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Game of Thrones



Episode 2 - Home

3 May 2016

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It took me a while to realise that Roose Bolton was dead. As in the Roose Bolton. The one who betrayed Robb Stark in one of the most memorable moments of television ever made. What I mean to say is that Ramsay has overshadowed his far more interesting father and that's sad. We were robbed of any satisfaction in seeing Roose get his comeuppance. Because it was just another chapter in the Ramsay Bolton Sociopath Story. Ramsay's cartoonish villainy undermines a lot of the complex character work that's happened elsewhere in the show.

We did not need to see the murder of Roose's wife and baby. It was gross and added nothing. Also killing Balon and Roose in similar ways was a poor choice.

John's return was predictable but welcome. I hope the dynamic between him and those at Castle Black is significantly altered. He isn't the same character anymore and this should be a life-altering moment for those nearby.

Tyrion chatting up dragons was a delight. But then duh. 



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  • I loved this episode. So lets' go by location:

    When Theon says he wants to go 'home' does he mean Pyke or Witerfell, since we heard him confess to Ramsay that he thought Ned Stark his father?

    Everything at the Wall worked out like we thought it it was set up since season it was supposed to. I did not have a problem with the ending at all, in fact the idea that the followers of R'hllor have to speak to the dead to bring them back is consistent with what Thoros of Myr had to do to bring back Beric Dondarrion. There seem to be many different ways to bring back people from the dead (the Undead Mountain , the wights, etc.). As to whether or not Jon is totally different I do not know, it's just been a day or 2 since he died, since episode 1 picked up right after his death. We know that Beric Dondarrion changed as a result of his resurrection but that was a slow process that chipped away little pieces every time he wasbrought back so I would not bet on too radical a for Jon's Night's Watch vows though...I liked the idea that Davos, who has been a skeptic and who was the first to advise Stannis to go North was so invested in Jon Snow's fate because we knw that he knows about the threat approaching the Wall.

    Roose Bolton's death is actually pretty ironic when you actually think about it: he died the same way Robb died: with a knife through the chest...except that noone will weep for him. I think they really set this up well from last season when the idea of Walda becoming pregnant was first mentioned because Ramsay is under pressure to either succeed or to secure his position any way he can, whereas Roose does not have an incentive to act right away if he indeed thinks of disposing of Ramsay. It is also very meaningful that ramsay essentially just wiped House Bolton from the face of the earth because he is actually a bastard who has been legitimized by a king who is secretely a bastard born of incest and hence would not actually have the authority to legitimize Ramsay in the first place. By the time the story is over House Bolton will have been extinguished completely because we all know that Ramsay cannot be long for this world. While he has the skill to be successful in his endeavours in the short-run, he lacks Roose's long-term strategy and that is likely going to make itself felt. I agree that roose is more interesting and capable but I sense a theme of the season, namely that the competent rulers are being killed by people who have lots of ambition but not enough sense to rule effectively.

    The scenes with the Ironborn are interesting and an improvement on the source material where Balon dies offscreen by 'falling' off a bridge and it is said to have been an accident but the readers do not know. Kinslaying is a big dead in the books and this episode calling back to family ties within its title had many of those and this unholy act in that society will likely come back to haunt the kinslayers.

    I really enjoyed the Arya scene because she resisted the 3 temptations in the desert...I mean Braavos.

    The Bran scenes were among the highlights of the episode for me, since we get glimpses of characters we have only ever heard about like Lyanna and I wonder how meera will help Bran. If I know the theories surrounding the books well, this should definitely change things. Also, how did Hodor forget how to speak?

    The King's Landing stuff is very intriguing as well, as the Undead Mountain seems to act as Cersei's spirit animal, exacting vengeance for everything she suffered and it is interesting to see the High Sparrow's double standard as to Jaime's crimes. So when women offend the gods they must confess but not the men? Another simple and subtle commentary on the sexism of Westerosi society in my opinion.

    Viewer score: 90 / 100

    Posted by Beric, 03/05/2016 12:20pm (3 years ago)

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