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Lost is a drama about a group of plane crash survivors. They land on an unknown Pacific island and have to learn to live together. ABC 2004-2010


Episode 2 - Adrift

19 March 2017

Present: Michael and Sawyer argue over who was responsible for what happened with the Others. They drift on what is left of the raft and spot a shark circling, drawn by Sawyer’s bleeding arm. Eventually Michael shoots the shark as it attacks Sawyer. The two of them make it back to the island where Jin comes running toward them with his hands tied behind his back. He screams “Others, Others!” as people approach them. We see Locke’s perspective as he enters the hatch and meets Desmond. He asks Desmond to tie up Kate instead of him but hands her a knife so she can escape. She is locked in a room full of food and then crawls through the vents. Locke answers questions for Desmond and is then forced to enter Hurley’s numbers into a computer which then resets a timer.

Flashback: Michael goes to see a lawyer about stopping Susan from moving to Rome with Walt. At one of the depositions Susan’s lawyer grills Michael about what he really knows about Walt. Susan speaks to Michael alone and she argues that she can provide a better life for Walt than he can. So Michael reluctantly agrees and says goodbye to Walt.

The Good: It’s certainly an interesting twist to move back in time and see events which technically have already happened. Of course Sawyer and Michael’s story would also have been taking place in the “past” from the viewers perspective, as to us the present is Jack looking at Desmond. So I suppose this episode is actually showing events which all took place at the same time as those in the previous episode.

There are plenty of details in Locke’s story which are interesting. The Dharma logo on the walls seems to represent the group who built the hatch. Even stranger is the sight of one of their logos on the shark which attacks Sawyer. Locke using the numbers to reset a timer is fascinating and draws ones mind to many a possibility. Desmond’s question as to whether Locke was the one is also interesting. It seems like he was waiting to be replaced or assisted but no one had come for some time. Kate’s discovery of a room full of food answers the question of how a man could live down in the hatch for so long. Her reaction to seeing chocolate bars is fun.

The bitter arguing between Sawyer and Michael does lead nicely to Michael accepting responsibility. After blaming Sawyer and sulking he finally accepts that it was his fault for bringing Walt onto the raft. It sets up Michael’s motivation for this whole season nicely. And the final scene with Jin screaming “Others” is a typically good cliff-hanger.

The Bad: This is a really poor follow up to the superb first episode. It is of course difficult at any time to follow a really great episode but the pace and tone of this episode is all off.

The whole episode feels like it is stalling. Down in the hatch we end the episode just where we were at the end of the previous one. While I am all for patient storytelling, this probably won’t sit well for many viewers. Especially as we don’t seem to learn anything particularly valuable (the reset button aside).

Meanwhile on the raft Sawyer and Michael’s arguments get tired pretty quickly. Michael in particular looks like an ass hole for the way he treats Sawyer. Not just blaming him for firing the flare (which was a joint decision) or doubting he was trying to save Walt. But for forcing him to get off his piece of the raft when he knew there was a shark in the water.

The shark story doesn’t really work because it seems so unlikely that either of them will die that way. The episode doesn’t build the tension of the shark’s presence nearly well enough to make those scenes exciting to watch. They just drift along like the pieces of raft upon which the characters sit.

Michael’s flashback doesn’t tell us anything new either, which adds to the feeling that nothing in this episode really matters. We see Michael fighting admirably to be a part of Walt’s life but as we already know (see 114) he has to say goodbye. In fact the flashbacks don’t really give Michael much more characterisation either. He doesn’t talk about his relationship with his father or his own desire for a family or anything which would give us some context about why Walt is so important to him. We don’t see him struggling to pay lawyer’s bills or even where he lives. All we know about Michael is that he loves his son. For an actor capable of much more this is pretty limited writing.

The Unknown: What is the reset clock for? Why those numbers? How long has Desmond been down there? Who was he waiting for? What is Dharma? Why were they tagging sharks? Who are the people following Jin?

Best Moment: The final scene. The sight of a creepy bunch of armed people walking toward Jin, Michael and Sawyer is a great way to hook viewers in to coming back.

The Bottom Line: Oh dear. A meandering episode, the first time I can remember Lost being so slow and pointless. It’s a shock to see this follow up the superb season opener.



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  • I will keep my comments here shorter and I'm going to write in more detail on my website.

    I agree that this episode feels like stalling and honestly there is pretty much nothing that is must-see here. Sure Michael has some nice character moments and there is a big cliffhanger but that's not enough to structure this entire episode on.

    Even on rewatch it's frustrating to see that the hatch story hasn't progressed anywhere. There at least should have been some sort of progression in this episode to make it feel more satisfying.

    I never noticed the Dharma logo on the shark tail. That's a nice observation.

    I feel that you were a little too cruel with the episode score as there were some nice moments throughout, but this still was largely disappointing.

    Viewer score: 47 / 100

    Posted by Aaronic, 17/03/2017 3:25pm (4 years ago)

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