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Heroes is a drama about individuals across the globe suddenly discovering that they have super powers. NBC 2006-2010


Episode 14 - Distractions

30 March 2012

Synopsis: Claire meets her birth mother. Sylar is about to kill her actual mother when Mr Bennet and the Haitian save her. Claude the invisible man makes Peter steal, follow Simone and finally push him off a building to try and help him control his powers. Hiro’s father insists he come home as the shareholders of Yamagato industries have begun to question his ability to control his family. Hiro convinces him to groom his sister, not him, to be his successor. Isaac continuously paints the future and it helps him bond with Simone. It also allows him to see that Peter is invisible which he tells Mr Bennet. Jessica attacks the psychiatrist trying to help Niki but Mr Linderman arranges for all charges against her to be dropped.

The Good: Heroes feels back on track with this entertaining episode.

The star of the show is Claude the invisible man. There is nothing cryptic about his methods with Peter. He shoves him off buildings and knocks him out, he makes him steal and spy on his girlfriend. It’s wonderfully direct and his bluntness gives a great chemistry to his scenes with Peter. Not only are they fun to watch but they get us somewhere. Peter seems to be learning how to access the powers which he has absorbed.

It would seem that Sylar had a chip put in his head to stop his powers from working, which explains that one. It clearly did not work as he heads to the Bennet home for his “serial killer” scene with Mrs Bennet. It’s good to finally see him in action and being evil. Mr Bennet once more takes his wife’s memory. Her trust in him is tragic to see and is a very nice touch. Her love for him is so deep that she can’t see him abusing his power almost as readily as Sylar does. It will be interesting to see if the writers address Bennet’s morality in full.

Poor Niki really gets our sympathy here. She pleads with her psychiatrist not to bring out Jessica and begs Linderman’s suit not to let her out. But alas she is released to cause more misery for others. Aron Malsky (Linderman’s suit) does a nice job of conveying the sinister news.

Claire’s meeting with her mother is suitably emotional. They both play the meeting well and we get more information about parents passing some kind of ability to their children. The reveal about Nathan being Claire’s father is a nice twist and also cutely echoes her statement that she expected her parents to live in a New York penthouse.

Isaac’s paintings provide some good visuals for the whole story arc. Hiro and Ando handle the comedy nicely as usual, though Peter and Claude holding up a guy pushing clothes along the street is fun too.

The Bad: Sylar comes across a bit too much like a cartoon here. When he is talking to Mr Muggles he strays into very overdramatic territory.

Hiro’s story is a bit too convenient. Pushing his father to recognise his own daughter’s worth feels a little culturally patronising. It feels a bit like wise Western values teaching this patriarchal Japanese man a lesson. It also seems like a complicated family story cut right down to fit into its ten minutes of screen time.

The Unknown: Where did Sylar acquire the ability to control electricity? Again, how does he survive bullets? Nathan can fly and Claire’s mum can make fire and they had a daughter who can heal herself. Is there a logic to the powers one’s children gets or is it all random?

Best Moment: Peter survives a drop from a 30 storey building because he is able to access Claire’s power. He realises that the key is for him to remember the feelings he had when he absorbed those powers. He begins to access all his powers and his mind starts to overload again. Claude knocks him out with a punch. “Well it’s a start” he says.

Epilogue: After a few missteps the show feels like it is driving forward again. Hiro, Peter, Niki, Claire, Isaac and Sylar all feel like they are on the move toward something interesting. This episode provides them all with a good vehicle to entertain.



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