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Heroes is a drama about individuals across the globe suddenly discovering that they have super powers. NBC 2006-2010


Season 3

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1 The Second Coming In the future Claire tries to kill Peter. He retur...
In the future Claire tries to kill Peter. He returns to the present to kill Nathan. He is trying to prevent a future which sounds like the one forecast in 120. Nathan dies in the emergency room but then comes back to life, apparently thanks to Mr Linderman. Nathan attributes his resurrection to God and future Peter seems satisfied that he won’t tell the world about their powers. Angela Petrelli knows it is not her Peter and says she dreamed of a bad future which he created. Meanwhile Sylar takes Claire’s power but tells her that she is special and can’t be killed. Hiro learns that his father wants him to protect one half of a formula which could destroy the world. He of course cracks it out of the safe and it is promptly stolen by a “Speedster” girl. He jumps into the future to see the consequences of this. There he sees Ando with powers “betraying” him and Tokyo being wiped out. Parkman figures out that future Peter is up to something and gets transported to the desert for his troubles. “Niki” is sleeping with some senator who is interested in recruiting Nathan Petrelli. Mohinder discovers the source of the powers isn’t in the blood but in the adrenaline and injects himself with it in order to develop powers. Noah is in the Company’s prison and can hear another inmate yelling that he is really Peter Petrelli.
46 -
2 The Butterfly Effect Angela dreams of our heroes being brutally killed....
Angela dreams of our heroes being brutally killed. She blames this premonition on future Peter. She tells him that he is having a negative effect on the timeline and that it was his fault that Sylar took Claire’s power. Hiro sets a trap for his nemesis Daphne and manages to put a tracking device on her. The tension is growing though between him and Ando after he saw Ando kill him in the future. Mohinder feels super fit and energetic and has sex with Maya. But he wakes in the night suffering some discomfort and with nasty welts on his back. Tracy Strauss (or Niki as we think of her) recommends Nathan to fill the position of Junior Senator. He agonises over the decision but accepts. Meanwhile a reporter confronts Tracy about Niki’s past as a stripper, assuming they are the same person. When she angrily grabs him she freezes him to death. Nathan learns that only he can see Linderman. Parkman is in Africa and is taken on a walk by a strange man who claims to paint the future. Sylar arrives at Primatech and kills Bob. He tries to kill Elle but she lets off a huge blast of electricity knocking him out and accidentally releasing all the inmates of Level 5. Angela tells Sylar that he is her son.
53 -
3 One of Us, One of Them Angela tells Sylar to work with Noah and round up ...
Angela tells Sylar to work with Noah and round up the Level 5 escapees. Noah is reluctant to work with him but they do and gain access to the bank where Knox, Jesse and Flint are holding hostages. Future Peter rescues Peter from Jesse’s body before Sylar saves the day and takes Jesse’s power. Hiro and Ando follow Daphne to a German cinema where they try to steal the other half of the formula from the Haitian. Unfortunately mistrust between Hiro and Ando allows Daphne to steal the formula and escape. Tracy visits New Orleans and finds Niki’s body at her funeral. Micah helps her find the doctor who signed her birth certificate, Dr Zimmerman who claims he “created” her. Parkman’s African friend has painted most of Matt’s life and now says the future has changed. He encourages Matt to seek the truth through his hallucinogenic paste. Claire doesn’t see the point of school and so heads out with Meredith to learn how to fight. Meredith traps her and forces her to admit her real motivation is revenge on Sylar.
