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Heroes is a drama about individuals across the globe suddenly discovering that they have super powers. NBC 2006-2010


Episode 12 - Godsend

30 March 2012

Synopsis: It is two weeks later. Peter has been in a coma all that time. He has been reliving his dream over and over with now the addition of a bearded man laughing. He wakes up in hospital and heads out into the street planning to go into the desert so he can’t hurt anyone, but instead finds the bearded man who has the power of invisibility. Claire is pretending that she can’t remember anything. She takes Zach out to start filming her again so that she will not forget who she is. Hiro steals the sword of Takeshi Kensei but finds that the real one is with Mr Linderman. He goes to tell Isaac who has convinced Simone and Nathan that he can paint the future. Parkman fails to expose Mr Bennet’s workplace and confesses to his wife about his powers. Bennet heads off to ask Mohinder for help, but he refuses. Jessica keeps taking control of Niki and assaulting prison guards. DL gives Linderman back his money but is still in his debt.

The Good: Peter and Mohinder are the only aspects of this episode which feel fresh. Peter finds the invisible man, which we hope will begin an interesting plot. While Mohinder says he will now track down the people on the list himself to warn them of the people who might come after them. In an episode which seems far too familiar these are good starting points.

We also begin to see how Peter will destroy New York. The shot of the escaped Sprague shows us that Peter will absorb his abilities but somehow be unable to control them. It is a clever way to tip us off about what lies ahead.

The Haitian also offers a fresh perspective on the heroes’ abilities when he insists Claire treat them with respect because they come from God. It’s nice to see someone attribute the powers to the divine because so far only the Suresh family genetic mutation theory has been voiced. Where as we know in the real world people have a wide variety of beliefs about what causes the inexplicable.

The Bad: So much seems to have been reset. Claire starts all over again with Zach, Parkman is back to square one, Niki is now the one in jail with DL having to look after Micah.

The Niki story has been in one tone the entire season. We have this desperate woman who loves her son who occasionally gets taken over by another personality who kills people. It has been dramatic and creepy but that basic setting has not changed after twelve episodes. The lack of change has become a problem. There are only so many times we can sit through Niki looking hopeless and telling Micah she loves him. As a viewer it is difficult to relate to this relentless tearful misery. But more importantly we have hardly seen Micah and Niki acting like a family, relaxed and having fun. Without that normal side to their story we have much less reason to care about them being separated. There seems to be no suggestion yet of how Jessica can be stopped, so the whole story has a hopeless feel to it which has become both monotonous and depressing to sit through.

There is no suggestion given for why Hiro’s powers have gone or how having a sword would restore them. At this stage his story feels like a frivolous sideshow to keep him occupied until he will become part of the main arc again.

The Unknown: In the real world this episode is the start of the second half of Heroes’ first season. Coming back from the Christmas break it seems the producers wanted to restart the show. Perhaps to help new viewers understand the story. For those of us who have sat through the first eleven episodes, this show is dull and irritating. It gives off a feeling of lethargy, as if it is going to build slowly back up to the season finale, rather than kick into more exciting stories. It may be too soon to judge, but for now it is annoying to see.

Best Moment: Nathan and Hiro having a conversation. It’s nice to see two characters sharing information and working out what to do next in a sensible manner. And they also inject a bit of humour into an episode full of tense conversations.

Epilogue: This is fourty minutes of dull conversations about the hopeless position which everyone is in. It is not fun to watch and feels like a real step backwards for the show.



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