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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is a drama about a zombie apocalypse. It is based on the 2003 Image Comics series. AMC 2010-???


Episode 15 - Try

25 March 2015

I'm not sure how I feel about the climactic scene of this episode.

I wasn't sure if Rick had been adequately brought to the boiling point he reached. His behaviour in the scenes with Jessie suggested that he had gone over the edge. He was creepily forward and admitted that he wouldn't necessarily intervene in a less attractive woman's marriage. Yet somehow Jessie took his disturbing possesiveness as a sign that she was special to him and gave him the go ahead to beat her husband up. Although it sounds like I hated that scene, I didn't. In a way this is the most fascinating The Walking Dead has ever been. Out in the wild Rick is ruthless but kind. But now faced with real life again he has lost his moral compass and is not acting out of pure motives anymore. But did it feel earned?

The fight was poorly choreographed. It felt like Rick should have been able to take Pete down quicker but I guess they wanted to him to be dramatically bloodied and struggling. His speech made some sense but it still didn't feel quite like he should have been this emotional at that moment. It was also a foolish moment to attempt a power grab given that he was standing alone and Darryl is outside the gates.

Michonne's decision to side with civilisation is an interesting one. But I don't know her well enough to fully believe it. Sadly I don't think we will get a chance to explore her reasoning though. In case you didn't notice, a vicious group of survivors called the Wolves are coming to Alexandria next episode. The writers emphasised this so much that it makes me wonder if they are coming so that Rick will be proven right about needing to run the town. I really hope this isn't the end of the exploration of how our group function in Alexandria but things are about to change one way or another.

We all knew one day Carl would have a romance story and this was about what you'd expect. We've seen multiple characters go through what Sasha is but she played it fine. I couldn't tell whether her wiping out of the Walkers was meant to back up Rick's point that his group knew how to survive or if it was merely another Wolves hint. Again Glenn was excellent in telling off Nicholas.



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  • Unknown:

    Does the Wolves group contain some of the people Deanna mentioned she exiled to Rick and Company?

    Don't these people have Jail cells? If not, why don't they just build some and guard Rick and Pete in a holding cell while they do that? They need at least two cells right now. :)

    Posted by Fluids, 25/03/2015 12:47pm (5 years ago)

  • ~~~~~~~~~~

    How are different people trying in this episode?:

    Nicholas: Isn’t trying to make things work at all. He’s isn’t open to learning from Rick’s group and he’s trying to cover up his incompetence and figure out a way to get rid of Rick’s crew.

    Deanna: Seems to be trying to be diplomatic about Rick and crew treating everyone on an individual basis, however she does look at them also as a group. I think she believes Nicholas hasn’t been truthful to her about what happened with Aidan. She’s trying to see things from all sides. However, Rick has pushed her to a limit.

    Sasha: Is trying to work through her depression, anger and maintaining her edge while trying to live within the protected walls of Alexandria.

    Michonne: Is trying hard to assimilate. She sees where she’s been through Sasha. She seems to be the best balanced.

    Carol: Although she’s been a social infiltrator she is trying to make what is socially acceptable for her the truth for everyone else. She pushed Rick to go after Pete because she knew he liked Jesse and she didn’t want what happened to her with Ed to happen with Jessie.

    Glenn: Tries to see everyone as one group (Alexandrians and Rick’s family.) They are just in different phases of being able to deal with the outside world.

    Rick: Was trying to look out for his group. Now he appears to be trying to look out for his own interests (Jessie). Perhaps that’s Sheriff Rick looking out for a battered wife; or it’s the Shane in Rick looking out for a mate (regardless of the consequences to her family; his group’s safety or Tara’s life.) He’s definitely trying Deanna’s leadership skills and patience. He might be exiled at this point. I fully expect Deanna to make those intentions clear to everyone.

    The season ender fast approaches. It’s going to be a long one (1 1/2 hours). It sounds like Deanna is going to have it out with Rick and company finally. Rick will probably be told he has to leave and the others can decide to go or stay with him. This seems like the most logical outcome of what we saw. I hope I am wrong because this scenario has been done in other TV shows before. It’s a bit predictable.

    Of course (if this plays out) I believe the Wolves will put a quick end to that storyline and that will bring everyone together leaving us with a cliffhanger.

    So what we will end up losing all these wonderful different dynamics being built up of different peoples ability to cope with the current outside world.

    My prediction is it will be Daryl and Aaron first encountering the group that has been carving W’s into people who become Walkers. That will bring everyone’s perception of a real threat equally. Then they will look to the most experience people who are able to be equipped to deal with that threat (Rick) for guidance just before he gets thrown out of the compound for good. I hope I am wrong, however that’s how it seems to be playing out.


    *W’s carved on people and Zombies foreheads * – No doubt the Wolves mentioned in the graffiti back in the Episode where Tyreese died. The poor woman who turned and Darryl showed mercy had a ‘W’ on her forehead. These monsters lashed her to a tree; carved a ‘W’ into her forehead; and then watched zombies pull her apart. They butchered the zombies keeping the torsos (just like the ones in the truck at Noah’s family compound.)

