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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is a drama about a zombie apocalypse. It is based on the 2003 Image Comics series. AMC 2010-???


Episode 16 - Conquer

1 April 2015

This was a bit disappointing as an episode of TV. But I was very pleased with the way the overall storyline worked out. For a long time I've felt that the show would benefit from having a stable home for our characters. Don't listen to people who tell you that a slow Walking Dead is a bad show. The Farm became dull because we weren't getting to know the characters not because we weren't on the move. These last few episodes have done more for characterisation than almost anytime on the run. So yay for the Wolves staying out there. And yay for the formation of a new community, however long it may last.

The good side of this was seeing Glenn choosing not to kill Nicholas. Or Sasha and Maggie showing Gabriel compassion. Our survivors are generally good people who want to make this work. That's what we as an audience are rooting for even if darkness and tension can be more fun.

Rick's decision not to pull a powerplay fitted with this. And I would have preferred a peaceful ending over the clumsy deaths of Reg and Pete. I didn't really buy Deanna suddenly approving of Rick's murderous ways only seconds after the shock of losing her husband. It was too sensationalistic. Pete hadn't really proven he was unforgivable, he'd just been a hopeless drunk. In a way it would have been more effective to just have Deanna crumple in grief and see Rick barking orders and the whole community following his lead. But I suppose next season most viewers won't care or remember Reg and Pete. Whereas Morgan and Rick swapping places on the mental health scales will be interesting.

I won't go into the other plots in detail. I'm glad no one else died. I think next season will see new relationships form or old ones deepend. And even if it's all in the service of more tragic and interesting death sequences I think it will be worth it. However the note of caution I'd like to sound is that the show keeps screwing up tension scenes. They should never cut away from someone being attacked by Walkers. It's always a giveaway that they will survive. Glenn was almost squashed by three zombies. Darryl and Aaron were doomed to suffocate. Rick was in desperate circumstances. And yet there was no real sense of danger after the initial encounter passed. The writers seem to have forgotten that Walker scratches are deadly and now characters just manhandle them with no fear. It's a vital part of the show to reclaim.

It's been another up and down season. Just like last year the middle portion was unbearably bad at times. But ultimately they reanimated my interest in the show as they always seem to do. I don't know if I will be covering next season but I will be watching.



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  • Some more thoughts on this:

    Morgan was there from the very beginning episodes like Rick so for me he represents *everything* from the turn of the apocalypse that humanity has endured and has adapted to in order to persevere. I really hope they keep him on especially to serve that purpose.

    *Spiritual Epiphany and Blueprint for Mankind:

    The problem (the zombie apocalypse and the collapse of civilization) has been equated to being a 'Nightmare' that you have to wake up from. What I think is being conveyed here is how you view living life in the apocalypse in your mind. Humanity; working together in great numbers reestablishing morality, spirituality and civilization is how you *wake up* from the *nightmare*. The zombies aren't going to go away; human beings just need to learn to adapt and readjust to these horrible new sets of problems and consequences (if dealt with wrong) and move on with their lives.

    Posted by Fluids, 06/04/2015 2:54pm (5 years ago)

  • ~~~~~~~~~~

    Lenny James has solid intense on screen presence. I sincerely hope he stays on this show a while. The first Wolf was a great actor as well.

    What is being conquered in this episode?:

    Morgan: Appears to have conquered his need to *clear*.

    Nicholas: is broken and conquered. I think he knows now that he doesn't belong outside the walls because he's just to scared and needs to learn how to defend himself to protect others.

    Deanna: Had to learn the hard way by losing Reg that Rick was right. Discipline and death are sometimes needed to live in this world.

    Sasha: has to conquer her depression and move on.

    Michonne: has realized her desire to live in a world where she can put down her weapons just isn't going to happen. Perhaps those feelings have been conquered by the sheathing of the sword on her back.

    Carol: Threatening to cut Pete’s throat while holding a Casserole in her other hand was priceless. She certainly has conquered her fears of drunken abusers. GO CASSEROLE QUEEN!

