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Lost is a drama about a group of plane crash survivors. They land on an unknown Pacific island and have to learn to live together. ABC 2004-2010


Season 6

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1 LA X (1) Jughead seems to have jumped the survivors back to...
Jughead seems to have jumped the survivors back to 2007 where the remains of the hatch implosion are still in evidence. Everyone has survived unscathed though including Juliet who is trapped beneath the wreckage. Jacob comes to Hurly and tells him to take Sayid to the Temple to be saved. Juliet dies and Sawyer blames Jack. Meanwhile at the beach it begins to dawn on Ben who Locke really is. Bram and company try to kill him with guns but Locke turns into the smoke monster and kills them all.
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2 LA X (2) Sawyer buries Juliet and asks Miles to tell him wh...
Sawyer buries Juliet and asks Miles to tell him what she was going to say. Jack, Hurley, Jin and Kate take Sayid down into the temple. They are captured by more Others who let them live when they find a note from Jacob in Hurley’s guitar case. They drown Sayid in their healing water but he dies. Hurley tells them that Jacob is dead and they freak out, manning the defences and sending a flare to warn Richard. The Man in Black marches out to confront Richard, beats him up and carries him away. Sayid comes back to life.
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3 What Kate Does Sayid is taken away and Dogan electrocutes him and...
Sayid is taken away and Dogan electrocutes him and sears him with a hot poker. He claims he was testing him. He tells Jack that Sayid is infected and that he must take a pill to get better. Jack won’t do it and forces them to admit that the pill is poison and Sayid has been “claimed.” Sawyer escapes and heads back to the barracks. Jin, Kate and two others go after him and Kate knocks her minders out. She follows Sawyer while Jin searches for the Ajeera flight. The two Others catch up to him but are shot by Claire.
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4 The Substitute “Locke” asks Richard to join him but he refuse...
“Locke” asks Richard to join him but he refuses. “Locke” finds Sawyer and offers to tell him why he is on the island. He leads him to a cave where he shows him the names of several of his friends, connected to numbers. He explains that they are all candidates to take over Jacob’s role as the island’s protector. He says that he wants to get off the island and Sawyer agrees to help him. Ilana, Ben, Sun and Frank take Locke’s corpse and bury him at the survivors beach camp.
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5 Lighthouse Jacob gives Hurley specific instructions on how to...
Jacob gives Hurley specific instructions on how to get Jack out of the Temple and where to take him. He also tells Hurley to motivate Jack by saying “You have what it takes.” They run into Kate who continues her search for Claire. Jack admits he was broken and returned to the island hoping it would fix him. They find a lighthouse which has the names of all the candidates at each degree of a circle. When it focuses on Jack’s name he can see the house he grew up in. He is furious that Jacob has been watching him and smashes the mirrors on the lighthouse. Jacob tells Hurley that he got them away from the Temple to protect them from a bad man coming there. Meanwhile Claire brings the wounded Jin and Other Justin to her camp. She helps fix Jin’s leg while asking Justin where Aaron is. Jin tells her that Kate took Aaron but she kills Justin anyway. Jin decides to lie and tells her that Aaron is at the Temple. The Man in Black arrives and Claire claims he is her friend.
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6 Sundown Sayid demands answers from Dogen and they fight. M...
Sayid demands answers from Dogen and they fight. MIB sends Claire into the Temple to deliver a message. Dogen sends Sayid out to meet MIB with instructions on how to kill him. Sayid fails to do so and MIB offers him the chance to get Nadia back. Sayid returns and tells the Others that MIB wants to leave the island and will take them all with him. Those who remain behind will be killed. Kate returns and talks to Claire. Sayid kills Dogen and Lennon and the Smoke Monster storms through the Temple killing those in his path. Ilana and company return to rescue Miles and escape.
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7 Dr. Linus Ben rejoins Ilana's group but she soon discovers w...
Ben rejoins Ilana's group but she soon discovers who really killed Jacob. They head back to the beach and she makes him dig his own grave. MIB appears and offers Ben the chance to look after the island once he is gone. Ben turns the tables on Ilana but is desperate to explain why he killed Jacob. Once he does she forgives him and he chooses to stay with her. Meanwhile Richard finds Jack and Hurley and takes them to the Black Rock, which he admits is where he came from. He wants to kill himself but says he can't. So Jack lights some dynamite for him but then stays claiming he doesn't think he will die.
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8 Recon MIB leads his group back to Claire's "house", pick...
MIB leads his group back to Claire's "house", picks up Sawyer and Jin and leads them on to another spot near the shore facing Hydra Island. He admits to Sawyer that he is the smoke monster and asks him to go across to the island to do some recon. Sawyer finds the Ajeera passengers dead in a heap. He is captured by Widmore's submarine crew and taken to see him. Sawyer offers to lie to Locke in exchange for safe passage off the island. When he returns though he tells Locke about Widmore and explains to Kate that he is only looking out for himself and his friends. Meanwhile Claire attacks Kate and then cries on her shoulder. MIB admits that he lied to Claire and promises to protect Kate.
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9 Ab Aeterno Richard decides it's time he took up the Man in Bl...
Richard decides it's time he took up the Man in Black's offer to join him and heads off. Hurley follows him and catches up to him where he buried Isabella's cross. She is speaking to Hurley and tells him to pass on a message. She says Richard has suffered enough and shouldn't blame himself for her death. She also says he must stop the Man in Black or everyone will to hell.
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10 The Package MIB tells Sun that she should come with him to be ...
