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Episode 7 - Crossroads

6 March 2012

I felt the focus of this could have been better. Beating Morales should have been the be-all and end-all of this episode. Instead it ended with Lights and his Dad falling out which doesn't mean a great deal. We know Lights is going to fight Reynolds, the whole show has been built around that. We also know he isn't going to end the season estranged from his father.  So what does that leave you with? Most likely a "heartwarming" reconciliation on the way to the big fight. The only way I can imagine this fallout being crucial is if Lights loses to Reynolds and his Dad is proved right.

After reading Alan Sepinwall's review I also have to consider whether Morales took a dive. What I planned on saying was that the choreography of the fight was not impressive at all. I'm no boxing expert but neither man had his guard up much and Morales had several opportunities to punch Lights' in the face and all he did was jab. Boxers keep their gloves up in front of their noses during fights normally, as indeed Lights does in training. If the point of all this was to add to the sense that Morales wasn't trying then it was a little too subtle.

Sepinwall's point is that Morales looks at Hal Brennan just before round two. It would fit with the meeting Brennan and Word had at the end of episode five. That might also explain why the producers didn't focus on the emotions of this comeback the way I imagined they would. I felt the buildup to the fight was less good than the way Omar's title match was written. We saw Lights expressing doubts to Johnny and asking Theresa to come see him on the phone but that was it. There was so much emotion which could have been exploited and wasn't. The reunion with Theresa felt rushed as it's only been an episode and a bit since he moved out. When we opened the episode with a clip from the start of the fight I thought we were going to see clips interspersed into the episode which I think would have been a fun way to see things unfold.

Elsewhere I think Daniella's acting is starting to be tested by the stressful position she finds herself in. I never like to pick on young actors but some just embody their characters while others do the best they can to simulate emotions they can't relate to. She is in the latter category and doing ok.

I should stress that I did like plenty of things in the episode. The healthy relationship which Reynolds and Lights have is very different to the growling Morales. I also liked Reynolds believing that in the end all the corruption and promotion would be irrelevant when people looked back on history. We all need our excuses.

I liked that Lights' eye problem wouldn't go away and the fact that he wasn't able to get into ideal shape for the fight. That felt realistic and seeing him gulping down water before the weigh in and cheating on his eye exam were good touches too. Lights would be furious if he knew Morales had dived but he will do everything within his powers to get what he wants.



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