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Heroes is a drama about individuals across the globe suddenly discovering that they have super powers. NBC 2006-2010


Episode 8 - Seven Minutes To Midnight

30 March 2012

Synopsis: Mohinder considers forgetting all about his father’s work and going back to his normal life. But strange dreams reveal past events which change his mind. Parkman gets Sprague to open up about what happened to him. They discover they have both met the Haitian and have the same mark on their necks. Sprague escapes from custody just as Parkman confronts his wife about her adultery. Mr Bennet uses Eden to force Isaac to take heroin in order to paint more of the events which lead to Claire’s death. Hiro starts flirting with a waitress at a diner who can remember everything she reads. Sylar kills her and Hiro goes back in time to save her.

The Good: This is the least cluttered of all the episodes so far. By focussing only on Hiro, Parkman, Isaac and Mohinder we get much more time to see their stories unfold. Each has something to offer us.

The best is Matt Parkman who stars in the best scene with the deeply tragic Ted Sprague. Driven to despair by the knowledge that he gave his wife radiation poisoning he is angry and hopeless. Matt manages to calm him down and offer him hope. Parkman, Agent Hanson and Ted are all excellent. She is suspicious and confused, Ted is miserable and Parkman is desperate as he closes in on the answers. The drama is excellent as both Ted’s anger and then the deadline of homeland security stepping in give the scenes a great sense of urgency.

We finally get to see where Mr Bennet goes to work and his moral compromises seem to know no limits. He claims to be doing good but forcing a heroin addict to relapse is a cruel decision. It’s great television because he is doing it to protect his daughter so his moral conflict is clear. It is compelling stuff as we see the inner workings of his company without understanding what they are truly up to.

Hiro and Ando provide more comedy in the diner. But their scenes are given real substance by the brooding presence of Sylar in the corner. It’s a shock to see the waitress murdered and it presents another interesting moral dilemma as Hiro is determined to go back in time to save her. But is that really his mission?

Last but not least is Mohinder. The flashbacks he sees in his dreams present a new twist to his story. The knowledge that he had a sister who apparently had powers is key to why he will return to his father’s work. His father’s murder by Sylar is pretty brutal to see as well.

The Bad: Mohinder’s dreams seem like a plot device to give us information we would not otherwise have seen. Let’s hope there is a good explanation.

Heroes has moved at a break neck pace in its first eight episodes. Fans will doubtless be having trouble keeping up with all the developments and twists. Although this episode is the most focussed yet, by introducing major new plot threads for Hiro and Mohinder, some fans may get completely lost.

The Unknown: Mohinder receiving messages in a dream suggest a higher power at work. Will we ever learn who or what?

If Bennet’s organisation has been tracking individuals for years then perhaps the eclipse (101) didn’t trigger powers being “activated.” Even though clearly this generation of heroes only became aware of their powers recently.

Best Moment: Poor Ted Sprague is driven to anger and frustration by what has happened to him. His wife’s death leads him to threaten to go nuclear. Parkman shows great composure and compassion as he talks him down and shares with him his own pain and confusion. Then Ted shows him the mark on his neck and Matt shows him his. Now they both have hope that there is an answer to what is happening to them. Tragedy, drama and good acting all at once.

Epilogue: The less frenetic Heroes becomes the more enjoyable the characters are. We get such a good sense of all the different ways these abilities have affected people here. We have Ted incarcerated, Isaac being manipulated, Matt on the path to answers, Mohinder being handed his destiny and Hiro finding his own path. This episode is a quality slice of entertainment but we do need even more focus or else the show may become too complicated to follow.



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