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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is a drama about a zombie apocalypse. It is based on the 2003 Image Comics series. AMC 2010-???


Episode 13 - Forget

12 March 2015

I thought this was really good, again. I thought this presented a very effective range of emotions which our survivors encounter as they contemplate their new lives.

Carol scaring the life out of that boy was one of the best scenes the show has ever produced. What Carol is doing might be the right thing for the group's survival. It might be the right thing for that boy's survival. But it's also scarring him and damaging his relationship with his family. I think the most interesting part is how little time Carol had to compute the situation. It was second nature for her to threaten someone. When she really had time to think about it (at the prison) she murdered people. It was a scene that beautifully made you question the morality of the scenario. Carol is the most far gone in terms of civilisation. She firmly believes that their stay here is only temporary.

Rick is the next along that scale. His transformation into Shane was less subtle but equally fascinating. I loved that final shot of him contemplating the walls. What was he thinking? His inappropriate peck on the cheek seems to have led him to ponder a world where Jessie's husband meets an unfortunate accident. Freed from the burdens of the outside world does Rick recognise his own mad thoughts for what they are? Or has some combination of arrogance, stress and paranoia driven him slightly over the edge?

It makes sense that he'd only share his plans with Darryl and Carol, the adults he's known the longest. But Darryl's reaction was to see things another way. Aaron's gentle and understanding treatment lured him in with the emotional acceptance he's always craved. And by allowing him his space (offering him the recruiter job) and recognising his goodness he lured Darryl in perfectly. It was that recognition of Darryl's morality (and therefore his worth) that began Darryl's frienship with Carol back in Season 2. The use of the horse was predictably emotive and gave us a reminder of the haunted lives of animals in this world.

Sasha's panic attack when faced with a room full of small talk was another clever collision between the survivors and Alexandria. She has not let go of Tyreese yet or the sense of coiled rage which kept her alive in the wild. While Michonne goes the other way actively trying to give up on her survivor self to relax and settle in. The balance between all these stories was excellent, far better than the show normally manages.



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  • It's a testament to TWD that they can make a dinner party scene seem so surreal.

    I did enjoy this episode quite a bit, more than last week, with one exception.

    Darryl and Aaron's bonding and Walker encounters was a solid subplot, and worked better than last week's Glenn outing.

    I was going to say that I wanted more focus on some of the peripheral cast, but seeing the preview it seems that will be addressed next week.

    Carol's threats is one of, if not the best, non-action scene of TWD. Really drives home that these characters can't live how they used to in regular society.

    Sasha is the weak-link of the episode, I just don't feel we have a clear understanding of who she is beyond her ties to Tyreese and Bob. Her outburst at the party didn't really gel with me.

    This location is so prime with potential and character development, that I worry the producers didn't leave themselves enough episodes to explore that potential. Assuming we are only here until the end often season.

    Also, I wouldn't mind knowing the exact numbers of residents and a view of just how big the society is, kinda vague and hard to visualize right now.

    Viewer score: 63 / 100

    Posted by Ben F., 10/03/2015 6:35pm (5 years ago)

  • Another solid episode.

    I felt a few quotes really stood out:

    Michonne: "This is NOW" in a discussion about how smart Deanna is. Rick wonders if she was smart for then (the past) or now (the present).

    Carol: discussing what's good about this place, " I get to be invisible again" Only this time she knows exactly how strong she has become when she flirts with Tobian to hide what she's really doing (unlocking the windows) and threatens Sam (by telling him how savagely he could suffer out there).

    Aaron remarking about the horse "He always ran before" .. nicely foreshadows Darryl's capitulation to the allure of Alexandria (not running anymore).

    Just my random thoughts on this episode.

    Viewer score: 72 / 100

    Posted by Yogabon, 09/03/2015 11:13pm (5 years ago)

  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    I can identify heavily with Daryl in this episode. I think we all have phases or moments in our lives when we operate under the duality of feeling like an outsider even though we get comfort in our lives in circles of family; community or with those that share our activities or interests. Daryl’s evolution comes from the balance of his inner strength and judgment from the comfort of Rick’s extended family and from his ability to be self reliant which comes from being alone for extended periods of time throughout most of his life.