46 -
4 I Am Become Death Future Peter takes Peter four years into the futur...
Future Peter takes Peter four years into the future. Parkman’s vision allows him to see roughly the same events but focussing on his life. He is with Daphne and their daughter and Molly. In the future Nathan is President (married to Tracy) and people can buy or steal the formula which will give them powers. Claire kills future Peter and Peter runs away. He goes to see Mohinder who has fully evolved into some kind of cockroach. Peter heads to Costa Verde to find Sylar who future Peter told him to go see. Sylar is fighting his hunger in order to be a good father to his young son Noah. Claire is working with Daphne and Knox who use Molly to locate Peter. Peter takes Sylar’s power and Sylar warns him of the hunger that accompanies it. Knox kills Noah and Sylar gets so angry that he explodes like a nuclear bomb destroying Costa Verde. Peter and Claire survive but Daphne dies in Parkman’s arms. In the future they are a family with their baby daughter and Molly. Parkman wakes up in the present and is told to follow his spirit guide which he thinks is a tortoise. President Nathan comes to see Peter and tells him he is creating a super powered army to help the world. Peter thinks he is doing wrong and the hunger takes control and he kills Nathan. Peter jumps back to the present to confront Sylar, his brother. Tracy can’t get answers from Dr Zimmerman so she tries to kill herself. Linderman tells Nathan to go save her and they sleep together. Angela tells Hiro that in order to recover the formula he must dig up Adam Monroe. Mohinder is becoming increasingly aggressive and desperate over his condition. He encounters a domestic disturbance in his building and ends up dragging the man into his lab.
37 -
5 Angels And Monsters Peter almost kills Angela and Sylar stops him. Tra...
Peter almost kills Angela and Sylar stops him. Tracy wants to turn herself in for murder but Nathan tells her she can’t reveal her powers to the world. They go to see Angela and she admits that both their powers are synthetic and were given to them by the company. Mohinder begins collecting people in sacks like a spider, including Maya. Claire tracks down Stephen Canfield (one of the escapees) but learns that he is no monster despite his vortex powers. Claire helps Noah find Stephen but then Noah asks him to kill Sylar. Stephen refuses, preferring to die than become a monster. Meredith went looking for Claire but has been captured by a man with literal puppet master powers. Hiro loses Adam Monroe who is then captured by Knox. Hiro “kills” Ando in order to convince Knox and Daphne that he is now bad. Arthur Petrelli is behind Pinehearst and its recruitment of special people. He has been using Maury Parkman to create the image of Linderman.
47 -
6 Dying of the Light Arthur Petrelli has the ability to steal other peo...
Arthur Petrelli has the ability to steal other people’s powers. He takes Adam’s cell regeneration, giving Arthur his strength back and killing Adam. Daphne continues to recruit for him, sending Hiro to Africa, peaking behind Mohinder’s curtains and warning Matt not to come to Pinehearst. Matt wants to save her and tries to convince her that they are soul mates. Nathan and Tracy ask Mohinder for help but he ties them up. Hiro gets the run around from the pre-cog in Africa. Claire and Mrs Bennett track down Meredith and are forced into a game of Russian roulette by Eric Doyle. Claire saves the day and Noah asks Meredith to be his partner. Sylar seeks Peter’s help now that Angela is in a coma. Peter knocks Sylar out and heads to Pinehearst alone where Arthur hugs him stealing all his powers.
47 -
7 Eris Quod Sum Mohinder brings Maya to Pinehearst and Arthur take...
Mohinder brings Maya to Pinehearst and Arthur takes her powers. He then offers Mohinder the chance to perfect the formula and wants to use Peter as a test subject. Angela talks to Sylar in a dream and he escapes Primatech and rescues Peter. Arthur convinces him to stay but Sylar still helps Peter escape. Elle comes looking for Noah because her power is malfunctioning. Claire offers to go with her to Pinehearst to see if they can fix them both. Daphne fools Matt into thinking she has joined him after Arthur kills Maury. Hiro takes the African’s whacky paste and goes on his spirit walk.
34 -
8 Villains Hiro’s spirit walk leads him to see events from ...
Hiro’s spirit walk leads him to see events from both a year and eighteen months ago. In the latter Arthur Petrelli tells Linderman that he will kill Nathan to stop him discovering his involvement in various criminal enterprises. He orders the attack which costs Nathan’s wife the use of her legs (from 110). Arthur mentally orders Angela to comply with his plans and she only turns against him because Linderman heals her mind. She then poisons Arthur, paralysing him. But he is able to instruct the doctor to pretend he has died.
