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Lost is a drama about a group of plane crash survivors. They land on an unknown Pacific island and have to learn to live together. ABC 2004-2010


Episode 1 - Pilot (1)

4 November 2016

Present: Jack wakes up in a jungle. He runs toward the beach and begins to help survivors of a plane crash. Kate helps sow up his wounds. The survivors are scared to see a seemingly huge creature knocking down trees in the jungle. Jack, Kate and Charlie head through the jungle to find the cockpit. The pilot tells them that the plane was a thousand miles off course, so the rescue operation won’t know where to look for them. He is then killed by the creature as the others run away.

Flashback: Jack is on the plane and tries to comfort Rose during some turbulence.

The Good: Lost begins in such a dramatic way, it manages to mark itself out from minute one as something special (see Best Moment). Swiftly we realise what the show will be about as Jack rushes from wounded person to the next trying to bring some order to the chaos. That opening sequence where the plane blows up is very dramatic and draws you into the action immediately.

The various characters begin to be sketched into place. Locke, as we will come to know him looks the creepiest at this stage. The scene where Kate takes boots from a dead person and Locke grins at her (with an orange in his mouth) is intriguing and strange. Meanwhile Boone establishes himself in an interesting way with his frantic search for pens. It’s an unusual and original take on survival stories to show a character trying to be helpful, but lacking the knowledge of how to. Finally Charlie adds much needed humour to the story by talking about his clearly struggling rock band and being annoyed that Jack is getting all of Kate’s attention.

The trek through the rain to the cock pit again marks Lost out as having movie quality effects and scope. The crawl through the cock pit looks straight out of Jurassic Park and that is a compliment. The disturbing sight of dead bodies heightens the tension and the final shot of the pilot’s dead body is gruesome. Again the tension and drama are excellent and the intrigue of what Charlie is up to only adds to it.

The pilot’s explanation of why the rescue party will struggle to locate them is excellent. We as viewers already assume that they won’t be rescued, so this is the explanation we needed to hear to understand their situation.

The “monster” which pulls down trees is an excellent idea to put so early into the show. It marks Lost out as more than just a survival show. It tells viewers to expect something supernatural and intriguing is going to develop, so if they don’t like the survival stuff, stick around for something else. The monster also implies that drama will never be far away on the show, for every time someone steps into the jungle they will be in danger.

The use of a flashback to show us Jack’s point of view before the crash is also a great idea. It means we will presumably be able to piece together the characters back story and contrast it with their behaviour on the island.

The Bad: The first meeting of Kate and Jack is a touch predictable. Following on from an original and dramatic opening sequence, the meeting of the beautiful brunettes seems a little cheesy. Fortunately their subsequent interaction seems convincing and a genuine affection between survivors is perfectly understandable. Though why Jack tries to discourage Kate and Charlie from coming with him is less obvious. You would think he would want as many people as possible to accompany him through an unknown jungle.

Obviously the monster conjures up both Jurassic Park and King Kong in one’s mind, which draws away the feeling that you are watching a totally original show. However that is hardly a bad thing if the monster turns out to be something completely different.

The Unknown: What is the monster? What is Charlie up to in the bathroom (we also saw him running in Jack’s flashback)? How exactly did any of them survive the impact of a plane crashing into a beach?

Best Moment: The opening sequence. Jack wakes up and makes his way to an idyllic looking beach. He then turns around to show a devastated looking aeroplane and many screaming and wounded people. He rushes around trying to save people from further suffering before the plane wreckage finally explodes. It’s difficult to remember an opening scene to a show which so succinctly and dramatically summed up what the show was about.

The Bottom Line: A superb pilot episode full of a million possibilities. Expensively produced and well acted. The second part of the pilot is something I can’t imagine you not wanting to watch.



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  • Well this website was a good find. While I'm a little sad to see that it's not very active, I will definitely enjoy reading your reviews and posting my thoughts here. Watching Lost for the third time, I'm interested to see how my opinions on the show have changed, having watched many other tv shows since this. For this first episode though, everything is like I remember it. This is still the best pilot of all time in my opinion and it has definitely stood its ground in the test of time. I loved every scene presented here. Kate's a better character than I seem to recall and I really enjoyed the way Lost introduced all of its characters.

    Viewer score: 84 / 100

    Posted by Aaronic, 01/11/2016 9:31pm (4 years ago)

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