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Game of Thrones



Episode 9 - Battle of the Bastards

22 June 2016

Why wouldn’t Sansa tell Jon that Littlefinger was on his way? He nearly died so she could make a dramatic entrance.

Killing Rickon had no emotional impact because we barely know him. What it did do was confirm that Jon Snow is an idiot. He abandoned the only plan that might have worked for impossible vengeance.

The attempt to show the chaos and brutality of battle was admirable. But what came across on screen was oddly humorous. Arrows and horses fly by Jon, missing him by a whisker. Then he nearly gets trampled to death by his own men. Hilarious.

The Bolton shield wall looked fake rather than dramatic. Real armies don’t want men to fight to the death, they want them to run in terror.

How is it that the men of the Vale got passed Moat Cailin and hundreds of miles of territory without anyone notifying Ramsay? Ridiculous.

Perhaps the stupidest moment of the whole episode was when Yara agreed that she would change the whole culture of the Iron Islands to suit Dany. The first Queen ever announces “No more raiding. We’ll just be merchants and fishermen from now on!” She wouldn’t last a week on the Salt Throne. 



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  • Yeah, that was my problem with the whole Sansa thing too.. until I realised that maybe she didn't tell Jon because she doesn't honestly trust him. Her time with Ramsay has seriously changed her, and she felt telling him would lead to him including them into his plans, which she felt would anyway not work becuase Ramsay can outdo any plans. It's not such strong logic on her part (Whatever Jon plans, Ramsey will crush anyway so I might as well keep this as a surprise for everyone (that is, if they even come)). But one can understand that she's grown extremely cold, distrusting and vicious. She was pretty chill when she saw the battle and all. And then gleeful with Ramsey in the end. I think she was just playing Jon.

    Jon is an idiot for riding towards Rickon, yes. But he is emotional and impulsive in that way. Also after that point he's forced to ride forward due to the arrows. So it's not fully his sentiments causing him to charge into battle. Jon's fault was only trying to get Rickon, which was on impulse, which is who Jon is. Then it was Ramsey's plan.

    Didn't find it oddly humorous. There was some stunningly great cinematography throughout this episode, and some of those shots were great. I thought the threat of Jon being trampled by his own men, in the scenario, was brilliant, terrifying and original. That shot of him fighting with arrows missing, and complete chaos was also brilliant. I mean, of course we can complain that statistically he should have been hit, but the fact is enough many people survived at the end of all the arrows, and so what if he's one of those who didn't get hit. It's okay. I don't need that much realism.

    I get the Bolton shield wall part - except why would they run when they had surrounded the enemy and were closing in. What I don't get was why the Northen Houses were ready to get dirty even when Ramsey wasn't fighting himself, and even used arrows on his own men.

    Yeah, he would have probably been notified about the Vale army's movements. Agreed there. They were close to Winterfell but not that close. And army marching through the North, someone should've noticed.

    I do believe Yara saying "No more raiding" was a cautious thing. As in, she was just trying to sign up with Dany, and promising that she would keep up her end, but I don't think Yara believes that the raiding will just end. That's why her response was that's our way of life. Hopefully, Dany sees that too, and is just ensuring that the new Queen will be on her terms and then it's just sorting out the people (through whatever means she thinks she can use to bring order and peace).

    Viewer score: 74 / 100

    Posted by A Commentator, 20/06/2016 4:26pm (2 years ago)

  • I love your comments. I already put my comments here at Just to comment on your comments: Great point on Sansa's decision. I figure Sansa knows Jon's impulsiveness and Ramsay's scheming well enough to know that Ramsay was going to bait Jon with Rickon and Jon would take the bait so they would end up in the same position they were in or worse with the help of the Vale. Agreed on Rickon, his character got used as a plot movement device instead of having any substance. Since you study ancient warfare was curious to see what you felt about the war scenes; including the Phalanx scenes. S6E5 Little Finger tells Sansa that the Vale troops took Moat Cailin and they were camped out there waiting for her word to join the Starks. That's how she was able to send a Raven to Little Finger.

    Viewer score: 75 / 100

    Posted by Fluids, 20/06/2016 12:03pm (2 years ago)

  • Also, regarding Rickon: Sansa clearly stated before the battle that they would not get Rickon back because she knows how Ramsay thinks and operates. She essentially declared him dead and Jon, not knowing Ramsay, thinks that he knows better than her and it turns out he doesn't. We knew that but Jon did not and his resulting action confirms the differences between him and Sansa. She knows that Jon will do the heroic thing, which so far has resulted in the Starks getting played and she does not want to make those mistakes because she knows what they entail. It's not about caring for Rickon, it's about understanding the characters of Jon and Sansa.

    Posted by Beric, 20/06/2016 11:50am (2 years ago)

  • I'm just going to address your complaints very quickly.

    Sansa had no way of knowing LF would decide to help them, hence why she did not trust Jon because she feared he might change his battle plans for nothing. It's also a commentary on the people who play the game of thrones in which hundreds die needlessly because of the plans of highborn people.

    Killing Rickon confirmed that Jon is a good person who loved his brother and does the (admittedly stupid) but honourable thing of charging to avenge his brother.

    Arrows and horses fly by Jon because he is (maybe) protected by a higher power that needs him to live longer (did you not pay attention to Melisandre in this episode?). Part of the reason he also survives is luck.

    The Bolton shield wall was based on the fight between the Romans and the Carthaginians in the battle of Cannae, in which the Romans got caught by encirclement by Hannibal.

    The men of the Vale likely went around Moat Cailin the same way Roose Bolton said he did in season 4. The Same way Brienne did in season 5. By taking a looooooong way around it that takes a lot of time to get North.

    Yara is in a position where she cannot make demands, since she NEEDS Danaerys. Whether or not that lasts is a different question.

    Viewer score: 90 / 100

    Posted by Beric, 20/06/2016 11:45am (2 years ago)

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