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Episode 10 - Cut Men

6 March 2012

I still think there isn't enough to care about within the Lights Out universe for this to be compelling. But for a moment the writers captured the essence of what is good about the show when Lights heads to the restaurant to goad Reynolds into fighting him.

With every avenue being closed to him and his financial situation still desperate Lights only has his wits and his ability to throw a punch to fall back on. It was definitely an exciting moment as he cut out all the middle men and basically called Reynolds a chicken. I also liked that he used the information he had gained from Ed Romeo to further wind the Champ up. The whole draw of boxing is to see two people who hate one another throw punches and suddenly here it was.

That moment aside this had a lot of good and bad to it. On the one hand the pace did keep up throughout as the world conspired to leave Lights high and dry. The debts and future bills pile up. He doesn't want to get any deeper into debt with Hal Brennan. Theresa's decision to start earning money hit Lights in his male-pride\provider funny bone.

However all those themes have been explored before and felt familiar. The one new element was Brennan's brother, the doctor who was willing to inject Lights with whatever would be helpful to his recovery. That side of things didn't receive much attention though and we were left with some odd details. I've lost track of what Lights owes Hal and what for. It also seemed odd that Barry talked about the "Network" clearing their schedule for a fight. If they are going to make millions from this fight then it will be on pay-per-view, not live TV.



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