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Heroes is a drama about individuals across the globe suddenly discovering that they have super powers. NBC 2006-2010


Episode 3 - One Giant Leap

30 March 2012

Synopsis: Niki finds a ring in the grave she is digging. She heads to Micah’s Grandmother’s place and presents the ring as evidence of her husband DL’s guilt. Hiro convinces Ando to join him on his quest by following the steps laid out in the comic book. Parkman is enlisted by the FBI to help find Sylar, who survives a round of bullets and escapes while trying to abduct Molly. Mohinder finds Sylar’s apartment but when he returns with the police it is empty. Nathan announces that Peter tried to kill himself to the public. Peter quits his job and kisses Simone who left Isaac. Claire is killed by Brody while he is forcing himself on her and she wakes up while cut open on the autopsy table.

The Good: The mystery of Sylar deepens as we see him using his clearly supernatural powers for the first time. We also see what seems to be his apartment full of strange things and then suddenly empty. The news that the decapitated bodies show no evidence of any implements used to open them up is a creepy revelation. Sylar remains a distinct threat and these clues are presented well.

Hiro and Ando provide the happy side of the coin from the angst being suffered by the other heroes. They have particular fun with their conversation on the plane but their rescue of a school girl is also entertaining.

Nathan shows off his ruthless side by outing Peter’s “depression.” It’s good to see a character be selfish at this stage. It’s a reminder that being a hero is more than just having powers. Claire’s speech about wanting to be normal rather than a freak or a guinea pig is also good to hear. It reminds the audience why these powers must remain a secret.

On the other end of the spectrum Matt Parkman almost reveals his power to the FBI and they make use of him. This story is strong again as we see him revelling in the newfound status which his powers bring him. But that too comes at a cost as his marriage deteriorates. It all brings us closer to Parkman whose baby steps with his mind reading once more helps us imagine how we would react in his shoes. There’s also good intrigue when he collapses at the end.

The Bad: There’s a danger of too much going on in this episode. We see all of the heroes’ stories develop busily and it means there is almost too much information being thrown our way. Much of the information doesn’t have time to sink in and so is lost. There are also a number of problems which need to be addressed.

Niki tells DL’s mother that she found the ring in a grave. Wouldn’t she ask why exactly Niki was looking in a grave in the first place?

Claire’s story is very rushed and lacks much subtlety. Even though we saw Brody in the last episode, he comes on very strong, very quickly here. It would have been nice to get to know their relationship a bit better. As it is presented it seems like he is very foolish for trying to go all the way on the first night he has kissed her. When she struggles he starts to manhandle her immediately. It all seems to happen too fast to have the same impact it might have done if it had been given more time. Again he kills her by accident (102) which still seems too dramatic for this early stage in the show. The impact of her dying has no real effect, both because we just saw it happen in the last episode and as it is only the third episode of the whole show.

I have already touched on (in previous reviews) how strange it is that Isaac has developed the power to draw what will happen to other people developing strange powers. But here Hiro follows the narrative of the comic to work out what to do next. In the comic he is following the comic. So Isaac had to draw events which only occur because he drew them. It is a pre-destination paradox which is a complex time travel story and that is not what Heroes is trying to present here. It seems like a needlessly complex development at this early stage in the show. It might have been better for Hiro to make his own decisions and then discover the comic confirmed them.

The Unknown: Sylar demonstrates telekinesis before surviving several bullets which clearly knocked him down. How did he survive? What are his powers? Why is he killing people? Why are some decapitated and others not?

Best Moment: Matt Parkman is in a bar having a beer. He begins to hear everyone’s thoughts. From the comedy of the other patron’s thoughts, we turn to a stern looking black man in the corner. No thoughts can be heard and soon Matt feels pain in his head and collapses on the floor. A simple scene which helps us care about him for both his smiles at the other customers and the drama of what is happening to him.

Epilogue: A needlessly complicated amount of information will have one of two effects on the viewer I suspect. Either draw them in to learn more or frustrate them that nothing sticks out. The writers can be forgiven at this early stage for trying to move the plot along and there is certainly no shortage of intrigue at this stage.



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