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Mad Men



Episode 6 - For Immediate Release

13 May 2013

Credit AMC

I didn't like this. I felt like I'd skipped pages in a book.

Peggy's relationship with Abe has always seemed like it wasn't her top priority. But I didn't get the vibe she was so attracted to Teddy Chaough. Now of course attraction can come in many different forms and I'm sure that there's all sorts of excitement and validation wrapped up in that for her. But last week she seemed excited by Abe seeing a future with her. This week she's picturing Teddy instead of Abe just like in a 90s sit com. In the end Don waltzes in to push her back down the pecking order and remind her that she can't escape him.

How did that all happen in one episode? Maybe next week the rest of the SCDP partners will be furious at Don and there will be major rows over the new merger. But for now it seemed like a bizarrely swift and flimsy story to push all 'our' characters back together. You know me, I'm a stickler for logic and reality. The idea that these two independent firms could just agree to merge over one evening felt implausible. The fact that Chevy agreed to do business with a hastily welded together firm seemed equally unlikely. To blast through all of that and leave Peggy numbly writing the press release was such a flat ending. Of course Mad Men has done things like this before. The formation of SCDP (313) and last season's elevation of Joan to partner (511) both took place in just one episode. But this was by far the worst offender. The public offering opportunity came out of nowhere too.

I was somewhat surprised to see Don give Jaguar the boot. I understand his disgust with Herb and the way the deal was secured but they were the big prize which got the agency back to a respectable level. Again I was left to question if Herb has the power to scotch the whole deal without consultation. I did like Joan's reaction and Pete's for that matter. Don has a history of making decisions without consulting anyone and they both called him out on it.

But even the acquisition of the Chevy meeting didn't seem to me to be given the attention it deserved. Roger has spent the last two seasons looking for a way to make himself useful, he finally does, and all we get is one little dig at Pete.

Speaking of whom I once more find myself a little confused. I can sort of imagine Trudy keeping the door open to reconciliation. But I don't know enough about her and it felt a little odd that she would encourage Pete the way she did. However the idea that her father would be so disgusted with his son-in-law that he would expose his own secret shame was an interesting decision. And of course Pete screws himself thoroughly by bitterly telling Trudy who certainly won't pick him over her father at this stage.

What is with Bob Benson? Offering to pay for Pete's prostitution expenses? Wouldn't that creep you out more than flatter you?

By any shows standard this felt abrupt and manipulated. On Mad Men it was jarring.



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  • Purely a time issue. Game of Thrones takes a lot of my time Mon-Weds when I'm also usually editing Buffy and Breaking Bad podcasts. In 3 weeks when GofT ends Mad Men will get reviewed quickly instead...

    Posted by The TV Critic, 13/05/2013 9:23am (7 years ago)

  • I'm the same, I didn't like this episode as much as the other people I know who watched it and the other reviews I have read. I felt the whole merger just so contrived as well Peggy's crush towards Teddy Chaough. At least, there's some good moments like Joan and Pete scolding Don, I guess someone has to, since many things seems to work out for Don no matter what he does.

    Robin, can't help notice that the Mad Men reviews comes pretty late than the GoT and Buffy reviews. Is your interest for the show is waning or at least, you don't find the show as compelling as say GoT? I'm not angry or anything, just curious.

    Viewer score: 58 / 100

    Posted by Dave, 13/05/2013 8:30am (7 years ago)

  • I see this as a set up episode.

    I actually perceived Peggy's attraction a long time ago. Teddy is clever, powerful and strong. All attributes she herself aspires to. I am glad she never went there with Don but that is more because Don couldn't got there with her. She would have ended up like other powerful women he's connected with and dismissed.

    I am glad Pete huffed and puffed and still remains on the outside of everything.

    He's just a Wolf wanna-be. Trudy was trying to be what her mother must've been: a stronghold in the homestead, subservient to her husband, as long as he superficially kept his nose clean she could look the other way. But Pete lacks the talent to negotiate his way as a Man in her interpretation of the world.

    I feel for Joan and her indignation and sadly Don fails to understand her has he has truly failed to understand all the women in his life unless they reflect on him and his ambiitions to be "Don Draper". In Don's mind he triumphs here not only over Jaquar et al but feels he sufficiently unmanned someone that took advantage of a woman he really cares for (Joan) in a way other than a lover to discard.

    I loved that Roger used old school manipulations to succeed. He needed this shot of confidence in his relevance. No matter the tide is turning - it hasn't yet.

    Viewer score: 70 / 100

    Posted by Yogabon, 11/05/2013 12:43am (7 years ago)

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