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Heroes is a drama about individuals across the globe suddenly discovering that they have super powers. NBC 2006-2010


Episode 18 - Parasite

30 March 2012

Synopsis: Mr Bennet remembers nothing and sets off in search of Claire. But Mrs Bennet tells him that she remembers everything and they agree to let Claire go. She escapes from the Haitian and seeks out Peter Petrelli but instead meets her grandmother Angela Petrelli. A distraught Isaac is confronted by the police. Perception altering Janice arrives with Mr Bennet to smooth things over but she then betrays Bennet to the company. Isaac paints his own demise at Sylar’s hands. Mohinder discovers Sylar has been lying and drugs him. He uses Sylar’s spinal fluid to unravel his father’s formula. However Sylar recovers and captures him before the final scene when he tries to kill Peter Petrelli who came to look for Mohinder. Hiro gets a helping hand from Nathan and Ando in order to get Kensei’s sword and recover his powers. That done he jumps with Ando into the future where the bomb has gone off. Nathan is working with the FBI to take down Linderman but Jessica kills the agents accompanying him. Niki regains control long enough to give Nathan a gun to kill Linderman. But Linderman offers Nathan the Presidency and he doesn’t kill him.

The Good: This is an exciting and interesting episode in some ways. Although there is so much wrong with it, it is all action which many will enjoy. The good things are:

The appearance of Mr Linderman. After all we have heard about him, he had quite a billing to live up to. And he lives up to it pretty well. Rather than a grubby gangster he is an articulate man who is one step ahead of everyone it would seem. His speech about happiness and meaning is the sort of grand philosophy this show needs. The story has become so intricate and filled with the details of different lives that a little wider perspective is enjoyable to hear. It also fits with the image of this powerful mobster who offers Nathan the Presidency that he should think in such grandiose terms.

It’s also cool to see Linderman’s collection of Isaac’s pictures including one of Claire carved open (103). Nathan and Hiro have another nice scene together where they share the pain of going it alone and Hiro realises how much Nathan cares. Nathan working with the FBI is good to see. It links with what we heard about him in 110 and reminds us that he is a good guy deep down.

DL is no fool which is good to see. He should know Niki pretty well by now and so it’s nice to see him recognise Jessica’s acting.

Poor Isaac goes through the ringer here and you really feel sorry for him. Simone’s death is obviously a huge blow to him and when she appears in the doorway it is a very creepy moment. It’s all the sadder for him when you see his hopes crushed by Candice’s perception altering. Finally he paints a picture of his own gruesome decapitation. Poor Isaac.

The Bad: Are you ready? Ok here goes: Mrs Bennet can’t remember anything, except she can, so Mr Bennet now knows what he is supposed to have forgotten, Nathan has been secretly working for the FBI and Peter was invisibly in the room listening, Mohinder fools Sylar before Sylar fools Mohinder, Candice tricks the cops and Isaac, then tricks Mr Bennet as well, Jessica tricks DL except he really knows it isn’t her, then she kills the FBI agents but Niki warns Nathan, Hiro tricks the curator and Ando tricks the Casino security staff, Claire tricks the Haitian but he is too smart for her and is at the Petrelli’s when she gets there, of course Linderman knows more than Nathan and is a step ahead of him before finally Sylar is too clever for Peter and jumps out of the dark to grab him.

Twists should mean something. They should be a shock to the audience. They should be a memorable moment in a TV show that sticks in peoples minds and changes their perspective on a scene. It seems the writers discovered this trick, like a kid finding a stash of candy bars. And like that kid they gorged on them until the episode became too bloated and difficult to digest. Metaphors aside the number of convoluted twists really hurts this episode and it reflects badly on the whole show. It feels like the writers are rushing to get their ducks in a row before the season finale. So they speed through about five episodes worth of developments in fourty minutes.

Each scene where one character is deceiving another makes the next one less enjoyable. Candice Wilmer, the new perception altering hero feels like another plot device. The fact that she has a similar look to Hana Gitelman (117) doesn’t help matters. Her two tricks may be visually cool to see but they just feel like short cuts on the part of the writers.

Speaking of short cuts, Hiro’s ability to find Kenzei’s sword is pathetically easy. It is implausible that Linderman’s filing system would be so easy to use. Similarly how on earth did Ando get security gear and arrive at the right floor undetected? Their story has been very dumbed down for some time now and this lackadaisical effort is particularly poor.

Not quite as poor as two FBI agents deciding to do surveillance on a mobster from one of his own hotel rooms. It’s a casino hotel, anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of them would suspect their movements were being watched. It’s the sloppiest plot line Heroes has been guilty of so far.

There is no explanation for how Claire got from Texas to New York City so quickly. Or how she found Peter’s apartment. Again the writers are so desperate to get on with things that they have no time for logic. Her faith in Peter is a bit odd as well. He may have left a good trustworthy impression on her but is that enough to risk your life on?

Sylar is presented like a rabid dog here, begging Mohinder to give him the list so he can “sink his teeth” into it. Again it makes him out to be an evil villain which we haven’t really had a proper explanation why. He doesn’t seem to have a definitive constitution as a character. He messes with Mohinder by talking about his father and evolution but it isn’t clear what his intentions are. Is he simply distracting Mohinder or does he believe what he is saying? We also see him use his telekinesis to stop a bullet? If that is the explanation for how he has survived gun shots before then it doesn’t seem right. We have seen him take bullets and go flying backwards, so his telekinesis couldn’t really have helped him then.

If Isaac Mendez were better defined we would understand his emotions better in this episode. We know he was a junkie and that he loved Simone. But that is about it. He seems a reasonable enough person but we don’t really know what to think about his horrible situation in this episode. He talked for a while about needing to save New York but now we are not clear about what he will do next.

The Unknown: How or why did Hiro’s powers come back?

Best Moment: Mr Linderman asks Nathan if he is happy. He says not especially. Linderman says: “I think there comes a time in every man’s life when he asks himself whether he wants a life of happiness or a life of meaning.” Nathan replies “I’d like to have both.” Linderman says “Can’t be done. Two very different paths. To be truly happy a man must live absolutely in the present. With no thought of what’s gone before and no thought of what lies ahead. But, a life of meaning - a man is condemned to wallow in the past and obsess about the future.”

Epilogue: From the most focussed episode yet (118) to this one, the most undisciplined and thoughtless episode of the season. Heroes really squanders good will here by allowing logic to be pushed aside in favour of eye catching twists and turns. A real let down.



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