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Heroes is a drama about individuals across the globe suddenly discovering that they have super powers. NBC 2006-2010


Episode 9 - Homecoming

30 March 2012

Synopsis: Mohinder finds the boy from his dreams. He has the power to visit people in their dreams and he says Mohinder already knows he must continue his father’s work. He then discovers his father’s list of all the people with special abilities. Claire becomes homecoming queen and punches a taunting Jackie. Isaac’s painting offers Mr Bennet no help so he grounds Claire. Zach helps her escape and she goes to the game. Simone sees the painting which Nathan bought from Linderman and tells Peter where to go. He arrives and manages to prevent Sylar from killing Claire, though he does kill Jackie. Peter survives as he has absorbed Claire’s healing ability. Sylar is captured by the Haitian and Eden. Ando waits in the coffee house as Hiro doesn’t return. Niki buys a sniper rifle while Micah convinces DL to try and help her.

The Good: The Claire and Syar story is excellent. The suspense is strong anyway but we appreciate it all the more because Isaac’s paintings have shown us exactly what will happen in theory. Sylar’s attack on Jackie is very dramatic but also extremely graphic. The brutality and blood are on level with any good horror movie. The shot of Claire running into the stands accompanied by Peter is superbly filmed as it fits Isaac’s drawing to a tee, with one important addition of course. Peter is the hero of the hour and we are left to wonder how he will explain his presence to the police.

The sight of Dr Suresh’s list is a good revelation. Aside from the fun of seeing our heroes’ names on it, we have a clue on how Sylar might have found his victims. Nathan is ruthless once more, trying to hide Isaac’s painting from Peter.

The Bad: The Mohinder plot feels like a waste of time. His voiceover on every episode tells us he is not going to stay in India. So the process of him making that decision is hardly riveting. The child who can visit your dreams is again a plot device to show us flashbacks about Dr Suresh. How exactly can the child summon up images which aren’t part of Mohinder’s memory? How is that possible, even in the wildest of wild speculations about what our brains can do?

There is also the image on his computer screen asking “Are you sure you want to quit” the whole time. It’s hardly the most subtle reminder of Mohinder’s mental state.

Jackie plays a very stereotypical cheerleader. She doesn’t show any redeeming or realistic qualities and could fit right in with characters from She’s All That or The O.C. The argument she has with Claire about being popular versus being true to yourself sounds very childish for a show which is competing with other adult dramas. It’s not a bad story it’s just an incredibly warn out message and the Jackie character is a hugely familiar one with nothing new to offer.

Mr Bennet comes across as careless and foolish here. First he leaves Claire in her room and expects her to stay there, which is not exactly smart thinking for any parent when your child’s life is in danger. But then he runs to the school himself without Eden or the Haitian around. We learn later that they are nearby waiting for Sylar, but where were they when Jackie was being brutally sliced to pieces? Again it feels like a plot device to have Peter save the day rather than the logical actions Mr Bennet should have taken.

The murder of Jackie is very graphic, both in terms of blood and in terms of her desperation. The show is based around super heroes so it is bound to attract children. With characters like Micah, Claire and even Hiro, you could argue that the show markets itself to a young audience. Of course we have seen some very adult content before but this is surprisingly gory. I have no problem with it but some unwitting parents might.

The Unknown: What has kept Hiro in the past? How does Micah know the name Jessica? What does Sylar’s face look like? So is Zach actually gay?

Best Moment: Claire running out into the stands, followed by Sylar, shadows and all, just as we saw in Isaac’s painting. But now Peter is there to save her. It’s really well filmed and they built that moment up very solidly over the whole season.

Epilogue: This episode is a real shame. The show reaches its finest hour as Peter saves Claire from Sylar in the most dramatic sequence which Heroes has produced. But in the same episode is predictable and played out stories which are a real disappointment. It’s an important moment for the show, is this a temporary problem or a sign of things to come? For now this is half excellent and half bad.



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