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Heroes is a drama about individuals across the globe suddenly discovering that they have super powers. NBC 2006-2010


Episode 22 - Landslide

30 March 2012

Synopsis: Peter keeps his new power under control. He, Sprague and Claire agree to head far away, but Sylar is following them. He tips off the FBI who capture Sprague. Sylar takes his power. Micah fixes the election for Nathan and Linderman heals Heidi so she can walk. Hiro goes to get his sword fixed. He meets his father there who helps him train and tells him he was following him all along. Niki and DL kill Linderman who admits he arranged for them to meet to conceive Micah. Parkman and Bennet arrive at Molly’s room to kill her but Mohinder won’t let them.

The Good: There is some good logic from our collection of heroes in Kirby Plaza. The plan to get Sprague and Peter out of town and away from New York is reassuringly sensible even if we know it won’t work. Sylar using the FBI to capture Sprague is clever as it isolates him from Peter.

Hiro and Nathan always have good scenes together and the one here is no exception. Hiro’s goodness is again heart warming to see and he looks so sad that Nathan seems to have given up. However we soon learn that Nathan’s mind remains a muddle when he tells Jessica and DL where Linderman is.

The revelation that he did help them get together in order to create Micah is pretty interesting. Linderman’s truly corrupt morality comes out in all its glory making his death a bit of a shock. DL pulling his brain out is quite the visual. Jessica doing the right thing for Niki’s sake is a nice pay off for her story. It’s nice to see Jessica acknowledge that she has to live with her other half.

The use of Micah’s power to give Nathan the victory continues the consistent theme that it is the abilities of our heroes which determine the major plot points. The conversations he has with Candice hint at good depth for her character. Presumably a fat girl, hurt by the world’s rejection of her who Linderman has recruited.

Parkman and Bennet deliver some good drama as they outwit and kill Thompson. Hiro’s father being involved further reinforces the actions of the previous generation having consequences for future seasons of the show.

The Bad: The last few episodes of Heroes have demonstrated that the writers do not have as firm a grip on the plot as they did for the first thirteen episodes. So for most good things that happen here there are equally worrying questions which go unanswered.

There is also a lack of resonance for the events which occur. If we had seen more of Heidi in the show we might be happier for her when she is healed. As it is it doesn’t affect the plot much at all. Similarly though his presence has been felt all season, Linderman’s death doesn’t have much impact because we only met him four episodes ago. His meddling presence throughout Niki’s story is not enough to make us route for them to kill him. With all the interesting things he has said it almost feels sad that he has gone and we won’t get certain questions answered.

It seems silly that Parkman and Bennet don’t ask for Peter and Sprague’s help. They are about to try and get into the company’s heavily guarded facility, surely having some help would be good. Of course that would assume that the company have some security which they don’t seem to. It feels like the writers just couldn’t be bothered to factor in guards despite their resources and how important their work is. Of course Linderman too doesn’t seem to care much for security guards. Even though DL can phase through walls, he makes no attempt to signal security which surely would have been sensible.

Hiro’s story feels like a device to keep him occupied. Sword fighting with his father won’t help him kill Sylar and the lesson he learns doesn’t seem relevant to his current situation. His father says that it was his journey which restored his power. That sounds like an awful explanation for why his powers went missing and if there is no follow up it is a pathetic cop-out for what was an important plot point. Ando has spent the last couple of episodes reassuring Hiro that he has faith in him and yet after a couple of hours waiting, he gives up on him. It’s especially stupid and implausible that he goes after Sylar when he knows that in the future that is who kills him.

Speaking of Sylar, he now wants to blow up New York. Is that because killing his mother made him a psycho? Is he just blood thirsty? There is no explanation for his sudden clear desire to be the bomb.

The Unknown: Why did Linderman try to get DL and Niki together? Did he know what they would create? Is it possible to predict the powers of a child from the DNA of their parents?

Best Moment: DL reaching inside Linderman’s skull and pulling out his brain. His eyes go blood shot and he collapses with a big red mark on his white head. A shocking visual moment.

Epilogue: The second half of season one of Heroes has been more disappointing than fulfilling. This episode is riddled with logic gaps, unanswered questions and moments that should have meant more. It feels like a story being told very quickly because time is running out. It’s wasting a lot of good work which was done early on and it needs a very satisfying final episode to prevent disappointment.



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