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Episode 4 - Episode 4

28 March 2012

Episodes - 104 - Episode Four

The show continues to put focus on the characters and who they really are. I admire that but the jokes all stand out horribly in contrast. The episode was all about Matt but every time there seemed to be a serious attempt to make him likeable and real the Joey jokes would come back.

Matt takes Sean and Beverley to his ex-wife's house to beg to see his sons. It's an attempt at a humanizing scene but we get this bit of dialogue at the doorstep with Matt's ex-wife.

Diane: "How drunk are you?"
Matt: "I'm fine."
D: "Yeah right.
M: "I am."
D: "Fine like you were at Donna's christening?"
M: "I was at Donna's christening?"

In the end Sean and Beverley take him home with them and he passes out in the small hours on their spare bed. It seemed like he had been fully humanized and now he and Betsy might finally make peace. But no instead a random woman appears in the morning, a booty call that even Matt's drunken exhaustion couldn't quell. She babbles on about how they met in clichéd California style much to their cliched (though fairly accurate) British style.

I hate to repeat myself but the show remains caught between two completely different shows. The more they do with Matt the more he seems like Joey for grownups. I don't just mean Joey Tribbiani the character, I mean Joey the tv show which focused exclusively on his acting career in Hollywood. Here they find him at the bar talking about a photographer being his nemesis and how cool it is that a guy in the bar has a glass eye. Pure Joey.

Sean and Beverley really aren't looking any better either the longer they interact with him. Beverley's disgust at the indignities that Hollywood has thrust on her makes her less and less likeable. She is playing the 'mom' role and frowning on all fun and light heartedness. Her paranoia over the attractive Morning makes her look insecure and petty. Meanwhile Sean's "breaking the tension" moments throughout the episode make him look like a bit of a clown.

I thought this was the worst episode so far and I just don't think the producers understand how to marry the two halves of this show together. I don't think it's doing Matt le Blanc much good to be playing such a Joey-like character either.



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