64 -
9 It's Coming Ando helps Hiro escape but discovers Hiro now thin...
Ando helps Hiro escape but discovers Hiro now thinks he is ten years old. Matt tries to help Angela escape her coma. Daphne and Arthur join in and Angela convinces Arthur to let her go. Peter and Claire avoid Knox and Flint and make their way to Primatech. Nathan and Tracy confront Arthur. He wants Nathan to work with him and Tracy agrees. Nathan heads back to Primatech unsure of his father’s motives. Mohinder discovers a catalyst is needed to make the formula work. Some of the characters become aware of a looming eclipse.
39 -
10 The Eclipse (1) The eclipse comes and everyone loses their powers....
The eclipse comes and everyone loses their powers. Noah takes Claire to Stephen Canfield’s house to keep her out of harms way and train her. Arthur sends Sylar and Elle to retrieve her and they get beaten up by Noah as Claire takes a bullet to the shoulder. Mohinder builds himself a cocoon but when the eclipse hits he returns to normal. Arthur and Flint insist he can’t leave to go find Maya. Nathan and Peter head to Haiti to collect the Haitian. But he is trying to bring his brother to justice. Hiro and Ando follow the comic book to Matt’s apartment. Daphne is scared of Arthur and so runs home to Kansas. Hiro takes the others there and Matt tells Daphne he loves her while Hiro and Ando find a comic shop.and
46 -
11 The Eclipse (2) Noah hunts down Sylar and slits his throat. Claire...
Noah hunts down Sylar and slits his throat. Claire dies in hospital. Mohinder beats Flint up and heads to see Maya. But the eclipse ends and Mohinder flees once his scabs return. Matt finally convinces Daphne that she is a good person and she makes peace with her father. Peter, Nathan and the Haitian take down Samedi’s army and kill him. Nathan tells Peter he plans to help his Dad create an army of super powered people to save the world. Hiro reads all the 9th Wonders Comics and discovers the sadness that will befall him. The comic book guys talk him into continuing his journey and he jumps away. He arrives just in time to save Noah and Claire from a revived Sylar. Hiro and Claire jump back to the day that Noah adopted her. Meanwhile Sylar kills Elle.
65 -
12 Our Father Claire follows her parents and warns Noah not to p...
Claire follows her parents and warns Noah not to put the catalyst into his new baby. Hiro stays with his parents and his mother heals his memory before giving him the catalyst. But Arthur arrives to steal the catalyst and Hiro’s powers, leaving him stuck in the past. Arthur uses the catalyst to create a marine with super strength. Sylar uses Elle’s phone to track down a human lie detector and take her power. Peter and the Haitian arrive to kill Arthur. But Sylar stops them and asks Arthur if he really is his son. When Arthur lies Sylar kills him. Daphne, Ando and Matt track down Isaac’s sketch book.
55 -
13 Dual Sylar traps Claire, Noah, Meredith and Angela in P...
Sylar traps Claire, Noah, Meredith and Angela in Primatech and stalks them. He injects Meredith with adrenaline causing her to produce uncontrollable flames. He locks Noah in and tries to get him to murder her. But Claire frees them and knocks Sylar out after Angela distracts him with news of his real parents. At Pinehearst Knox and Flint join Peter in destroying the formula. Mohinder is cured in the chaos and Nathan and Peter fight. Daphne steals some of the formula and Ando injects himself. He becomes able to supercharge other people’s abilities. He charges Daphne so much that she can travel through time and rescue Hiro. They go to Pinehearst, take the formula from Tracy and destroy it. Nathan and Peter escape Pinehearst as it burns down. Meredith dies as the others escape Primatech as it too burns down. To begin the next Volume, Nathan goes to see the President and suggests setting up a camp where people with powers can be contained.
