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Spartacus is a drama about a Thracian soldier imprisoned by the Roman Republic around the turn of the 1st century BC. He is sold into slavery and trained to be a gladiator in the city of Capua. STARZ 2010-???


Season 2

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1 Past Transgressions A few years before season one began we see the are...
A few years before season one began we see the arena at Capua under construction. Meanwhile friends and struggling lanista's Batiatus and Solonius discuss their attempts to gain more favour for their gladiators. Lucretia welcomes home an old friend Gaia who is looking for a new rich husband. Former champion Oenomaus (Doctore) seeks to regain his position while the new champion is the cocksure Gannicus. Batiatus purchases Crixus as an attempt to win the favour of his owner Tullius, an influential merchant. Tullius is allied with young lanista Vettius whose gladiators dominate the important fights. Batiatus goads Vettius into a match in the market place to prove the worth of his men. In the ludus Crixus begins to learn the ropes from fellow trainee Ashur.
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2 Missio Batiatus refuses to give in to Tullius' threats ev...
Batiatus refuses to give in to Tullius' threats even when Solonius' fate is linked with his. Instead he tries to cut out the middle man and persuade Varus, the man paying for the games, to use his gladiators. Batiatus dispatches Ashur and the other Syrians to beat up Vettius and Gaia persuades Varus to come to the villa instead. There she plies him with wine and opium and he takes a fancy to Gannicus. He asks Gannicus to have sex with Melitta for his enjoyment. Meanwhile Batiatus rewards the Syrians with the mark and instructs Doctore to hand over his responsibilities to Oenomaus.
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3 Paterfamilias Batiatus' father Titus returns unexpectedly and di...
Batiatus' father Titus returns unexpectedly and disapproves of his son's shenanigans. He seeks out Tullius and removes Gannicus from the primus. Instead Barca will fight in the afternoon and Crixus will take on Auctus. At the villa Varrus returns with a friend Casutius who wants to sample the debauched offerings of the ludus.
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4 Beneath the Mask Gaia approaches another wealthy man, Petronius and...
Gaia approaches another wealthy man, Petronius and he requests the same treatment extended to Varrus and Casutius. Batiatus takes his father away to the coast while Lucretia reluctantly holds an orgy. Solonius stands guard and Tullius ends up attending. Gaia tries to snare him as a husband but he kills her. Titus is furious when he returns and orders Batiatus to get rid of Lucretia or leave the ludus with her. Gannicus and Melitta admit their feelings for one another.
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5 Reckoning Titus orders the men into a tournament to discover...
Titus orders the men into a tournament to discover their true worth. In desperation Ashur takes advantage of Dagan and pokes out one of his eyes. Crixus and Gannicus go undefeated and face off in the final. Realising he can never be with Melitta, Gannicus intentionally loses in order to be sold to Tullius. Batiatus plans to leave the ludus with Lucretia but instead she poisons his wine and he dies. Unfortunately Melitta also drinks the wine and dies while bidding farewell to Gannicus.
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6 The Bitter End Batiatus and Solonius lure Tullius and Vettius int...
Batiatus and Solonius lure Tullius and Vettius into an ambush. Batiatus kills Tullius and walls him up in the new arena while Solonius tells Vettius what to tell the rest of Capua. At the opening of the new arena Vettius announces that he is passing his gladiators to Solonius only. Batiatus' men are thus pitted against Solonius' in the final battle. Ashur kills Dagan and threatens to do the same to Gannicus so Crixus wounds him. Gannicus survives and Solonius cunningly suggests he be freed in order to keep him from Batiatus. Gannicus leaves the ludus as Batiatus and Lucretia prepare to invest in Crixus.
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