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Heroes is a drama about individuals across the globe suddenly discovering that they have super powers. NBC 2006-2010


Episode 7 - Nothing To Hide

30 March 2012

Synopsis: Peter dreams of Simone’s father just as he dies. They go to see Isaac but he has gone. Nathan’s mum sets up a brunch with an influential journalist. He asks questions about Nathan’s trip to Vegas and Peter covers for him. Hiro rescues DL as he tries to rescue a woman from a burning car. Micah reveals his power by making an out of order phone work. He calls Niki and tells her where he is but she has allowed “Jessica” to take control. Parkman is enlisted by Agent Hanson again as she tracks Sylar. A dead oncologist leads them to Ted Sprague, a man emitting radiation from his body. Matt helps arrest him but then discovers that a colleague has been sleeping with his wife. Zach mysteriously finds the tape of Claire’s “accidents” and it falls into her brothers hands.

The Good: Once more Nathan is the standout character. His wife’s disability and the fact that he was somehow responsible for it add a new twist on his character. It makes his actions in Vegas more understandable and even more reprehensible. It’s really enjoyable to see more of his character explored. We see him getting manipulated by his mother, attempting to deceive his wife and doing his best to be kind to Peter. Peter also shines here as he stands up to his brother and shows some real backbone. We also learn that Mr Linderman was a friend of their father which helps explain why Nathan can talk quite freely to such a powerful man.

Nathan makes an important point which encapsulates the entire show. He says to Peter that all he can do is fly. Alone he says he can’t save people, he doesn’t have power or authority to do anything. That is of course the story of Heroes; alone each ability can only help a few people. But if they all work together, then their abilities can save the world. It’s a simple jump from there to apply that message to the real world.

Parkman makes two important discoveries which are both intriguing. First his wife cheated on him which of course will bring drama for the future. In the meantime he discovers Ted Sprague, the radioactive man. The detailed work done to his house is excellent. Each door handle has burn marks emanating from them where he would have opened them. The sight of his wife’s bedroom decimated by radiation leads one to think that perhaps his ability caused her cancer. If so he is one of the most tragic characters possible and demonstrates the true cost of the new abilities. It’s also revealed that Matt is dyslexic, again making him the everyman, the underachiever whose powers are giving him opportunities he never had.

Niki demonstrates her desperation by asking “Jessica” for help. The fact that Micah knew it wasn’t his mother is a nice touch. It’s plausible that he knows her that well. Out on the road we have an enjoyable action scene where DL tries to be a hero before Hiro has to save him from a car explosion. Claire talking her brother out of telling her parents about her ability is a nice moment as well.

The Bad: The last time we saw Matt Parkman he collapsed in a grocery store (105). Although he mentions the trouble he is having separating voices, he doesn’t address the collapse. He fell unconscious in a public place clutching a gun he had taken from a burglar. There should definitely have been ramifications from that and it is careless not to address it.

When Lyle is watching the video of Claire healing herself, we see a clip of her being run over. We see it from the driver’s perspective so presumably Claire got Zach to run her over. But there are other cars visible, driving around the road. It seems like a very odd choice of location for a private test of her healing ability. It seems like sloppy decision making. The sight of her being run over looks dramatic but it ignores the logical consequences of other people being present.

The Unknown: What are the marks on the back of Parkman and Sprague’s necks? Could they be connected to Mr Bennet and Matt’s abduction? Did Linderman buy Isaac’s painting deliberately?

Micah has some powers of his own. This raises the question of whether he got his powers from having two parents with special abilities. If he did, then did the other heroes get their powers from their parents?

Best Moment: Hiro steps in to save DL and the owner of the car which is about to explode. It’s a really nice visual effect to see an explosion frozen in midair. Then Hiro walks over and asks “Why couldn’t I have super strength too?” You realise he will have to push them all clear by himself. Again reminding us of the limitations of the powers, giving us a cool visual image and throwing in some humour.

Epilogue: Heroes is filmed like a comic book. So we get lots of short dramatic scenes which try to tell a larger story. In this episode it is a definite strength because we get lots of good scenes, one after another. Peter and Nathan scheme at brunch, Hiro saves the day, Claire opens up to her brother and Matt gives Sprague messages from his dying wife. It’s a really nice blend of action and interesting character moments. All in all a strong episode.



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