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Lost is a drama about a group of plane crash survivors. They land on an unknown Pacific island and have to learn to live together. ABC 2004-2010


Episode 12 - Whatever the Case May Be

8 January 2017

Present: Kate and Sawyer discover more dead bodies from the crash, at the bottom of a lake. Kate discovers the Marshall’s case there. Sawyer takes it but can’t open it and she goes to great efforts to steal it back. She goes to Jack for help but tries to deceive him too. He opens the case and we find that a toy plane is all she was after. She says it belonged to the man she killed. Sayid enlists Shannon’s help in deciphering Rousseau’s writing while Rose tries to cheer up Charlie.

Flashback: Kate helps some bank robbers get into the money cage of a bank. But when the robbers want to kill the manager she intervenes and shoots them all. She then retrieves the toy plane and leaves.

The Good: The bank robbery is fun to watch. You know Kate will be involved somehow and it is interesting to see how. On the island her shifty behaviour certainly makes you want to see what is in the case. Her headbutting of Sawyer is a fun moment and demonstrates her self reliant toughness. The writers cover themselves very well over the question of why the Marshall’s body wasn’t burnt in the fuselage. As we have seen (105), Jack was desperate to bury his father. After euthanising the Marshall he had two reasons to bury him himself.

Rose makes a welcome return, as one of the few non-main characters who gets any screen time. It’s important for the credibility of the show that we sometimes see other survivors. It would be pretty unrealistic if we didn’t. Her prayer for Charlie is a nice moment. People in traumatic circumstances often turn to God for help and Charlie and Rose would both seem to have Christian backgrounds so it makes sense.

The idea of coming across dead bodies in the lake is both clever and creepy.

The Bad: Of course it is possible that once we know more about Kate and her crimes we will look at this episode in a different light. But for now it is the first poor episode which Lost has produced. Or at least comparatively poor.

Kate’s story seems very generic and poorly thought through. If the toy plane really isn’t more valuable than it seems, then she went through an awful lot to recover something so insignificant. First off infiltrating a gang of bank robbers can’t have been easy. How exactly would she find out about them and know how to make them follow her lead? Then she kills two of them. Or at least shoots them so that they could die. That is a huge moment, but it is treated in a flippant action movie way. She has just committed murder to get her hands on a toy plane. It seems a grossly disproportionate set of actions.

There is also the question of why the bank manager assumes they will kill him and indeed why they then try to. In a bank robbery it is incumbent upon everyone to cooperate. The bank manager should know that insurance will pay all the money back and that risking his life is pointless. Similarly there is no reason for the bank robbers to risk making their offence much more serious by killing anyone. It’s a very strange piece of writing.

On the island Jack again treats her like she always lies and yet we have seen no evidence of that (see my last review). He is positively mean to her at times: “We have a problem or you have a problem” he greets her request for help with. Of course by the end of the episode she has given him good reason not to trust her by trying to hide the key from him. So I suppose, mission accomplished.

The whole story seems confused. If she is telling the truth then why does Kate cry so hard over a man that she killed? After all, we have just seen her potentially kill another couple. Perhaps we will learn more about her but it seems to me that there is not remotely enough detail in place to make her a convincing criminal.

Shannon’s constant whining that she can’t translate French is annoying to sit through. It wouldn’t be if she really couldn’t, but both here and in the pilot she has translated without much difficulty.

The product placement for Halliburton brief cases is beneath this show.

The Unknown: What is the significance of the toy plane?

Best Moment: Sawyer and Kate finding the dead bodies in the lake. A very smooth motion from flirtatious fun to creepiness.

The Bottom Line: Kate doesn’t seem like a multiple murderer. It’s difficult to understand how shooting a bunch of men can help her make up for killing a man in the first place. We can assume she loved that man and is guilty about it. But is adding more death going to make her feel better? On the island we get no answers either, just her rolling around with Sawyer and getting emotional with Jack. It’s far from compelling viewing and Lost’s first bad episode.



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  • This was the first episode where Lost made some relatively large missteps, and it is comparatively worse because of it. Furthermore, this is the first of many times where a Kate episode is damaged because of poor writing.

    But I'll cover what I enjoyed first. I loved the character interactions as usual and Kate and Sawyer were excellent in this episode. Charlie and Rose's story is pretty good as well and also keeps Claire's abduction in mind. The only slight miss was Jack and Kate because Jack seemed uncharacteristically mean to Kate, though I can chalk it up to stress from last episode's events. Additionally he clearly felt like Kate was lying and was trying to get her to tell the truth, albeit in a fairly hostile way.

    The bank robbery was enjoyable and the Haliburton case provided some nice mystery to the episode. Kate's Past is still very murky so it was fun trying to figure out what was in the case.

    But the major problems I had were similar to the ones you had. The bank robbery started strong, but the decision to kill the bank manager was idiotic, along with Kate killing or at least seriously wounding the robbers. Lastly, the reveal of what was in the case did not feel satisfying at all and raised more questions than answers. The plane doesn't seem like it's worth enough for the case to be such a big deal. The guns should be a pretty huge deal when stranded on an island with other hostile, but they are glossed over for the stupid plane.

    Overall, this episode was mostly enjoyable but The conclusion to both of the major storylines were very unsatisfying, which hurts the quality of the episode. However, I will give credit to the enjoyable scenes earlier in the episodes, like the Kate/Sawyer scenes and the start of the bank robbery.

    Viewer score: 60 / 100

    Posted by Aaronic, 06/01/2017 1:03pm (4 years ago)

  • ["On the island Jack again treats her like she always lies and yet we have seen no evidence of that (see my last review). "]

    I disagree. Jack treated her with contempt, because he suspected that she was lying. Which she was. I hate to say this, but Kate deserved his contempt.

    Posted by Rosie, 19/12/2011 8:25pm (9 years ago)

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