    *Clearing out walkers on your own*. I am guessing that’s either working through your sorrow or anger by taking it out on the dead. Michonne found that it just left herself feeling hollow inside ultimately. The same thing could be said of Morgan, however it made him paranoid and crazy. Tyreese did that once I believe. It helped him cope with his anxieties.


    *Carl has a girlfriend! They seem very well suited for each other. She feels comfortable or more together outside the walls just like him.

    *I actually loved all the dynamics of all the different people. Each person in their own way was trying to make things work; coping with the apocalypse while dealing with each other. However, we will probably shift off of this since we are at season end there has to be a cliff hanger to hold us over until October.


    *Tara was in bad shape. It would have been good to see Pete working on Tara. Get Eugene’s reactions to her condition. It would have also given Pete’s character more depth as far as his competence and worth. Him being a surgeon was kind of shoe horned into conversations with Rick and Jessie and Deanna. It would have also made stopping Rick from killing Pete more impactful. They could have had Michonne seeing Pete work on Tara and then have her knock out Rick. It would have made more sense because that is a complex situation.

    *Rick seemed to fall pretty fast for Jessie and boiled over pretty quickly about Pete’s abuse of Jessie and Sam. That moved a bit too fast for me.

    There is an inconsistency with listening to Carol:
    He didn’t fall for Carol’s use of death in ‘Indifference’ dealing with infectious Karen and David back in Season 4 to protect everyone from harm. He was also behind strong walls in that episode (the Prison, so the walls of Alexandria are not the catalyst). Why was Carol able to persuade him to employ death as a solution this time and he fell for it?

    What happened to his pragmatic approach to dealing with folks in Alexandria from a group perspective? We only saw him care as individual for Jessie once he had a drink inside of him at a party. What happened to wash away all his concerns for his group and make him focus on his own needs? Why does he care so much for Jessie? Is it just the sheriff inside of him that just wants to keep her from getting killed by Pete? I would have thought he would have struggled with that because Tara’s life was at stake. I know he had mixed feelings about Tara due to her being with the Governor, however I would have thought he would have more feelings about her than Jessie whom he just met. After all, Tara’s family right?

    *We lost an opportunity to find out how Maggie feels about Gabriel and what she’s seen while working closely with Deanna. I am kind of surprised Rick wasn’t spending a lot of time with her trying to learn what Deanna is thinking and to figure out as a group what their next move will be.


    Will Tara live?

    Who does the title of the episode refer to? Try what? Is it try to fit into the social fabric that is at Alexandria? Is it try to make thinks work for the Alexandrians with Rick’s group?

    Will Pete be separated from his family so he doesn’t harm them anymore?

    Will Olivia confront Carol about her chocolate thefts?

    Does Rick and company face banishment now?
    How much does Deanna really need these people?
    If they end up not being banished, is there some hidden reason other than she’s very diplomatic?

    These W carved people and walkers are becoming more frequent. Who are these humans and why do they need to carve up and take Zombie torsos and torture other humans?
    They sound like bad news (judging from the poor woman lashed to the tree with her entrails being eaten out by zombies.)

    Viewer score: 62 / 100

    Posted by Fluids, 24/03/2015 8:28pm (5 years ago)

  • This one did not grab me like the last few.

    I did like how Carol keeps up the façade by making tuna casserole.

    Deana's family mourning ritual was interesting. But they kept cutting away. I think this technique was a bit overused this episode.

    Overall a passable episode.

    Viewer score: 60 / 100

    Posted by Yogabon, 24/03/2015 7:59pm (5 years ago)

  • Not a bad episode, but it had that "calm before the storm" ring to it.

    Unless Sasha plays a major role in the finale (and I don't mean dying, I mean she plays a significant role in the plot) it just seems like the heavy focus on her is a waste of time. I don't mind her subplot giving Michonne and Rosita a chance to talk with each other, so often we just see various characters talk to the same few people (i.e. Darryl with Carol and Rick, or Eugene with Rosita and Tara), that with an ensemble cast its refreshing to see the writers mix it up more.

    The Rick/Jessie/Pete story has been building long enough and I think this development was earned because it took the less predictable route of Rick being told he's out of line.

    It is kinda weird to not have Maggie or Gabriel appear after the ending from last week, kinda takes the air out of the story in a way.

    I also question not giving us a look at Tara, so we could at least see how she's recovering.

    A lot of my complaints of this Alexandria story have mostly been on what the writers could have done better, instead of what they did wrong, I just think 5 episodes hasn't been enough to give this location everything it should have. But still, this is a far better show then Woodbury or the hospital was.

    Viewer score: 56 / 100

    Posted by Ben F., 23/03/2015 2:18pm (5 years ago)

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