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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is a drama about a zombie apocalypse. It is based on the 2003 Image Comics series. AMC 2010-???


Episode 7 - Crossed

5 December 2014

Synopsis: Rick leads a group to capture some of the cops and cut a deal with Dawn. One of them, Bob, pretends to be cooperative before knocking Sasha out. At the hospital Dawn allows Beth to treat Carol. Out on the road Eugene wakes up while the rest of the gang get over the loss of Washington.

Apologies for the short review, again my holiday interfered with my schedule.

This was another flat installment. Because of the jumping back and forth between stories the producers are making it hard on their audience to invest in the emotions on display. It feels like ages since Bob died and yet we have to try and connect to Sasha, who we don't really know, as she grieves. Almost amusingly Tyreese points out his own pain from last season over the death of his girlfriend who we never knew at all.

Similarly we have to try and imagine how Abraham feels now that his mission has blown up. However we'd only just spent an episode figuring him out before that happened and then we jumped away to Atlanta for an hour. Besides Tara and Rosita get over it pretty quickly so why should we care?

I think Father Gabriel's story sums it all up. He is afraid and reluctant to deal with the horrors of the apocalyspe. We get it. But instead of adding depth the show just repeats that point over and over. As with Sasha falling for Bob and then losing him. Or Abraham finding a mission and then losing it, The Walking Dead seems incapable of a second gear. Scott Gimple has spent good time establishing each characters primary concern but they then just sing that chorus repeatedly, never adding a new verse.

The only break from the monotony is the upcoming half season break which will doubtless deliver action but probably won't do more than spit our characters out into a new formation and perhaps kill off a couple of them. Sadly the plotting of Rick's group was terrible here. There was something very awkward about Darryl leaving the gang to search for leftovers. What if they had needed him up ahead? Then the new Bob playing good cop was one of the most irritating moments in a long while. Our survivors have been so cagey for so long that to see them taken in by this routine was very annoying. Sasha deserved a smack on the head for turning her back on a stranger.

It's so sad for me to feel such disconnect from a show which patiently reeled me back in last season.


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  • Another Walking Dead axiom – Just because someone looks and acts trustworthy doesn’t mean they are trustworthy; especially if you just met them. (Bob Lamsen from Dawn’s group.)


    • A new zombie term: Rotter! Love it.
    • Special FX and makeup for this episode were INCREDIBLE! OUTSTANDING!
    The highlight was the melted zombie obstacle course Rick and company tried to navigate through. Utterly disgusting…Kudos Nicotero et al!
    • Tyreese continues to provide a lovely moral compass (taking the place of Hershel). Daryl is also falling into that camp. This became clear to me when they had an alternate plan to not kill anyone in order to rescue Beth and Carol. Rick and Maggie wanted to kill everyone in Dawn’s group.
    • Father Gabriel struggling with the realities of his religious faith and keeping alive in the apocalypse were wonderfully tragic.
    • Eugene is alive! However, I kind of expected that.
    • Great action sequences.


    • Carl describing how to handle the machete to bash a walker’s skull in to Father Gabriel was a bit much. I understand its function was to show us how Father Gabriel is struggling between his faith and the reality of keeping alive in the apocalypse.
    • It’s unclear what Abraham’s group is doing as a goal to me and who is leading that group. It appears it’s a combination of Glenn, Maggie and Rosita running the show.


    What is going to happen to Gabriel? Is he on his own now?
    It appears Rosita’s group is still going to DC. Is that the case?
    How rough of shape is Eugene in? Is he fit to travel?
    Where is Morgan? He has to be close by. He was tracking Rick’s group.

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