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Lost is a drama about a group of plane crash survivors. They land on an unknown Pacific island and have to learn to live together. ABC 2004-2010


Episode 20 - Two For The Road

2 May 2017

Present: Henry tries to kill Ana. She has sex with Sawyer in order to steal a gun and take revenge on Henry. Jack and Kate bring Michael back to the hatch. He says the Others are vulnerable and they should attack them and retrieve Walt. Hurley attempts to woo Libby with a surprise picnic. Ana can’t kill Henry and so Michael offers to do it for her. Instead he shoots her, then Libby and finally himself as he sets Henry free.

Flashback: Ana quits the LAPD when her mother realises she executed the man who shot her. She begins working security in an airport. There she meets Christian Shepherd who asks her to be his bodyguard in Sydney. After much drinking he goes to see his daughter. Ana wants to leave Sydney but Christian has no interest in returning. Just before flight 815 Ana apologises to her mother and says she is coming home.

The Good: The final twist with Michael killing Ana and possibly Libby is pretty shocking. The scene is well directed as you know something big is coming because of the lack of music and tense situation. But what Michael does is shocking and well acted. It’s not clear whether Michael has been brain washed by the Others or is being coerced into freeing Henry in exchange for Walt or something else. Either way he seems incredibly shaken by what he did so he clearly can process the guilt of what he has done. Needless to say this sets up the rest of the season very well.

We are also given a tasty clue early on that Michael is wrong about the Others. He claims that they are scruffy and live in poorer conditions than the survivors do. However we know from Claire’s flashbacks (215) that this is not the case. By the end of the episode we have to assume that Michael is lying.

Christian Shepherd is back once again, this time hanging out with Ana Lucia just before he meets Sawyer (116) and dies. It’s a surprise to see him and he clearly has a more important role in the show than we had otherwise suspected. This seems to be confirmed by the fact that he is in Sydney to see his daughter. We don’t know who this is but it would mean Jack has a sister or half-sister somewhere which presumably has an impact on the show.

Poor Ana Lucia is dead and I am in the minority who mourn her passing. Again here she showed her value as a character by coming to terms with the consequences of taking murderous revenge on people. She also sleeps with Sawyer as a cunning plan to steal his gun. But a pattern is beginning to emerge with those who die on the show. Boone had finally begun to let go of his obsession with Shannon (113) when he died (120). Then she found someone who would love her and believe in her (Sayid in 206) when Ana shot her. Now Ana not only regrets the revenge she took (208) but has learnt not to do it again by refusing to kill Henry. She has grown and become a better person and so sadly she is murdered by Michael who will doubtless have to pay for his sins down the road. Libby doesn’t really fit this pattern though. Her mysterious story with Hurley is further hinted at in this episode and we aren’t any closer to understanding what it means. Perhaps she will survive the shots to her midsection. Still the pattern of deaths points to the island being a source of redemption for the characters and once redeemed they can be set free from this life. It’s hardly good news for them but as viewers we are getting a sense of purpose from the writers. These deaths are not mere plot devices but are the characters realising their “destiny.”

Henry once more gives us a glimpse of the Others strange morality. He claims that the Others who Ana killed were good people who were leaving her alone. How exactly he can claim that terror and kidnapping were leaving alone is a strange one. And later he claims that he was on his way to retrieve Locke because he is one of the good ones. Is he lying or is that the truth? Locke looks like he desperately wants to believe that which is great writing. Locke would doubtless be tempted at the thought that he was finally wanted and special in some way. If true, then it is a clue as to how the Others judge morality. The island chose to heal Locke and perhaps the Others see that as a sign of his moral worth. All these developments are feeding our knowledge of the mysteries of the show. The producers are doing a good job of keeping the show like a giant detective story where we get enough clues to guess what is going on without ever fully understanding.

The Bad: Killing Ana Lucia and possibly Libby has a certain practical downside to it. They are characters who were only introduced this season and so their deaths feel less consequential as a result. It’s still a shocking scene but for the canny viewer, one is left to reflect on whether their deaths damage the show slightly. Whenever new characters are killed off viewers are forced to think about whether those characters were introduced simply in order to provide this “shocking” moment.

The Unknown: Is Locke one of the good ones? Was Henry really coming to get him? What is the nature of the Other’s morality? Has Michael been brain washed or is he being forced into killing? Why is Christian Shepherd such a big part of the show? Is there any significance to him choosing Sarah as Ana’s fake name? That is Jack’s ex-wife’s name as well. Who is Christian’s daughter? Does Jack know he has a sister in Australia?

Best Moment: Michael shooting Ana and Libby. He acts his shock and fear really well. The director sensibly dispenses with all musical accompaniment and allows the moment to sink in.

The Bottom Line: An episode full of new questions and some revelations. It’s solid plot forwarding stuff until the final minute when it becomes truly shocking.



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  • This episode was very good for me and was made even better by that stunning ending.

    On re-watch it's very exciting to watch Michael try to work up the courage to kill Ana Lucia with the gun, and Harold Perrineau does a fantastic job of acting that.

    Ben's lies to Locke are excellent and it's abundantly clear on rewatch that Ben doesn't speak a word of truth ever. He always lies and he does so to get what he wants without fail every time.

    The pattern continues of character's dying after properly concluding their stories. I don't personally have any problems with that though.

    I love how well the Others were built up in this season. All the details were well thought out and I was very excited at the beginning of season 3. I just wish the Others themselves had received the same level of detail that the build up had received.

    Viewer score: 78 / 100

    Posted by Aaronic, 30/04/2017 9:44am (3 years ago)

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