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Mad Men



Episode 8 - Lady Lazarus

12 May 2012

Credit AMC

This was a less clear episode than the last few. It raised a lot more questions about where the characters are headed.

I found Beth’s seduction of Pete a little unconvincing. She didn’t seem remotely in the mood for sex on their car journey and then awkwardly left the door ajar so he could follow her in. The dialogue was also quite direct with both characters being more self reflective than you might expect two strangers to be and the discussion of the moon thrown in to give us some context. After that though I enjoyed it. Another man might smile at his good luck or see their time together as validating. Pete remains miserable instead. I can understand his irritation at not being able to control his own affair but it’s not that bad a life is it?

The Meagan story was very interesting though it has moved fast. Last week her father reminded her of her love for acting, now she’s gone. I can buy that she would want to leave SCDP. She explained where her passion lies well but I also wonder if she has realised that spending too much time with Don isn’t good for their relationship. He, on the other hand, could be in trouble. Despite the fights they’ve had he liked having her around all the time. He was so excited after the Heinz pitch and is saddened that she doesn’t really share his passion after all. He is also a man now losing his magic touch. He doesn’t understand modern music and if Meagan and Ginsberg can pick up on things about the changing market quicker than he can then where does that leave his reputation as a genius?

The Meagan-Don relationship has moved swiftly through several phases. If this season is telling the story of how she entered and left his life then it will feel rushed. However it’s made for good TV. Immediately her departure leads to multiple different reactions: Pete is bitter (of course), Joan is cynical (seeing Meagan as another Betty), Peggy is guilty (wondering if she could have done more), Ginsberg starts swearing (with no woman around) and Don drinks. Don also looks down an empty elevator shaft which was one of those classic Mad Men moments. A very literal symbol of his despair or just 1960s technology at work?

As I said, this episode left things in the air. I could imagine Pete’s affair continuing or not being mentioned again. I could see Meagan’s departure having a big effect on the show or little. What was with Roger giving Pete the skis? Is he setting him up or is this the “new” LSD enlightened Roger? The Peggy-Don tension and the state of SCDP business could use an update.



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  • Don peering down the elevator shaft also brings to mind the "falling" motif from the opening titles.

    Viewer score: 65 / 100

    Posted by jeremy, 12/05/2012 4:58am (8 years ago)

  • I agree with the fact that Don has lost his magic touch. There is zero fire in Don anymore. We haven't seen him pitch anything (Heinz doesn't count that was Megan) or even seem interested in work at all. I am far from the first person to say that about this season, and I'm sorry to say that I haven't read all of your reviews to know if you have said it Robin. So for that reason I look at Megan leaving the office with hope. This nothing negative towards Megan (I like her character a lot) or means that I think this the first step to dissolution of their marriage, but I want to see some of that old Draper spark. I just hope that it doesn't come at the cost of the small improvements we have gotten in Don's outside work persona.

    Viewer score: 73 / 100

    Posted by Derek, 11/05/2012 8:15am (8 years ago)

  • I like the way the episode started the change of dynamics amongst the characters. I also really enjoy the Ginsburg character and hope to see more of him. I don't really want to see Don sink back into his drunken ways. Hopefully Megan will find success and he'll be inspired to pursue her again. I am beginning to like them together. My favorite moments were watching Peggy and Don's fight. Theirs remains the most compelling relationship of all.

    Viewer score: 70 / 100

    Posted by Yogabon, 09/05/2012 11:02am (8 years ago)

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