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Mad Men



Episode 5 - The Flood

7 May 2013

Credit AMC

Sorry for how late this review is. In my silly-busy life complicated dramas that I don't podcast about are the first thing to be sacrificed. So quick thoughts:  

I enjoyed all the little parts of this episode which exposed the selfish or just self-centred response of human beings to the death of Martin Luther King. Peggy's realtor trying to get a better deal amidst the chaos and Peggy letting her. Ginsberg's father suggesting he should have cuddled up to his date in response to the shock. Pete being morally outraged because his own marital problems have left him emotionally susceptible to the tragedy while Harry is just annoyed by the extra work. Don using the riots as an excuse to forget about his kids while he worries whether Sylvia is alright in D.C. And of course the awkward apologies that every white character made to every black character. In itself a statement about the racial segregation at the heart of the murder.

Don was ever interesting to watch as he finally feels something for his son (when Bobby tries to be kind to the black cinema usher) but then has to react when Bobby's far more worried about Henry than about him. The interaction between Betty and Don was amusingly toxic. She can't help getting in a dig about Don's "girlfriend" and so he takes Bobby to the movies to spite her punishment (he wasn't supposed to watch TV). It looks like Betty's weight issues are going to come front and centre once Henry runs for office. So many lines in Mad Men confuse me (what was with Ethan from Lost babbling on about Molotov cocktails?) and I didn't know what to make of Henry saying he was excited for people to meet Betty. No offence Henry but she's not exactly a charmer.



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  • I loved the way Mad Men used the assasination of Martin Luther King as a back drop and let it wash over the story.

    It brings to mind the myriad ways we have reacted to dramatic events in our times. It ranged from tramautization to "life must go on".

    I loved the young turks battle between Pete and Harry.

    Don's drunken confession to Megan was heart breaking.

    Best of all Peggy's glow when she realized the future her boyfriend was hoping for. Elisabeth Moss was awesome.

    Viewer score: 74 / 100

    Posted by Yogabon, 02/05/2013 2:00am (7 years ago)

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