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Lost is a drama about a group of plane crash survivors. They land on an unknown Pacific island and have to learn to live together. ABC 2004-2010


Episode 8 - Collision

3 April 2017

Present: Ana and Eko knock out Sayid and she ties him up. Eko takes Sawyer to Jack for treatment. Eko refuses to take Jack back to Sayid because he knows his anger will get the better of him. Ana lets Michael and the others go back to the camp but wants a pack in exchange. Finally she tells Sayid that she is dead inside since being shot while on duty. He refuses to take revenge on her and carries Shannon’s body back to the beach instead. Jack and Ana are finally reunited.

Flashback: Ana Lucia is a police officer. She was shot while on duty and it has taken many months for her to get back to work. On her first day back she draws her gun on a man during a domestic disturbance. She then refuses to identify the man who shot her and so he goes free. She tracks him down and murders him, telling him that “I was pregnant.”

The Good: Ana Lucia’s flashback is pretty interesting. As we haven’t seen her flashback before we rather recapture the feeling which season one’s flashbacks gave off. Her reaction to the children (in the previous episode) is finally explained when we discover that she lost her child in the shooting. This traumatic incident also explains her hostility and intensity throughout the events we have seen.

Eko is a shining beacon of morality and common sense once more. Not only does he carry Sawyer back alone but he then refuses to take anyone carrying guns back to save Sayid. As we have seen before Jack’s impulsive need to leap into action takes over and it takes Eko’s determination to say stop and state clearly that “Ana Lucia made a mistake.” The two men of faith Locke and Eko have an amusingly awkward introduction. Kate has quite the tender moment feeding Sawyer his drugs. The fact that she does it in front of Jack only adds to their love triangle.

I am no fan of Lost’s never ending music montages but at least the one which ends this episode is a momentous occasion as Vincent and Michael, then Rose and Bernard and finally Jin and Sun are reunited. Of course it is Jack and Ana who have the final shot, reunited at last after fourty nine days. It is a decent ending to the episode as it makes you wander how the tail section survivor’s arrival will affect everyone else, including on the existing romances.

There is one very good piece of continuity when Michael tells Sayid that Walt was taken the first night that the raft left. Sayid looks angry and remorseful. It was that very night that Shannon claimed she could see Walt and Sayid hadn’t believed her.

The Bad: There are a few scripting moments which I am not sure about. First off Kate hits a golf ball which very nearly kills Jack. Instead of shouting at her for her irresponsible behaviour he just jokes around with her. I am far from knowledgeable about the US justice system but if a guy confesses to a crime, can’t you try him without eye witnesses? Surely you could build a case against him from his confession? You wouldn’t need to release him as a free man instantly would you? Finally Libby tells Ana off for her bad judgement at putting Nathan in the pit (in the previous episode). Yet Libby came to Ana and told her that Nathan creeped her out and tacitly encouraged Ana to dig the pit. These little moments could have been tightened up.

The main problem with this episode is comparing it to season one. In the first season each episode was pretty action packed, with a story affecting a specific character going on, all the while their flashback feeding us vital clues about why they were behaving the way they were. In season two the plot has been driven by the return of Michael and company. In a way the writers haven’t been able to script interesting stories because of the necessity of bringing the tail survivors slowly across the island. So although Ana’s flashback is interesting and enlightens us to her behaviour, the story in the present isn’t as interesting. She and Sayid are literally static for the whole episode and their dialogue isn’t the most interesting. There is nothing particularly wrong with the plot which is presented but it lacks the kind of entertainment which Lost had served up so well in its first season.

Lost’s treatment of murder comes once more under the microscope. Ana becomes the latest in a long line of characters to commit murder either before or after coming to the island (Kate, Sawyer, Charlie, Sayid, Eko). I have complained before about the lack of reality and gravity given to the idea that when someone is killed, their loved one immediately desires murderous revenge. We have already seen Charlie take revenge (115), Shannon attempt to kill Locke (121) and now Sayid try to kill Ana. So to have Ana also take murderous revenge in her flashback implies that the writers have a real obsession about this subject. Although it is a dramatic twist I just don’t believe is conforms to most people’s experience of life. With so many beloved characters trying to commit murder the show is also in danger of implying that it is somehow an acceptable or sympathetic action.

I should point out that there is an obvious difference in context of murder when Sayid (as a member of an army) or indeed Eko (in self defence) commit murder to when someone premeditates it. You can argue that Ana as a weapons carrying police officer is more desensitised to killing but that doesn’t change my comments about the tone or presentation of her actions.

The Unknown: If the plane was in the air for eight hours then why didn’t Jack and Ana ever have a drink together?

Best Moment: Ana sets Sayid free and drops her gun at his feet. “Go ahead. Pick it up. I deserve it.” He grabs it and gets to his feet saying “What good would it be to kill you, if we are both already dead?” He then walks straight over to Shannon’s dead body and cradles her head in his arms.

The Bottom Line: Lost has really struggled to come to terms with its new story. Despite showing a new characters flashbacks, they still haven’t been able to find the right balance between the present and the past in the pace of the show. However with all the survivors back together perhaps they now will. This episode is passable, with some good and some bad.



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  • I enjoyed this episode quite a bit more than you did. I was happy to see some consequences to Shannon's death and I thought the episode had a good tense driving story with Ana needing to deal with her murder of Shannon.

    I agree about the awkward small scenes that didn't make sense which you highlighted above. Also, ironically I didn't enjoy the ending montage as much as the other ones, whereas you appreciated this one more. I thought there were more pressing matters to be discussed, like the state of the raft and where Michael, Sawyer and the others were. I feel like there should have been people disappointed that they weren't going to be rescued rather than just smiles all over.

    Sawyer's return really kick-started the whole love triangle storyline which wasn't very good.

    Interesting points about revenge, I never noticed how much Lost really focused on that. Now that you have mentioned it, I can also think of many examples in the future where characters are drive on revenge.

    Viewer score: 66 / 100

    Posted by Aaronic, 31/03/2017 2:00pm (3 years ago)

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