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Prison Break

Prison Break is a drama about Michael Schofield, a gifted engineer who deliberately gets incarcerated in order to try and break his brother Lincoln out of prison. FOX 2005-2009


Episode 5 - Interference

30 March 2012

Synopsis: Michael and Whistler investigate the two tower guards who they will have to get past. In doing so one of them sees Michael looking and the guards enter the prison. Whistler claims he was looking at birds and they leave while T-Bag hides Lechero’s prostitute. A new man arrives at the prison and claims he knows who Whistler is. Lincoln and Sofia look for an escape route out of the prison and end up at the beach.

The Good: The Michael plot is once more very good. For the first time in the season we have seen one of those twists that remind you of early season one. Michael is eyeing the guard through his binoculars. Without noticing he catches the sun on them and the reflection alerts the guard who immediately begins shooting at him. The guards rush into the prison looking for a supposed weapon. It’s a clever twist and switches the dramatic gears of the episode very nicely.

In general Michael’s plan is interesting and is building the tension nicely. The use of the sun’s glare is the kind of simple and logical device which makes his plans all the more plausible. There is a pretty effective scene early on where he feeds a rat outside the prison before it is blown to pieces by the guards. It once more reinforces how difficult Sona will be to escape from.

Lincoln and Sofia begin what looks like a flirtation. It’s about the only light part of the entire show right now and Prison Break could use a lighter side. The seduction of Sucre as delivery boy is an interesting story. You just know that his “selfless” greed is going to get him in trouble.

The Bad: The new inmate Tighe has a terrible French accent. You would be forgiven for not knowing he was French at all.

As ever with the show the unconvincing moments are annoying to see. Once the guards storm in Whistler convinces them that he was doing nothing more than some innocent bird watching. Even if it is plausible that they would accept that, there is no reason they should have left Michael’s binoculars there. For such obviously hostile guards it seemed odd that they didn’t take them or at least hand out a beating to Whistler and Michael to remind the inmates who is boss.

The Unknown: T-Bag, Lechero and the prostitute have a curious interaction. Apparently Lechero’s financier on the outside refused to pay for his comfort anymore. When T-Bag gives her money, saying he did it so she could get home, Lechero beats him for “thinking for him.” It’s not exactly clear what arrangement Lechero has on the outside, or if his prostitute has real feelings for him or why T-Bag helps her. It’s all a little confusing, though I suppose T-Bag could just be allowing his confused desires to creep out. So who is Whister really?

Best Moment: Michael looking back toward the guard to see his rifle pointed right at him. A nice logical twist.

The Verdict: Another solid episode of drama with the various stories coming together before the break out attempt. If the show could avoid convenient moments it would be even better.



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