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Heroes is a drama about individuals across the globe suddenly discovering that they have super powers. NBC 2006-2010


Episode 4 - Collision

30 March 2012

Synopsis: Claire escapes form her autopsy and goes home. She confronts Brody who is unrepentant and she drives them both into a wall at high speed. Hiro and Ando hit the casinos in Vegas and use Hiro’s power to win money. Niki is told to seduce Nathan to pay off her debt to Mr Linderman. She can’t do it but her alter ego does. Parkman wakes up in a lab run by Mr Bennet. Peter goes to see Mohinder and they travel together to see Isaac. Isaac is high and painting the future so they return home. On the way their subway freezes in time and Hiro from the future comes to give Peter a message.

The Good: The twist at the end with future Hiro is of course a good thing, pushing you to see the next episode. It also confirms Peter as somebody special because he is the recipient of the important message.

The highlight of the episode though is the conversation between Niki and Nathan in the Vegas hotel. It feels like the first time we have seen two characters just talking like normal people. No talk of powers, just convincing flirting. Nathan’s honesty about his happy marriage before making a move adds good depth to the scene and his character. It feels more real that he makes clear what he sees this as and marks him out as morally grey rather than just a bastard.

Seeing Niki actually transform and show her strength is good as well. By not seeing it until now it has added value because we were waiting to see how exactly her power would manifest itself. It also opens up so many intriguing directions for her character. She has an alter ego who will do what it thinks is necessary for her survival, so now her decision making will be seriously impaired.

In the same hotel Ando and Hiro provide the comedy as they begin to cheat at gambling. Again they explain their motivation well by having Ando use Spider-Man as an example to convince Hiro to do wrong.

The comedy is much needed as the other heroes are suffering serious angst. Mohinder’s scepticism is good especially contrasted with Isaac’s growing faith in his powers. The lab where Parkman wakes up is suitably mysterious to keep us guessing as to what Mr Bennet is up to. It’s good to see Claire crying as well because her autopsy is a pretty traumatic thing to live through. Micah acknowledging what Niki does for a living is a nice moment. He doesn’t pretend to know more than he does, but it shows how quickly he is having to grow up.

The Bad: Again there is so much going on that it can be difficult to keep up. I didn’t have room for Simone in the synopsis even though she is involved in several scenes.

Claire’s story is the one moving at an unbelievable pace. Brody shows some shock at her return, but not nearly enough. He apparently stripped her body and dumped it in the river. That would have been traumatic for him and yet a day later he is able to shrug it off and go for a drive with her. Brody being a murderer is such a dramatic story that it really has been wasted in this abbreviated format. The whole story is treated too flippantly and is not directed with any subtlety. Lori and Claire look over at Brody during their conversation and he is grinning and manhandling another girl. Grinning? Just a day or so after having to conceal a rape and murder. Again this whole plot could have taken place with Claire just being injured. By bringing in death the whole story feels out of place and doesn’t make the impact that it should.

A couple of other careless moments seem to be in place for newer viewers. Hiro bemoans his lack of English and Ando says the sentence for him and promises to teach him how to say it. If New York is going to be destroyed couldn’t Ando leave the message? Similarly Mohinder yells at Nathan in front of loads of people mentioning mind reading and spontaneous regeneration. As if a potential Congressman is about to jump out of the car and admit to it. These scenes seem to be there to remind new viewers of the characters and what their agendas are. But to a committed viewer they may be viewed as annoying in their lack of logic.

The Unknown: What is Mr Bennet up to with all the abductions? What power does his friend have? What is future Hiro’s message?

Best Moment: Niki and Nathan flirting in the hotel. It feels normal amongst the super natural.

Epilogue: Heroes strength and weakness at this stage is its comic book style. While the intrigue is high, the characters all seem interesting and the action comes thick and fast, nothing seems to stick. At such an early stage in the show the writers are still trying to keep as many people as possible interested and so are giving us loads of characters and stories to choose from. But the problem is that so far we are being given nothing to get our teeth stuck into.



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