42 -
14 A Clear and Present Danger Nathan is rounding up those with powers with the h...
Nathan is rounding up those with powers with the help of Angela, Noah and of course the President. Claire discovers what he is up to and rushes off to warn Matt Parkman. Matt is trying to convince Daphne to live a normal life but Usutu appears to tell him that he has been chosen to be a prophet and can now draw the future. Nathan tries to convince Peter to join him but when he won’t he knocks him out and sends him off to containment with everyone else he has captured. The notable exception is Sylar who escapes capture. He finds his father the watch maker and discovers that his uncle sold him to his father when he was a baby. Nathan lets Claire go home but she sneaks onto the prisoner transport plane and wakes Peter and the other prisoners. Peter absorbs the powers of Mohinder and Tracy and accidentally causes a hole in the plane which sends it crashing to earth.
63 -
15 Trust and Blood The heroes make a run for it with Nathan and Danko...
The heroes make a run for it with Nathan and Danko in hot pursuit. Matt paints Daphne being shot and he, Hiro and Mohinder return to the crash site. Daphne finds Ando who tells her where to go. They arrive but Daphne is killed. Peter finds Tracy and they arrange a meeting with Nathan to try and put a stop to this. Peter can now absorb one power at a time and after touching Nathan flies away as he betrays them and recaptures Tracy. Claire heads home to Costa Verde but gets a text from an anonymous rebel saying they will fight back. Sylar finds a family to torture to try and get more information out of the captured agent. The son Luke Campbell turns out to have powers and is slightly twisted like Sylar. Luke takes Sylar to see his father.
54 -
16 Building 26 Abby Collins from Homeland Security tries to shut ...
Abby Collins from Homeland Security tries to shut down Nathan’s operation when she sees the torturous conditions he is keeping Tracy in. Danko cuts Tracy loose and she freezes a guard to death. That is enough to convince Abby that Nathan needs more funding to help incarcerate more of the specials. Ando and Hiro go to India so that Hiro can learn he is still a hero without his powers. Sylar and Luke are surrounded at a diner. Luke helps Sylar escape and Sylar eventually comes back to kill the agents sent after him and rescue Luke. A text from “Rebel” leads Claire to rescue Alex who can swim under water. She rescues him from Noah and then tells her mother about his lies. She kicks him out of the house and he ends up drugged and captured by Peter, Matt and Mohinder.
55 -
17 Cold Wars Matt gets inside Noah’s head and sees how he cam...
Matt gets inside Noah’s head and sees how he came to work with Nathan and Danko. From this information Peter finds Noah’s secret storage locker, but there are cameras inside. Although Peter escapes it attracts Danko’s men to the area and they capture Mohinder and Matt. Peter confronts Danko and shoots him in the arm but Nathan arrives to talk him down and he flees. Peter rescues Matt from Nathan’s men after discovering that Daphne is still alive. Nathan uses Daphne’s injured state to coerce Mohinder into helping him. We learn that Noah is secretly working with Angela. Matt paints the future with Washington being blown up and himself covered in suicide bomber explosives.
60 -
18 Exposed Sylar and Luke arrive at an abandoned café and Sy...
Sylar and Luke arrive at an abandoned café and Sylar begins to uncover repressed memories of when his father killed his mother. Sandra Bennett discovers that Claire has been hiding Alex in her closet. She helps him escape and encourages Claire to tell her the truth. Matt and Peter head to the headquarters of Nathan’s operation under instructions from Rebel. Once there Peter takes Matt’s power and they control the minds of the guards in the building. Noah uses the buildings alarm to disorientate Matt but Peter escapes with footage of the detainees being loaded onto the plane. He wants to make an exchange, the information for Matt and Daphne. Danko refuses to negotiate and shoots Peter. Nathan saves Peter while Danko loads Matt up with explosives and shoves him out into Washington DC.
63 -
19 Shades of Gray Nathan and Rebel help Matt disconnect the bomb. Na...
Nathan and Rebel help Matt disconnect the bomb. Nathan goes to the President to get Danko removed. Danko goes to see Tracy and Angela to try and work out if Nathan has an ability. Eventually Danko wins out. Claire decides to help Eric Doyle but may come to regret it. Sylar finds his father dying of cancer. His father tells him that life is meaningless unless you look for greater challenges. Once he sees Sylar’s healing power he tries to take it but can’t. Finally Hiro and Ando arrive back in America looking to save Matt Parkman but all they find is a baby.
