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Heroes is a drama about individuals across the globe suddenly discovering that they have super powers. NBC 2006-2010


Episode 11 - Fallout

30 March 2012

Synopsis: Parkman and Hanson interview Peter but the men both get splitting headaches as they hear each others thoughts. Parkman realises that the Haitian is near by and begins a stakeout of Mr Bennet’s work place. Inside they have isolated Sylar and received orders not to kill him. When Eden tries to kill him Sylar uses his powers to catch her but she kills herself. Meanwhile Mr Bennet sends the Haitian to take his wife, his son and Zach’s memories. Claire is freaked out by all this and the Haitian comes to her saying it is important that she remembers. Nathan bails out Peter who collapses in the street dreaming that he is the bomb that destroys New York. Meanwhile Eden helps Isaac escape and he meets up with Hiro and Ando who help him paint a picture of Hiro fighting a dinosaur. Although Jessica shoots DL through the shoulder, Niki finds them and apologises. Realising she is a threat to Micah she hands herself into the police.

The Good: Sylar plays the super villain well here. He tries to play mind games with Mr Bennet but he is just biding his time. The way he grabs Eden is so brutal and so swift that it is a very dramatic moment. Her sacrifice is sad for a character who was starting to stand up for the things that matter. However it is a good thing for the show as it puts you on notice that no one is safe from being killed off. A very necessary prerequisite for good drama.

Another prerequisite is good dialogue. In a way the best here is between Parkman and Hanson. Almost every scene with Mohinder or Niki is relentless drama and concern. So it is very nice to see the two police officers having fun conversations about marriage and personality types. Parkman’s detective work continues down an interesting path as it seems the Haitian did not take quite enough of his memories away.

Claire discovering that Zach and Lyle have no memory of her powers is a good dramatic story for her. The Haitian is particularly creepy as he grabs her. The most disturbing comment is when he says he has visited her mother “so many times.” It adds to the feeling that Mr Bennet has been abusing his power for a long time. The Haitian saying Claire will remember is good intrigue for the next episode.

It’s pleasing to see some logical developments in the story. First Mohinder offers his list to the police. An excellent idea, as after all, they can see that people on the list have been killed. He is doing the right thing in offering it and them not taking it gives him the excuse to track them down himself. Then there is Eden suggesting that she persuade Sylar to kill himself. As she points out, no one would ever know it had happened. It’s good that this is brought up rather than just shrugging at the order to keep him alive. Finally Niki turning herself in is the selfless and sensible thing to do, to keep Jessica under control. Of course we can sense that she won’t stay put for long but again it is a nice logical idea. These sensible steps help build faith in the audience that the show is thinking through its scenarios and not just going in the most dramatically pleasing direction.

The Bad: The Isaac and Hiro plot is very convenient. Even with a security card, shouldn’t someone have spotted Isaac escaping from the secret facility beneath the paper company? What kind of terrible security do they have in place? Hiro should be much more concerned that he didn’t save the cheerleader than he is. It was a message from him which he correctly interprets but he seems none too bothered. Then, after all this time of Isaac not being able to paint sober, all it takes is an encouraging word from Hiro and he is off. This whole story is clumsily presented and could have used tightening up.

Claire’s mushy scene with Peter is an odd one. It felt like they were setting them up for a romance but that hardly seems likely. Doubtless they are setting the scene for a bond between them in the future but it was acted in a flirtatious manner.

The Unknown: Why don’t bullets hurt Sylar? Why can he break the forcefield or whatever seemed to be blocking his power? Where do Peter’s dreams come from? Could he have absorbed them from Simone’s father (107)?

Best Moment: Eden comes to see Sylar and tells him to kill himself. He raises one arm and slams her through the glass wall toward him, catches her and tells her he is going to take her power. So she shoots herself.

Epilogue: Once again there is too much going on here. Viewers may have trouble remembering all the details when every one of our heroes appears in an episode. There is lots of good stuff on display but it is a muddle and the good work feels slightly lost amongst the clutter.



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