all the problems in his life by winning one fight. Yet he can't give up pizza for a couple of months? There was real fodder for someone to ream him out for going soft and not having the desire to win.



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