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Mad Men



Episode 12 - The Quality of Mercy

26 June 2013

I'm kind of blank after this episode. I don't really know where this season is headed.

Don and Meagan can't be long for this world though. His retreat into silence and drink is sad to see. He can't even be bothered to watch her show on the television. At work he seems fairly resigned too. His intervention into the St Joseph's account seemed motivated by a desire to make Ted and Peggy as miserable as he is. Maybe he had the company's interests at heart too, what he did was helpful, but he stuck it to Ted to watch him sweat.

I'm pleased that the Bob Benson story wasn't as simple as homosexuality. In fact that move on Pete now looks more like a power play than a come-on, though I assume Bob is gay. Bob is the new Don Draper, a man who tried to escape his old limiting identity by lying his ass off. It fits with everything we've seen of him and suggests that he would have slept with Pete to improve his prospects. Pete's response confused me about as much as did Bob. Having tangled with Don before and not benefitted from it it seems Pete would prefer to keep Bob's secret and hold it over him rather than expose him and risk making an enemy. So Pete somehow comes out of this happy. He gets to work on a prestigious account, he gets to leave the office and New York and he doesn't have to watch out for Bob. Or so it seems. I still assume there's a twist coming for Bob Benson, in part because James Wolk is supposed to be working elsewhere next year.

The whole Sally story seemed to come down to that final line about Don never having done anything for her. Betty actually worked hard to get Sally into boarding school and Glen proved himself to be a stand-up guy and surprisingly smooth for someone who was socially odd for a long time. The girls she was sharing a room with went from pushing her around to being pally very abruptly and the fight between the two boys did not look convincing.

You've gotta smile at Harry admitting to Don that he had tried to pay for a hooker with Travellers Checks.

This season has drifted plot-wise to the point where I don't know what to expect next week. Has this season been all about setting up the final year or is some major cataclysm about to strike with the Rosen's?



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  • I don't care for the Sally plotline at all. I did like that Megan seemed to pick up on an intimacy Don shared with Betty. You could hear his voice change and it sounded like nothing he'd ever expressed to Megan.

    I watched this episode and immediately was able to watch the finale.

    I'm also not too thrilled that Peggy and Ted continued their dangerous dance. I was rooting for her to be smarter than that.

    Viewer score: 55 / 100

    Posted by Yogabon, 26/06/2013 1:21am (7 years ago)

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