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Heroes is a drama about individuals across the globe suddenly discovering that they have super powers. NBC 2006-2010


Episode 15 - Run!

30 March 2012

Synopsis: Parkman is working as a bodyguard to Mr Malsky who has stolen two million dollars from Mr Linderman. Niki or rather Jessica has been hired to kill Malsky. She does and Parkman pockets the diamonds Malsky exchanged for the millions when the police treat his story with contempt. Claire’s biological mother extorts Nathan for money and she tells Claire that he doesn’t want to see her. Claire returns home to discover that her mother doesn’t remember who she is. Sylar tracks down another hero (Zane) and takes his power. When Mohinder arrives to see him, Sylar pretends to be Zane. Hiro and Ando return to Linderman’s casino but Ando gets sidetracked helping a girl called Hope.

The Good: A fantastic episode for fans of the show. If you are just tuning in, then there is too much going on for you to catch up. But for those paying attention, you are in for a treat.

Parkman and Niki being set against each other is a really cool story to see. Although we have seen many heroes interacting, this is the first time that two have fought unbeknownst to the others powers. The fact that Jessica is pretty evil and Parkman is the people’s champion helps the view rally to his side as he outsmarts her only to be treated like crap by the police. He once again grabs our sympathy by doing all the right things before finally succumbing to the temptation of taking a shortcut to wealth which his power has handed him. It’s the type of moral dilemma which is easy to relate to and because we like Matt it is all the more poignant. It’s also clever that he can hear both Jessica and Niki talking. That type of attention to detail is very rewarding.

Similarly clever is Sylar asking Mohinder if he can join him on his search for other special people. Again it’s another pair of characters who haven’t met yet interacting. It’s made doubly creepy for the audience by the similarity of their interaction to the ones Sylar had with Chandra. Again you can see Mohinder, just as his father did, being a little concerned by Sylar’s talk of destiny. It’s a clever twist and gives both characters a clear purpose and allows us to watch, waiting for Mohinder to discover the truth.

Claire’s acting is again pretty strong as she hopes that Nathan will be a better father than Mr Bennet. The scene where she listens in on Nathan rejecting her is very well played. We see her looking desperate and him looking so torn and yet to her it sounds like he doesn’t care. Again it is enjoyable to watch because the viewer is given all the power in these scenes. We know what each character really wants and so seeing their reactions play out logically but unfortunately gets us emotionally invested, wanting them to all know what we know.

Claire’s whole story takes a very good turn here. First her birth mother extorts Nathan. Even though she loves Claire, she is willing to exploit her to make easy money. She’s not portrayed as evil for doing this, but human. Just as Nathan is when he clearly would like to do more for Claire if his situation was different. Grey characters are better to watch than black and white ones, because the real world is grey. Similarly Mrs Bennet’s memory loss is the true cost of Mr Bennet’s wilful abuse of his powers. It seems he will pay a price for keeping everyone “safe” for so long. It could turn into quite a tragic story for them but it is good to see because it shows the writers know that characters must face real consequences for their actions.

Finally Hiro and Ando manage to still be funny in places. Ando using all of Hiro’s words against him is clever and it makes sense for Ando to suggest that helping Hope is part of their destiny. After all Hiro followed his heart to try and save Charlie.

The Bad: Mohinder’s voiceovers usually seem a bit unnecessary or irrelevant. For some they may become a consistent source of irritation. At least some are connected to evolution and one can imagine him believing what he is saying. Where as this week’s speech about people having to run seems entirely manufactured to fit the plot.

Ando and Hiro’s story has a frivolous feel to it, capped by Hope’s cheesy character. It might have been better to leave them out of this episode as the other plots carried it just fine.

Since when did Angela Petrelli become so cold? We have seen her being sweet to Peter and calculating with Nathan but here she is positively heartless. It’s slightly too swift a change of gears without any explanation or sense that it should have been a change for her. But it is a change from what we have seen and could have been handled better.

The Unknown: Why does that tattoo appear on Niki’s shoulder when Jessica is in control?

Best Moment: The entire scene from Malski buying the diamonds to Jessica stepping off the elevator. Parkman hears that Malski is in serious trouble and so rushes him out of there. Then he hears Jessica coming and the tension mounts as they both draw weapons ready. Then she exits the elevator and realises Parkman has moved to another floor. “This oughta be fun” she says. A proper dramatic action sequence which could have fit in on 24 or a movie.

Epilogue: Even though I think Heroes could leave out more characters each episode this is still excellent. Claire, Sylar and Parkman’s stories are all handled with good attention to detail and feature good drama and nice twists. It also sets the show down a new path as we begin to see the direction it will go before the finale.



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