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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is a drama about a zombie apocalypse. It is based on the 2003 Image Comics series. AMC 2010-???


Episode 6 - Consumed

5 December 2014

Synopsis: Carol and Daryl stalk the police to the hospital in Atlanta. In flashback we see some of the missing pieces in Carol's story. They run into Noah and Carol is picked up by the police.

Apologies for the short review, I left for my holiday on the day of release.

I was really disappointed by this. I thought it utterly failed at both character development and tension. The flashbacks seemed to add nothing to our understanding of Carol. The discussions she had with Darryl seemed to revolve around the same old "can we go on?" bleating which didn't seem to reflect all she'd been through. There was also no hint of what kind of relationship the two of them have or any question about Darryl's feelings for Beth. You would think some mention of either would have come up. We also had the strange u-turn where Carol went from wanting to shoot Noah to saving him.

The lack of tension in the action scenes has become a big problem. It's Scott Gimple's one big failure and it's really damaging slow episodes like this one. It never felt like Darryl or Carol were in jeapordy (it didn't help that we already knew her fate) and they were implausibly stupid to get trapped in the teetering van before being implausibly lucky that it landed on its wheels.



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  • Great Comments from Tiarnan on this one can be found here:

    I found the same thing as Tiarnan; the rewatch for me was more satisfying than the first viewing.

    I was drawing a blank on bad stuff, however after reading his comments and looking back at the ambulance on the overpass that definitely felt a little contrived or tropic. Perhaps it was because it was the only vehicle on the overpass so it was too obvious an action beat. Also they did that take twice from what I hear and due to the bad continuity it looks like we got pieces of the those two takes. It does appear to be tumbling over itself in flight although somehow it lands on all four wheels. That's kind of sloppy.

    Posted by fluids, 21/11/2014 5:15pm (6 years ago)

  • One more comment:
    In her own eyes I think Carol feels lost and not worthy of being with other people. Maybe she doesn’t trust herself. In a psychological way that puts her similar with Daryl because back in the episode in Season 4 entitled 'Still' it became clear that Daryl struggled with feeling out of place and lost most of his life.

    Posted by fluids, 21/11/2014 4:25pm (6 years ago)

  • More comments:

    They should have titled this one ‘More on Carol (with a little Daryl thrown in)’.

    The foreshadows were great at establishing emotional beats in her journey through the apocalypse and did give some wonderful glimpses into her psyche.

    More Good:

    I felt like Carol and Daryl are moving together and meeting each other as a couple and I think sparks will fly romantically soon.

    In Carol’s eyes Daryl (emotionally and behavior wise) is no longer a boy.

    He’s growing.

    I think she sees him now as being more vulnerable and caring (dealing with the walker children) and definitely she can see he is trying to get in touch with who he is and was (the child abuse book).

    He did straighten her out once by getting her to admit she meant to shoot Noah and his way of looking at Noah was the most objective.

    Noah was just a kid trying to survive; not a threat.

    However, Daryl still has a ways to go. She did bring Daryl back from his growing indignant attitude with Noah for stealing their stuff and letting zombies loose on them and he saved the kid from Zombies.

    I felt Daryl senses dealing with Myka and Lizzie was very hard for Carol to deal with which is why he didn’t want or need to push knowing what happened with them. Also maybe that isn’t important to him.

    Maybe the only thing that matters to Daryl in that situation is Carol’s feelings and anxieties.

    Posted by fluids, 21/11/2014 4:00pm (6 years ago)

  • Favorite scene: Darryl with Carol burning the bodies of the zombie children and her saying “Thanks”.
    • Great contrast between Darryl and Carol: The painting: “Looks like a dog sat in paint and wiped its ass all over the place.” Carol “I like it”.
    • They are moving towards each other so I definitely feel they will eventually be at levels where they will fall madly in love with each other.
    • Daryl is showing maturity and concern with knowing that Carol went through something traumatic with Mika and Lizzie and insisting that should she doesn’t go outside to give the zombie children mercy. The next morning efforts of Daryl going outside to take care of that for Carol were touching. I could really feel that.
    • Daryl levels Carol nicely with saying Noah is just a kid (when she was trying to kill him.)
    • I take Daryl taking the child abuse book as a move towards being a man. Trying to cope with his past.
    • Carol leveling Daryl and convincing him to save Noah.
    • It’s pretty clear to me that Noah is the one with Daryl at this point and now Rick’s group will have to rescue Carol and Beth.
    Bad: Generally speaking there was nothing outstanding, however the overall mood of the story felt empty and I couldn’t put my finger on.
    Will Maggie, Glen and crew meet back up with Rick before (or after) Rick attempts to rescue Beth?
    Can Noah be trusted?
    When will Carol and Daryl officially hook up?

    Viewer score: 69 / 100

    Posted by Fluids, 20/11/2014 9:14pm (6 years ago)

  • Good: These are my two favorite characters on TWD. Seeing more of them is always a plus. I liked the character growth shown and the special effects were pretty convincing. The best moment was probably the shadow of the child. We've often wondered if they'd go there - child zombies. This was very effective without being too direct. It's truly surprising we have not seen more children.

    Bad: the cuts to the past were not well done. I also think they're beginning to overdo the music montages, which seem a bit too loud for a quiet world.

    The handling of the new Black dude shows there is still room for improvement in how TWD handles this.

    Viewer score: 75 / 100

    Posted by Yogabon, 19/11/2014 9:28pm (6 years ago)

  • Kinda boring of an episode, the instant Noah's head appeared in the background at the parking garage, the episode became very predictable thanks to two of the previous cliffhangers.

    Carol and Darryl alternated between moving about Atlanta and talking for 60 seconds about relatively vague things, didn't make for that engaging of an episode.

    The highway van scene was decent Walker fun, but spending an entire episode on this hunt for Beth was a wasted opportunity on an episode the producers spent resources to show us this ruined Atlanta city. Additionally, the several flashbacks of Carol didn't add much to the barebones story, outside of the numerous shots of smoke.

    My enthusiasm for this season is waning because it feels like by the end of the midseason, very little will be accomplished. While the characters are getting fleshed out more, there hasn't been enough plot. Again, I feel that these stories in a comic form would work because issues can be designed as "the story of X", but for television it doesn't quite work. The intersection of the stories is fine, but its too predictable.

    I also have to take off a few points because Carol should have taken more than less than a water bottle worth of water from the office water bubbler. I would have either stocked up on water or at least taken a few long gulps of water.

    Viewer score: 46 / 100

    Posted by Ben F., 19/11/2014 6:10pm (6 years ago)

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