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Glee - 201 - Audition

I've only seen three episodes of Glee before this one and I feel about the same.

The show is undoubtedly entertaining. I suspect the musical numbers will please or bore you depending on the performance and your own knowledge or opinion of the song. However the high school drama setting is entertaining in itself. For me this is largely because it provides an understandable and relatable hierarchy. Where there is a hierarchy there are believable conflicts which don't have to be forced.

So here the loss of status or a place on various teams has an understandable effect on each character. By constantly pitting characters against one another and showing us their losses or gains the show is able to draw out emotions from the viewer easily. The best story here was the introduction of the new female coach of the football team Shannon Beiste. Her appearance and name seem entirely designed to provide new material for Sue to work with. However she plays the role straight and the story of how she ruffled the feathers of her fellow teachers and was rejected by them was pretty good. It drew genuine sympathy from me for her situation and she came across like a real person.

However despite a lot of good work the show also indulges in too many exaggerations. One is the characters being so open and obvious about their desires and their faults. It's not that such direct writing bothers me; it's more that teenagers tend to behave in the opposite way. Then there are the crack houses, the silly racism, the fake breasts and the false sex abuse allegations. I could stomach one of those per episode for comic effect but all of them combined make it hard to take the stories very seriously.

If Glee were a little more serious I think it could be a really entertaining show. As it is it feels hit or miss and the lack of consequences put me off from watching it. But I wouldn't trash the show, I think it does a lot of things well and if you like the musical aspect then it has a lot to offer.

Glee - 202 - Britney \ Brittany

I do understand the appeal of recreating famous music videos. I have no problem with a TV show using currently popular music to attract a fan base either. Personally I found these Britney parodies pretty dull but I won't hold that against Glee.

What I will though is the characterization and storytelling. Rachel and Will behave in a way real people don't and despite having only seen about five episodes of Glee I have seen it before. They both admit directly to their loved ones what their current insecurity is and behave in consciously foolish ways in an attempt to overcompensate for their fears. They then admit to what they are doing.

The overcompensating behavior is dull to watch when it's so obviously out of character. And the self aware honesty is just plain dull. Human life is endlessly fascinating because of people's inability to understand their own faults. If character's just own up to what they are consciously doing then where's the drama? It also makes the character's feel less real but that's clearly bottom of Glee's priority list.

The show isn't for me but I wish it well and will probably peek at it again out of curiosity at some point.