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Heroes is a drama about individuals across the globe suddenly discovering that they have super powers. NBC 2006-2010


Episode 5 - Hiros

30 March 2012

Synopsis: Future Hiro tells Peter that saving the cheerleader will save the world. Mohinder doesn’t believe him and leaves. Peter heads to Isaac’s and finishes one of his paintings for him. Mr Bennet tries to abduct Nathan but he flies away. He meets Hiro in a diner before returning to the casino. Niki wakes up not remembering what happened but her debt with Linderman is cleared. She returns home to find Ando who came to see her. She is also told by the police that her husband DL is nearby. Claire tells her father what Brody did, so he has his friend take Brody’s memories. Parkman uses his powers to give his wife the best date possible, before talking down a robber and then collapsing again. Hiro and Ando get back together and call Isaac. Peter answers and is able to tell Hiro that he has a message for him.

The Good: The episode is beautifully framed by Peter’s two scenes with the Hiros. Mohinder is given very adequate reason to think Peter is crazy but by the end of the episode Peter knows it is all true. His powers become clearer through this episode as well. Now we know he can definitely reproduce the powers of those he has been in proximity to.

Nathan Petrelli is once more the star performer. He flies away from trouble and handles the comedy well during his diner chat with Hiro. Then he tries to be nice to Niki before thinking that she set him up. Finally he turns the tables on Linderman’s people by demanding more money. He correctly realises that for the trouble they went to to control him, he can get more from them. It sets him up as the most well rounded character on the show because we have seen him be kind, loving, ruthless and cool under pressure so far.

Following him on the well rounded list is Matt Parkman. He opens up a moral can of worms by reading his wife’s mind to give her a good night. While trying to be nice, he is invading her privacy. He is also not being honest with her about what has happened to him. He also plays the hero well as he talks down the mugger in the store. By showing us the corrupting side of his powers we see a fuller picture of his personality. He may be doing nice things for his wife, but is he just taking the easy way out? She thinks he is lazy and in a way he plays into that here. It’s strong writing as they make good use of his powers to create a moral dilemma.

Abusing ones power is also relevant to Claire’s father. His desire to protect her lead him to wipe Brody’s memory. This seems like a massive abuse of a power which so far has only been used on those with special abilities. Brody has lost his entire identity and has not been brought to justice or been given a chance to learn from his mistakes and seek redemption (see The Unknown). Either way it is more intriguing television as we see the grave choices that come with such power.

The Bad: Hiro’s English seems suddenly much improved.

Parkman doesn’t seem concerned enough with his day’s absence from the world. He doesn’t ask how he got home or where he was during that time. Its bad writing to leave this hole there, but they move on quickly so people won’t ask questions.

The Unknown: It would seem that Mr Bennet has allowed his love for his daughter to cloud his moral judgement when taking Brody’s memories. Or of course he could be drunk with power or somewhat evil or just an impatient man. The possibilities are endless and hopefully this side of him will be explored further.

Matt Parkman collapsing again, so soon after collapsing in the bar, seems strange. But the question now is why this time?

Is Ando a bit sad or just misguided for showing up at Niki’s? We shall see, but if it was just an excuse for a character crossover, then it was a bit unnecessary.

Best Moment: The final scene. Peter and Isaac look at what Peter painted. It is Sylar standing over Claire’s dead body with her head sliced off. The phone rings and it is Hiro Nakamura. Peter says “I have a message for you.” Suddenly they all know it is real.

Epilogue: There seems like more of a focus here than previous episodes. We get some longer scenes to get to know our characters better. This is all good news and the moral questions raised are excellent to see. This episode gives the feeling that both the plot and the wider issues of the story are being moved along and explored. Enjoyable stuff.



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