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Lost is a drama about a group of plane crash survivors. They land on an unknown Pacific island and have to learn to live together. ABC 2004-2010


Episode 4 - Everybody Hates Hugo

27 March 2017

Present: Hurley is put in charge of the food in the hatch. He begins to feel the pressure that the other survivors will inevitably put on him. Sayid searches for the secrets of the electromagnetism, Locke tries to organise people in shifts and Rose and Charlie learn about the hatch. Hurley decides that there isn’t enough food for fourty survivors, so the best thing to do is simply hand it all out now. Ana Lucia and company agree to take Michael, Sawyer and Jin in. They head to their Dharma station where they meet Bernard (Rose’s husband) and what remains of the other survivors.

Flashback: Having won the lottery Hurley keeps the news to himself because he is afraid of everything changing. He quits his job at a chicken outlet and bums around with his friend Johnny. But when everyone discovers that he won the lottery he faces the prospect of everything changing.

The Good: The sight of another Dharma station and the other survivors is the most intriguing part of the episode. The question of what happened to the other eighteen who survived the plane crash is quite the dramatic mystery. Bernard’s existence is no surprise to dedicated fans, but he plays his emotion at discovering Rose is alive really well.

Sawyer is king of the funny lines once more. Rather like his suggestion that one day the island would be covered in shops (116), upon being told that Ana Lucia’s friends were all in the plane too he quips “Swell, I guess we can all sue Oceanic together.”

Hurley’s decision to distribute the food amongst the survivors has a pleasant and sort of logical feel to it. Certainly after all they have been through, it is a nice moment to give the survivors a taste of home.

The Bad: But Hurley’s story is a big letdown. Now the he is in the hatch I assumed we would see more of his paranoia about the numbers and what they mean. Instead the story focuses on his fear that everyone will hate him. There is a good story somewhere in that idea. Being a big fat guy, one can assume that Hurley’s self esteem is pretty easily rocked and that being liked is really important to him. However the flashback doesn’t focus on that at all. Instead we get lame pranks on Hurley’s boss Randy (who was also Locke’s boss in 104).

Hurley’s decision to bring dynamite into the hatch is the worst plot development Lost has ever produced. Not only is it a foolish ill considered overreaction but it is out of character for Hurley. In the season finale he wouldn’t touch the dynamite and is the only one who seemed traumatised by what happened to Arzt (123). And although the point is clearly true that everyone will want favours from Hurley, the scene where Charlie gets angry at him is very forced. Charlie doesn’t have enough justification to shout at Hurley and so his anger is completely unconvincing.

There is a lack of logic and urgency to the entire hatch story. The decision to give out all the food does seem foolish considering fruit, fish and boar can all run out. But more silly than that is the lack of interest from the other survivors in the hatch. Again I am forced to think about how I would behave were I stranded on an island for fifty days. I am sure that if someone found a hatch full of food I would rush there looking for any sign of communication equipment or other means of getting off the island. Instead we get another music montage which only shows the survivors looking thrilled to be eating familiar food. Don’t they have bigger worries they should be talking about?

Hurley has a dream at the beginning of the episode which seems to serve no purpose at all. And yet we see Jin in it speaking in perfect English. To those in the know of course Daniel Dae Kim (who plays Jin) is American. But is there really this need to remind you that Lost is a show with actors? Because to anyone thinking that is what this scene does. The dream serves no important role in the story and there is no attempt to make you believe that it is really Jin. It seems to have been done because someone thought it was cool. Well it isn’t, it foolishly chips away at the suspension of disbelief.

The Unknown: What happened to the other survivors from the back of the plane? What is their Dharma station for? How did Rose know Bernard would be alive?

Best Moment: Jin, Sawyer and Michael being led into the other deserted looking Dharma station. Michael turns to Libby and says “I thought you said there were twenty three of you?” She looks pretty traumatised as she replies “There were.” It’s the dramatic twist this episode badly needed.

The Bottom Line: I have no problem with exploring the characters back stories. I have no problem with quiet episodes without big dramatic twists. But they need to have a purpose and this episode feels like a waste of time. Charlie’s anger, Jin speaking English and Hurley using dynamite all feel terribly forced and that is something Lost had been good at avoiding until now. From the evidence of these first four episodes the writers don’t have a formula worked out for this season yet. Last season each episode seemed to flow so beautifully from the needs of survival. Now the plot is lurching wildly. Episodes one and three were breathless while two and four have meandered. The writers need to focus on logic and pace their story better or they are in danger of squandering their hard work in season one.



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  • I absolutely agree with this, I really expected there to be a much better story for Hurley in the hatch, but this felt unimportant, uninspired and pointless.

    Furthermore I have the same issues with the writing. I was shocked by Hurley's decision to bring in dynamite and frustrated with his overall story considering how it just seemed to revolve around how Hurley doesn't like change because it makes people hate him. This is never touched on ever again later in the show making it just a grand waste of time.

    At least the story with the tailies was excellent and enjoyable. It's the only thing that I thought worked in this awful episode.

    Viewer score: 44 / 100

    Posted by Aaronic, 26/03/2017 4:39pm (4 years ago)

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