56 -
20 Cold Snap Danko finds Eric Doyle gift wrapped for him in his...
Danko finds Eric Doyle gift wrapped for him in his apartment. He tries to catch Angela but Peter saves her. Noah meanwhile tries to earn Danko’s trust by capturing Rebel. When Rebel helps Tracy escape, Noah corners her and offers her freedom in exchange for Rebel. But when she discovers that Rebel is Micah she sacrifices herself to help him escape. During her initial escape Matt, Daphne and Mohinder escape too but Daphne’s wounds are too severe and she dies. Ando and Hiro realise that the baby is Matt’s and he has the power to bring life where there was none before. Thanks to the baby activating Hiro’s dormant power they are able to escape from Danko’s men.
70 -
21 Into Asylum James Martin, a shape shifter kills four of Danko...
James Martin, a shape shifter kills four of Danko’s men. Sylar offers to help find him. Danko agrees and they track him to a club. Martin takes Sylar’s form and Danko shoots him. Sylar takes his ability and they claim that Sylar is dead. Angela takes refuge in the church where she was married and confesses to Peter about all the mistakes she has made trying to save the world. Peter shares his anger with God. Nathan takes Claire to Mexico to figure out their next move. To make money Nathan takes on some young guys in a tequila drinking contest. Claire helps him win and they share their feelings over their relationship.
56 -
22 Turn and Face the Strange Matt goes after Danko and follows him to the home ...
Matt goes after Danko and follows him to the home of Helena, an escort whom he loves. Matt exposes who Danko really is to her to exact revenge for Daphne. Hiro and Ando save Matt from being killed and take him to meet his son. Noah discovers that Sylar isn’t dead and is now a shape shifter. Not soon enough to avoid Sylar pretending to be Sandra and messing with him. Noah confronts Danko and kills Sylar. But Sylar was posing as one of Danko’s men and Danko uses it to send Noah on the run. He heads out to meet Claire and the Petrelli’s at Coyote Sands where Angela claims “it” all began. Mohinder discovers that his father worked there too.
73 -
23 1961 In flashback we see Angela and her younger sister ...
In flashback we see Angela and her younger sister Alice coming to the camp organised by the government. Doctors Zimmerman and Suresh are testing people with powers to learn more about them. Young Angela meets Linderman, Bob and Charles Deveaux. They agree to break out after Angela has dreams that everyone will be killed. Once they escape Suresh tries to test Alice, but her power is to control the weather and in the chaos the guards open fire on those with powers. Angela forms the company to prevent the disaster from ever happening again.
63 -
24 I Am Sylar Sylar is having problems with his new shape shifti...
Sylar is having problems with his new shape shifting ability. He is having trouble maintaining his own physical appearance. His identity crisis deepens and so he sends for his dead mother’s last effects so that he can take on her form and “confront” her about how he killed her. Danko manages to track down Micah but Sylar lets him go. Sylar heads to Nathan’s office and assumes his identity; he holds a press conference in order to arrange a meeting with the President. Nathan tries to stop him but is stunned by Danko. Danko tries to kill Sylar but fails. Matt takes baby Matt back to Janice but realises they will never live in peace unless he stops the hunt for those with abilities. Hiro and Ando trick some agents into revealing the location of Building 26. But once there Hiro suffers a blinding pain as he tries to freeze time. Meanwhile Mohinder, Noah, Claire and Angela are all captured.
67 -
25 An Invisible Thread Despite the pain it causes him, Hiro freezes time ...
Despite the pain it causes him, Hiro freezes time and saves the day by freeing those being held at Building 26. Claire finds Sylar (as Nathan) and they head to meet the President. Peter finds the real Nathan and they confront Sylar leading to Nathan’s death. Peter absorbs Sylar’s ability and manages to impersonate the President and tranquilise him. Angela gets Matt to brainwash Sylar into thinking he is Nathan. “Nathan” can now convince the President to terminate Danko’s operation and create a covert operation to be run by Noah. To start the next volume we see “Nathan” displaying Sylar tendencies and a familiar face return.
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