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Heroes is a drama about individuals across the globe suddenly discovering that they have super powers. NBC 2006-2010


Episode 16 - Unexpected

30 March 2012

Synopsis: Hiro and Ando escape with only a bullet in Ando’s shoulder from their casino crossfire. But Hiro sends Ando home as he believes he needs to be alone to complete the mission. Peter and Claude are caught by Bennet and the Haitian but escape when Peter remembers how to fly. Claude freaks out and leaves while Peter goes to accuse Isaac of selling him out. In their argument Isaac kills Simone. Mrs Bennet collapses and is taken to hospital. Claire tells her father that she knows about him and she is only staying to protect her family from him. Parkman is contacted by Ted Sprague who was contacted by new hero Hana Gitelman. They agree to track down Mr Bennet and stop him keeping tabs on them. Sylar and Mohinder visit a woman who has superhuman hearing and Sylar kills her and takes her power.

The Good: The stories are pretty strong here but they are not always presented in the best way.

Sylar and Mohinder continue their clever dual mission. Dale hearing Sylar’s heart racing and then the scene where he kills her are both good tense moments, albeit brief ones. Sylar shows good logic trying to persuade Mohinder not to call the police. We have no Mohinder voiceover which is a big surprise but a pleasant one.

Nathan makes an excellent point to Simone about what will happen if they tell the world about their powers. It reinforces Nathan’s cautious and very understandable position on all things heroic.

It’s good to see Ted Sprague asking Parkman for help. Sprague understandably blaming Bennet for his wife’s death is a good story though it could be given even more time. The cliffhanger with Sprague and Parkman capturing the Bennet’s is very intriguing.

Similarly Simone taking a bullet from Isaac is very well engineered. Isaac turning to Bennet for help is good because it reminds us that Bennet has done some good. The confrontation between Peter and Isaac is good television as Peter’s invisibility leads to a dramatic scene and makes Simone’s death more plausible and a lot less clichéd than it could have been.

The “father” of Marvel comics Stan Lee makes a nice, brief cameo as Hiro’s bus driver.

The Bad: The problem I have with this episode is in the details and presentation of the stories and not in the stories themselves.

Sylar and Mohinder’s story suffers from some slightly off acting. Dale Smither is not the best, but it may just be less than subtle writing. She certainly messes up the “that was my best wrench” line. Meanwhile Sylar’s character has become pretty evil. Although this is not entirely inconsistent with his recent behaviour it doesn’t flow from the character we saw established in flashback (110). There like many great villains Sylar seemed convinced that he was meant to help people by relieving them of powers which they didn’t deserve and which he did. Now it seems he is more a clichéd evil comic book villain who is just power mad. I hope they bring back more nuance to him.

Hiro and Ando’s story is a bit trying. It is designed to make Hiro send Ando home but I doubt that will happen. We have seen so much of them as a duo being friends that I imagine Ando will ride to the rescue soon enough. All of which makes the fighting between Hope and Gustfson feel like a waste of time. Hiro mentions his “mission” several times and Gustafson doesn’t ask what it is which seems odd.

Isaac accusing Peter for stealing Simone from him seems odd. Isaac’s character has not been defined as well as it could have been but he seemed to have acknowledged his drug problems, so to accuse Peter now seems silly.

The introduction of new hero Hana Gitelman is very sudden. She is clad in leather like a member of the X-Men and screams “plot device” as she hands Ted and Matt the information they need to find Mr Bennet.

The Unknown: Apparently Peter absorbed Sylar’s powers when they met in Texas (109). As he demonstrates telekinesis, can we assume he has absorbed Sylar’s other stolen abilities? He seemed to control electricity but that may have been an extension of telekinesis. Presumably Sylar can remember everything as he killed Charlie (108). What other powers does Sylar have?

Best Moment: Dale Smither is working on a car, rap music blaring in her ears. She stops because she can hear someone coming. She looks disturbed to see Sylar and asks “That sound in your heart, what is it?” He replies “Murder.” It’s a cool scene because you know what is coming and it’s like a horror movie waiting to see how it will play out.

Epilogue: A solid episode for stories which take us in interesting directions. Mr Bennet’s day of reckoning, Mohinder getting closer to Sylar and Simone’s death are all exciting developments but there is a lot of sloppy detail work which lets this down.



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