    In this world (much like life in general) *all* of our survivors need a balance of comfort from some type family; community and their own individuality to persevere in a healthy way throughout their lives. They have to be true to themselves and their own individual paths while being anchored to some set of values that is maintained and echoed by their family or community. Daryl has this balance; the only thing he lacks is interpersonal communication and socialization skills. That will come with time (if like other characters he survives long enough and if there is a growth in community throughout the world.) It’s not really necessary nor will it really grow if the world never gets better.

    The writers are already setting up a conflict between Jessie’s husband Pete and Rick and an affair between Rick and Jessie.

    I would also say that something has to happen with the walls to jar some of these folks back into the horrible realities that are out in the world.

    What do you think?


    *Sasha shooting the pictures: I thought of that as a type of forgetting and the epitome of the post apocalypse. People in pictures long gone are worthless and meaningless s to anyone else because there’s no one in those peoples around to appreciate them. There faces are small enough though for a sniper to use as target practice though.

    *The Wall: Some of the folks in this community are insulated from the ugly reality of the world that lies on the other side of Reg’s well made walls of the compound.
    Rick at ‘the Wall’ feeling the relentless vibrations of the walker on the other side shows how tuned in he is to the threat of the undead and of bad peoples. They will always be there. Even though there is one lone walker behind the rolled steel walls, he knows it’s still a threat and he’s measuring it and there will be others and there will worse; other humans with bad intentions. It’s only a matter of time.

    I would be willing to bet whatever the threat is that it will show up at seasons end which is only three episodes away.


    *Rick’s group is all outsiders and I feel there isn’t a character that is more the epitome of this than Daryl. The fact that Aaron picks up on this because he’s gay and feels that he and Eric are outsiders to his group makes sense. The choice of Daryl as a recruiter also makes sense. He does know how to judge good people from the bad very quickly and he is self reliant and feels fine living literally on the outside of the walls.

    *Sasha has a lot of anxiety to the point of paranoia. I loved her scenes at the party because on the one hand if you looked at the party as being normal you would have thought she had PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), on the other hand she could be just pissed off about how people in this compound are acting in this post apocalyptic environment. I guess that all depends upon the thoughts of the Alexandrians who were at the party: Were they a bunch of survivors combining rations having a get together to at least briefly engage in some pre apocalyptic normalcy (blowing off some steam); or has this strong wall made everyone ignorant of the apocalypse and comfortable to the point and want others to present them with pasta makers and are mainly interested in swapping food recipes rather than deal with what lies on the outside? The wall apparently is insulating some of those people from reality.

    *Walkers with the ‘W’s carved into their foreheads. We saw these markings on walkers 100 miles south back in Noah’s family compound in Richmond. Now there are walkers up in Alexandria with these ‘W’s carved into their foreheads. Gangs in the real world often tag their territory with their gang symbol. My theory is whoever is marking these walkers is telling other humans that this is their territory and it covers about 100 miles radius. It has to be a fairly large group to be able to cover that distance.


    There are a couple of predictable things that are coming:
    1. Rick and Jessie’s husband eventually having it out.
    2. Rick having an affair with Jessie. Just a little tropic for me.


    * What is the group forgetting or need to forget? Forget about the way they used to live their lives before the apocalypse? Or perhaps it’s to forget about living their lives the way the Alexandrians do? Or is it they need to forget about the way they have been living their lives.

    *Does Tobin have a thing for Carol?

    *Is Deanna trying to get rid of Rick’s group or is that just Rick’s paranoia?

    *Does Rick share Deanna’s vision of there being a government and a justice system? Is it just too soon?

    *Will Jessie’s son tell his mother that Carol took guns from the armory?

    *Did Carol take an extra chocolate square so she would have an alibi? Why did she do that? Won’t she get caught by Olivia the depot manager?

    *How big is the population of this compound? How big is the security force?
    *Is Morgan going to be able to track Rick’s group from Noah’s house to Alexandria? There was a map that he found in the church that would bring him as far as Richmond.

    *Will Rick’s group end up taking over Alexandria?

    *Now Rick’s group is noticing the W’s carved into the foreheads of walkers. Are these carved by a rival group called the ‘wolves’ and are they getting closer?

    What do you think?

    Viewer score: 69 / 100

    Posted by Fluids, 09/03/2015 5:16pm (5 years ago)

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