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Heroes is a drama about individuals across the globe suddenly discovering that they have super powers. NBC 2006-2010


Episode 13 - The Fix

30 March 2012

Synopsis: Peter befriends the invisible man who agrees to help him control his powers. Claire asks the Haitian about her real parents. He gives her enough of a clue that she is able to track down her mother. Hiro and Ando are captured and taken to see Hiro’s father. Parkman is suspended for six months but gets good news when his wife tells him she is pregnant. Niki seeks psychiatric help while DL struggles to get a job. Micah uses his power to steal money from an ATM. Mr Bennet is told that Sylar is dead but when he arrives Sylar has outsmarted them all.

The Good: The relationship between Claire and her father is really good here thanks to some strong acting and writing. While he is gently suspicious of her he also tries to look out for her. Despite where it led before he even encourages her friendship with Zach because he knows he was kind to her. Not only is she sad at having to lie to him but she conveys her desperation for him to be honest with her very well. The sight of her mother having the power to create fire reignites speculation about the children of heroes having special powers.

It’s good to see Peter get some guidance and hopefully we will get some answers too. We also get some good information about his abilities thanks to Mohinder. Micah using his power to help his family is a logical development as well. Parkman once again shows us the cost of these powers as he is suspended for six months and his marital problems continue.

The Bad: This is another slow episode. Heroes needs to deliver some action and drama, no matter how solid its characterisation is. This episode is filled with one static conversation after another. Hiro and Ando are most guilty as they chit chat in a van for the whole show.

DL comes across as chump here. Yes it must be difficult to get a job as an ex-convict but to talk to Micah so sternly won’t help matters. To be fair Micah is very lippy to him and their whole story feels like it is overly dramatic. It’s only been a few days; maybe he should apply for a few more jobs before having these unconvincingly tense conversations.

The Unknown: Will Parkman’s baby have powers? Does it work if only one of the parents have abilities? How exactly did Sylar survive his “treatment”?

The invisible man seemed very easy to convince. He told Peter to leave him alone and then when he heard about the destruction of New York he came around swiftly. Wouldn’t he have just thought Peter was crazy?

Best Moment: Mohinder and Nathan come to “help” Peter. They talk about finding a cure for his abilities. He humours them before running for the door. Outside Nathan’s security guard saw nothing. While they speculate that he flew out the window, we see the invisible man standing a few feet away with his hand over Peter’s mouth.

Epilogue: Although the characterisation is pretty good, there is a distinct lack of action here. The show doesn’t always need it but the restart for the second half of the season has slowed things down considerably. By featuring all the characters we get more quantity than quality and wait for the series to come alive the same way we have seen before. An ok episode but for its place in the season it should be better.



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