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Lost is a drama about a group of plane crash survivors. They land on an unknown Pacific island and have to learn to live together. ABC 2004-2010


Episode 10 - Raised by Another

31 December 2016

Present: Claire is having bad nightmares and then claims she was attacked by someone. Hurley starts a census in order to help keep track of people. Jack suspects that no one attacked her and when he tells her she rushes off to the beach. But on the way she starts having contractions and Charlie tells Ethan to go get Jack. Charlie and Claire work out that perhaps the psychic who gave Claire the ticket to L.A. had known about the crash. Sayid returns to tell Jack that they are not alone on the island. Hurley cross references the census with the flight manifest and discovers that Ethan wasn’t on the plane. Ethan then approaches Claire and Charlie in the jungle.

Flashback: Claire and her boyfriend Thomas discover that she is pregnant. He suggests they stay together and have the baby. But after a few months he leaves her. Claire goes to see a psychic who tells her that she alone must raise the baby. Instead she puts the child up for adoption. But when she comes to sign the papers no one’s pen will work. She freaks out and leaves the office and returns to see the psychic. He offers her a plane ticket to L.A. saying he has found a good family but he insists it must be flight 815.

The Good: Another change of pace from Lost as they increase the supernatural or island mystery side of the plot and leave us with the first real cliff-hanger. It’s an intriguing change as instead of getting a thorough look at Claire’s personality we see a much greater hint of supernatural forces at work. If you can accept that psychic’s do exist, it is possible to see his decision to send her to the island as simply his decision and the crash as a coincidence. However the pens in the lawyer’s office not working seems unexplainable. The show seems to be saying loud and clear that Claire and her baby were meant to reach the island. If that is so, was Locke meant to as well? What about the other survivors? For those who look at Lost as a science fiction show, these developments are exciting. For those who wanted a more reality based survival show may be disappointed.

Rather than Claire being the star of the show, Richard Malkin the psychic steals the spotlight. He gives an awkward, nuanced performance which is excellent throughout. He manages to convey through his facial expressions and intonation all the confusion he feels about a seemingly genuine psychic experience. The twist that he deceived her into raising the baby is clever and his desperation to convince her is very dramatic at times.

On the island Hurley carries the comedy during the census. The best line being after he interviews Locke and rushes over to another woman saying “Hey, I know I already talked to you, but I just wanted to get away from [that guy].”

The cliff-hanger works well, especially combined with Sayid’s revelation that they are not alone. It’s the kind of ending which demands you watch the next episode, which is of course ideal television.

The Bad: Charlie is showing little or no signs of withdrawal. I’m sure it would take longer than a week to get over a serious heroin habit. I know it would be inconvenient for the story if he was suffering all the time, but it is poor not to address it at all.

The change of direction means we don’t get to know Claire very well. She is a bit younger than the other characters, at least in terms of life experience. But her story is more about the island drama than her own personality which is a choice some won’t appreciate. Her relationship with Charlie is fine for a normal romance story but it seems a little generic at times. As Lost has been anything but so far, it stands out a little.

It’s also the first plot which doesn’t surround an aspect of necessary survival. Not that that is always necessary but it is worth noting the change in emphasis.

The Unknown: Who is Ethan? Who are the other people on the island? Did Richard Malkin really have a psychic experience? Did he really know what would happen to Claire? Will something bad really happen if someone else raises her baby? Why were Locke’s eyes black and white in her dream?

Best Moment: Claire’s second reading with Richard Malkin. His convincing, desperate pleas to her add greatly to the creepiness of his message to her. “There is no happy life, not for this child, not without you” he says. “The baby needs your protection.” It’s dramatic and creepy and very well acted.

The Bottom Line: A different kind of episode from Lost which clearly changes the nature of the show. Now the main plot is moving away from mere survival toward the islands mystery and potential inhabitants. Claire’s story is subtly lacking in depth as a result. However the twists and developments should keep most fans happy.



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  • This episode is a big deal and it raises the stakes spectacularly for the rest of the season. The final Ethan reveal was incredible and is one of the best episode endings ever. It really leaves a huge cliffhanger that made me really excited for the next episode.

    The rest of the episode was pretty strong too. Claire's story isn't as good as the others that have been shown so far but it's still passable and effective.

    The real showstealer was, like you said, the psychic who is a huge talking point of this episode. It annoys me that there was never any resolution to his mystery as it was the first truly important and engaging mystery of the show that really got me thinking.

    Charlie was great in this episode. He comes off really well as a caring person who just wants to help Claire, while also providing some good laughs as usual. Jack was very logical as usual by suspecting that Claire was just having nightmares. And of course Hurley was loveable as ever as he tried to get to know everyone. He had particularly great little scenes with Locke and Sawyer.

    The problem with this episode is that it didn't engage my emotions like the other episodes did. If it wasn't for the intrigue of the psychic and the surprise ending, this episode would have received a much lower score. It was pretty much a transition episode from pure character episodes to character episodes with some island mystique to it. Honestly, I had no other problems with this.

    This episode provided a really memorable moment in a rather ordinary episode. This was still very good, but not quite at the same level as other episodes this season.

    Viewer score: 70 / 100

    Posted by Aaronic, 30/12/2016 9:00pm (4 years ago)

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