MIB tells Sun that she should come with him to be reunited with Jin. But she runs away, bashes her head and awakes unable to speak English. Richard returns insisting they go destroy the plane on Hydra Island. When MIB returns to his camp he finds everyone knocked out with tranquiliser darts and Jin gone. Charles Widmore tells Jin that he needs to stop MIB and shows him "the package" which turns out to be Desmond. Sayid sees this, having been sent by MIB to find out.
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11 Happily Ever After Desmond wakes up and is furious to discover he is ...
Desmond wakes up and is furious to discover he is back on the island. Widmore straps him into a room and sets off a large electromagnetic charge. When Desmond wakes up, unharmed, he says he is ready to help Widmore in anyway he can. Sayid then kills the men guarding him and insists Desmond come with him.
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12 Everybody Loves Hugo Michael visits Hurley and warns him that people wi...
Michael visits Hurley and warns him that people will die if they blow up the plane. Ilana blows herself up after collecting dynamite from the Black Rock. Hurley agrees to go get more but upon arriving he blows up the ship and with it all the dynamite. Richard is angry and insists he will go to the Barracks and find more explosives. Miles and Ben agree to go with him but everyone else follows Hurley who wants to go talk to Locke. Hurley gets further direction from Michael and learns that he is trapped on the island. Others like him are responsible for the whispers. Meanwhile MIB takes Desmond to the well and throws him in.
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13 The Last Recruit MIB tells Jack that he was masquerading as Christi...
MIB tells Jack that he was masquerading as Christian all those years ago. He says they all need to leave the island together. Zoey arrives demanding Desmond and fires a shell near to MIB's camp. MIB says it's time to go confront Widmore. He asks Sayid to kill Desmond and Sawyer to fetch Desmond's sailboat. Desmond talks Sayid out of killing him. Sawyer arranges with Jack to gather the survivors together and to make for Hydra island without MIB. He doesn't include Claire in the plan but she follows them and Kate insists that she come along. On the journey Jack decides that they shouldn't leave and swims back to MIB. Jin and Sun reunite. Widmore reneges on the deal and fires at MIB who carries Jack into the jungle and safety.
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14 The Candidate MIB brings Sayid and Jack to Hydra Island to rescu...
MIB brings Sayid and Jack to Hydra Island to rescue the other survivors. They soon break them out of the polar bear cages and head to the plane. MIB finds C4 inside the plane and tells them they must take the submarine instead. Sawyer asks Jack to get MIB into water so he can leave without him. Widmore's men attack the survivors as they board the submarine and Claire and MIB are left behind. Kate is shot in the shoulder and as Jack tries to treat her he finds MIB has switched bags and he now has the C4 on a timer. Jack believes that MIB can't kill the candidates and that they should do nothing but Sawyer doesn't believe him. Sawyer activates the bomb and Sayid sacrifices himself to save the others. The sub begins to take on water though and Sun and Jin are trapped while the others escape.
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15 Across the Sea A group of Latin speaking people are washed up on ...
A group of Latin speaking people are washed up on the island. One of them, Claudia is pregnant and taken in by a mysterious woman. Claudia gives birth to two boys, Jacob and the MIB. The Woman then kills Claudia and raises the boys herself. The Woman explains that she is on the island to protect the light from going out. She shows them the light in a cave which no one else can find. Claudia visits MIB as a boy and shows him his people living on the other side of the island. MIB goes to live with them and find a way to leave the island. Jacob stays with the Woman despite accusing her of loving MIB more than him. Years later and MIB has built the donkey wheel in order to harness the light to help him leave the island. The Woman kills all his people and fills in the well to stop him. She makes Jacob become the new protector of the island. MIB kills the Woman and Jacob kills him by throwing him into the cave of light turning him into the Smoke Monster. Jacob lays down his dead family in the caves, their skeletons won't be found for a very long time.
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16 What They Died For Miles, Ben and Richard grab some C4 from Ben's hou...
Miles, Ben and Richard grab some C4 from Ben's house and run into Charles and Zoey. But MIB is hot on their heels, wipes out Richard and then kills Zoey. He offers to spare Penny's life if Charles tells him why Desmond is here. Ben shoots Charles and MIB takes him off to kill the others for him. They arrive at the well and MIB confesses he plans to use Desmond to destroy the island. Meanwhile Jacob gathers the four remaining candidates and asks which of them want to take over his job. Jack chooses to become the island's protector.
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17 The End (1) Sawyer goes in search of Desmond but only finds MI...
Sawyer goes in search of Desmond but only finds MIB and Ben. MIB follows Vincent's tracks to where Rose and Bernard have taken Desmond. MIB threatens to kill them unless Desmond comes with him. They meet up with Jack, Kate, Hurley and Sawyer and they all head to the heart of the island together. MIB and Jack lower Desmond down into the light. He pulls out the cork which apparently caused the light to stay on. Once the light goes out the island begins to shake. MIB is suddenly human and he knocks out Jack and runs. Miles and Richard find Frank and head to Hydra Island where they meet Claire.
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18 The End (2) MIB fatally stabs Jack on the cliff side overlooki...
MIB fatally stabs Jack on the cliff side overlooking Desmond's boat. Kate shoots MIB and Jack kicks him off the cliff to his death. Kate and Sawyer sail the boat to Hydra Island. Hurley and Ben take Jack back to the heart of the island. He swaps places with Desmond and puts the cork back in so the light returns. Frank manages to get the plane off the ground with Sawyer, Kate and Claire on board. Hurley becomes the new Jack and asks Ben to help him out. Jack is spat out of the cave and crawls back to the place where he first landed. There Vincent lies with him as he dies seeing the plane fly safely away from the island.
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