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Lost is a drama about a group of plane crash survivors. They land on an unknown Pacific island and have to learn to live together. ABC 2004-2010


Episode 16 - The Whole Truth

21 April 2017

Present: Sun is pregnant. She tells Jin that he was sterile despite believing otherwise. He sees this as a miracle and all seems good between them. Locke brings Ana to talk to Henry. He draws her a map of where his balloon should be and she seeks out Sayid and Charlie to help her find it. She apologises to Sayid for killing Shannon. Henry meanwhile, strangely explains what he thinks would happen if he were an Other.

Flashback: Sun is still considering leaving Jin. Jae Lee is the one who taught her English. They go to see a fertility doctor and he tells them that Sun can’t have children, Jin is furious. The doctor later comes to see Sun and apologises for lying but it is Jin who can’t have children.

The Good: Rather than Sun, it is Ana Lucia who is the star of this show. She shows some of the logic which Sayid was missing (214) by asking Henry about his beard and where his balloon is. Then on the trek she apologises to Sayid for killing Shannon. Both actions are her attempt to seek redemption. Despite her heroics in the face of the Others (207), she was responsible for Nathan and Shannon’s death. She now wants to do what’s right and overcome the anger which raged through her in her flashback (208). I maintain that she is a strong character, her rough exterior comes across as more interesting than some of the other “loveable” characters. Sayid and Charlie are both good in their roles too. Charlie is still bitter and antagonistic after being beaten up (212) while Sayid manages to keep his rational side in control while desperately seeking vengeance.

Jin and Sun do have their moments here though. Now that we learn what a sensitive issue children are for them, we have to marvel at the writers consistency. As far back as the pilot we saw Jin’s interest in Claire’s pregnancy and he looked affectionately at Walt early on (106). Jin asks after Claire’s baby when she returns from Ethan (115) and is overjoyed at Aaron’s birth (120). So the writers definitely deserve credit for keeping Jin’s behaviour consistent. Their story has the intriguing question of whether Sun is lying (and had an affair with Jae Lee) or if this pregnancy is another Island miracle? Perhaps like Locke and Eko, Jin and Sun will discover that the island is where they are meant to be.

For the third straight episode Henry has acted like a normal guy before suddenly saying something very suspicious. This week he goes way overboard, almost goading and taunting Jack and Locke that he is an Other. As bizarre as it is, it is a good cliff-hanger which makes you want to see what they will do to him.

The Bad: The secrets which the characters are keeping are getting really annoying. There still seems to be no good reason not to tell people about Henry. So many already know that it seems odd that Jack couldn’t share that information with Kate. Surely the more people who could come and press the button would allow Jack some sleep. Similarly Locke doesn’t have a great reason not to ask Jack about Ana Lucia.

But much worse than these lies is Ana not telling Locke or Jack that Henry had drawn her a map. They asked her to come and get information from him. So why would she not tell them? There is no reason. It is just an excuse to get Sayid and Charlie to go with her. It is the writers attempting to bash us over the head with the continuing animosity between Jack and Locke and create a sense of tension with so many secrets being kept. It all feels so fake and unnecessary. On an island in a small community with nothing else to talk about, these secrets should be spreading fast. Just as the news of Sun’s pregnancy does.

In Jin’s first flashback (117) we learnt that Jin was trying to hide from Sun the horrible things which her father made him do. And yet here he lashes out at her telling her that it is her father’s fault that he does these things. It seems to contradict his attitude in the previous flashback and I get the sense it was written to remind the audience of the story. If true that is very cheap because the “Previously on Lost” footage is there for that and the flashbacks ought to stick firmly to the story. Jin also lashes out at Sun for being infertile in a most cruel and selfish way. It seems most out of character. Perhaps we can assume his job had affected who he was. Jae Lee says his final “dramatic” line to Sun in English. In context of their conversation it seems most unlikely he would have done this. Again it looks like expediency for the sake of making their conversation seem more dramatic and it doesn’t feel real.

The scripting of Henry’s final speech also seems careless. As far as the three of them know only Ana has gone off in search of his balloon. Yet he states “when your friends got there…”. The line was scripted by someone thinking about who had gone on the trek without considering Henry’s actual knowledge. That might seem like a nitpick but it is part of a pattern of sloppiness throughout this episode.

It’s amazing to think how little we have seen or learnt about the hatch in the last ten episodes or so. Locke seems to be getting angry that his destiny is getting interrupted by Henry when he refers to it as “his” hatch. Perhaps now we will start to get some more development of that story.

The Unknown: Did Sun sleep with Jae Lee?

Best Moment: Sayid and Ana, the only two characters reacting with what I consider appropriate emotion toward the Others sit around the fire together. She apologises for killing Shannon which is a nice moment for her character. But Sayid steals the scene as he hides his burning anger beneath his forgiveness for her: “You were trying to protect your people. It wasn’t you who killed Shannon. It was them and once we find out he is one of them, something will have to be done.”

The Bottom Line: A sloppy episode from a writing team who have been a disappointment all season. The secrets are getting tiresome, the flashbacks seem less significant and the characters are not being fleshed out but reiterated. This episode isn’t the most interesting, though it does seem to be moving the major story forward once more.



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  • The inconsistent writing and secrets did hurt this episode for me as well. The secrets being kept is a trend that really did hurt Lost overall. Had there been less secrets, the show would have felt much more real and authentic.

    On rewatch there are enough excellent acting moments from Yunjin Kim that shows her guilt about her affair with Jae Lee. It's obvious that she did follow through with him especially when she asks the doctor "why are you telling me this now?" On rewatch it's clear she is upset she didn't get told this before her affair.

    Viewer score: 61 / 100

    Posted by Aaronic, 13/04/2017 2:37pm (3 years ago)

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