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Heroes is a drama about individuals across the globe suddenly discovering that they have super powers. NBC 2006-2010


Episode 6 - Better Halves

30 March 2012

Synopsis: Peter tells Hiro and Ando to come to New York. But as they head out they run into their friend with the cowboy hat again. He makes them play cards to pay him back for cheating but while they are in the bathroom their fellow players are all murdered (by Niki). DL and Niki make plans to be together again. He was set up by someone and escaped jail because he has the power to morph through solid objects. Niki realises that her alter ego set DL up and when he finds out he knocks her out and takes Micah and the money she stole. Claire meets her biological parents but they give her no clues as to why she can regenerate. But her mum does when she tells her that as a baby she had some kind of virus. Mohinder goes back to India and we learn that his neighbour Eden works for Mr Bennet. She is keeping an eye on Peter and Isaac as well.

The Good: Again the focus is much better. With no sign of Parkman, Nathan or Simone we get a more information on the other characters.

Niki and DL dominate proceedings. Their story is mostly just talking but it does a good job of building up the terrible position Niki is in. She realises her alter ego has screwed DL over and now she has to continue on that path or else he will take Micah from her. Which is what he does in the end. This story also adds to the mystery of Mr Linderman and how he is connected to the heroes.

Eden turning out to work for Mr Bennet is a good twist. It explains her curiosity and encouragement of Mohinder. It also spreads Bennet’s reach further as we now know he is watching Peter and Isaac as well as Nathan. Mr Bennet furthers his scheming and morally questionable decisions by clearly bringing in actors to play Claire’s parents. Her desperation for answers is played well.

Hiro and Ando continue to play the comedy nicely.

The Bad: Hiro and Ando do show a lack of urgency, considering the fate that awaits New York.

DL reaches inside Niki to stop her in her tracks. Questioning the science of a show based on comic books is probably a bad idea. But you have to ask whether or not she should have serious health problems from having someone’s hand suddenly appear inside her stomach.

The Unknown: Who is Mr Linderman and is he connected to the heroes more than just coincidentally? Who is Eden and what is Mr Bennet doing with the heroes he captures?

Best Moment: During the card game Hiro freezes time to rearrange the cards. When Ando sees his hand (a straight flush), he bets one thousand dollars. Hiro leans on a cart and falls over. He pops back up to say “Sorry. Beg pardon.” Simple comedy during a scene which is about to get dramatic.

Epilogue: A slow paced episode which focuses on the dilemma of Niki and the frustrations of Claire and Hiro. Not the most interesting or dramatic episode, but a solid stretch of characterisation.



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