    Glenn: has moved firmly into a gutsy assertive leader ship co captain role in my mind.

    Rick: has conquered his reluctance to tell these people the truth about themselves and what they need to do to survive. It appears blood, sweat and tears are required tools.

    My prediction is still it will be Daryl and Aaron who again encounter the Wolves in larger numbers than the two we have seen.


    *Sasha lying down in the mass grave of walker bodies. I thought she looked at herself as being dead; hollow inside; the epitome of the Walking Dead. This is the way Michonne felt after she took everything out on the dead. They are already dead so getting angry at the dead is pointless.

    * Michonne takes her sword down off the mantle and puts it back it’s scabbard over her back*. Perhaps she thinks she was fooling herself with her notions of a place determining you don’t need weapons. This world that they live in with the zombies has created a lawless construct and the conditions where life the way we knew it is impossible. You have to make modifications to your lifestyle to take any kind of violent lawlessness or threat from walkers into consideration (even in a civilized world.)


    *I loved how the first Wolf looked at his encounters with other survivors like ‘going to the movies’. People aren’t people to this guy. That probably makes killing them and taking their possession for him easier.

    *Equal time was giving to a lot of characters interactions which make all them more meaningful to me. This will make any actions good or bad more intense in the new season and with seasons to come.

    *I loved Abraham’s line about Rick being through every grain of *said shit* projecting something Eugene would say of Rick (just as Rick was choking the brains and eyeballs out of zombie trying to choke him.)


    I have to agree with Robin that when they keep cutting away from actors in bad situations to other characters it kind of lets us know nothing is going to happen to them (or else we will miss that right?)

    Deanna's decision to kill Pete was a bit quick, however the show needed a dramatic moment to top Reg's death. I actually loved Reg's character and would have loved more from him before he met his end. He was the more pragmatic and solid figure of Deanna's family.


    *It appears the Wolves have Aaron’s pack with the pictures in them. Is Carl in any danger? (They had a picture of him and the walls.). There has to be more than just two of the Wolves right? Noah's compound looked like it faced a fairly large group of attackers.

    *Are any of the Wolves one of the three people that were thrown out of the compound at Alexandria? I get the impression that isn’t the case. Otherwise Deanna would have brought up the Wolves to Rick, so I think they will eventually come a calling on the Alexandrians.

    Viewer score: 65 / 100

    Posted by Fluids, 01/04/2015 5:46am (5 years ago)

  • I enjoyed this finale, wasn't as good as last year's finale though.

    Season 3 ended with an episode that tried to defy viewer expectations, but I think this episode did so in a different and better way. Because we knew it was a finale, we expected heavy losses, so scenes with Glenn, Darryl/Aaron were tense because you could believe they could die.

    I have to agree with your point that cutting away from "death" is a terrible idea, I don't have an issue with going to commercial or another scene just as they are facing death, as long as they cut back to it, but in this case with Glenn it didn't sit right.

    I do question zero attention being given to Carl after his "romance" was building up, given the writers had extra run time to address all the different subplots. And also, who's been taking care of Judith?

    I did like Gabriel accidentally leaving the gate over, since he's rarely been out, he wouldn't know how the gate works/locks.

    Morgan was quite badass with pole, too, always cool to see a unique weapon in use in this world.

    In a weird way I'm kinda glad Gabriel lives, because it would have meant that the new characters to the main case this season would have all died.

    Despite my complains, I thought this was a tense, solid episode, that never dragged and didn't feel padded to fill out its extra half hour.

    Viewer score: 64 / 100

    Posted by Ben F., 01/04/2015 5:38am (5 years ago)

  • The problem I am having with this show is its own success, which gives the producers far too much leeway to take forever. I am sure AMC wants to keep TWD going as long as possible, but stop teasing me with threats you have no intention of dealing with until next season, just because you know there will be another season. "Wolves Not Far"? They're at least seven months away.

    Posted by Matt E., 31/03/2015 4:17pm (5 years ago)

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