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Game of Thrones



Season 4

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1 Two Swords Tywin makes two swords from Valyrian steel. He giv...
Tywin makes two swords from Valyrian steel. He gives one to Jaime who refuses to head to Casterly Rock. Joffrey mocks him, Cersei won't touch him and Brienne reminds him of his oathe to protect Sansa. Sansa is spending time alone but agrees to wear a necklace given to her by Ser Dontos. Oberyn Martell arrives in Kings Landing with talk of revenge. Arya acts out vengeance of her own in partnership with the Hound. Jon Snow justifies his actions to the Nights Watch while Ygritte nurses her grudge in the company of cannibalistic Thenns. Daenerys watches her dragons grow up while flirting with Daario Naharis. The road to Meereen is paved with dead slaves.
63 66 Podcast Icon
2 The Lion and the Rose Ramsay demonstrates to Lord Bolton that Theon is n...
Ramsay demonstrates to Lord Bolton that Theon is now thoroughly broken in as Reek. Bolton gives orders to drive the Iron Islanders from Moat Cailin and track down Bran and Rickon. Tyrion sends Shae away to Pentos and gets Bronn to help Jaime learn to fight left handed. Bran is spending more time inhabiting Summer. He touches a Weirwood tree and learns where they must go next. Stannis burns more of his people. Melissandre is sent to talk to his daughter. Joffrey and Margaery get married. Afterwards all manner of entertainment takes place along with much tension as various characters interact. Joffrey takes his torment of Tyrion to another level but after eating his wedding pie he collapses in agony and dies.
83 79 Podcast Icon
3 Breaker of Chains Sansa is taken to Little Finger who kills Ser Dont...
Sansa is taken to Little Finger who kills Ser Dontos for his efforts. Tywin begins instructing Tommen on who a King should listen to and then arranges Tyrion's trial. He approaches Prince Oberyn about becoming a judge and a member of the Small Council. Cersei asks Jaime to help her kill Tyrion and Jaime rapes her. Arya and the Hound are taken in by a farmer who offers them work. The Hound robs him. Stannis wants to press his claim to the throne and in the Iron Bank of Bravos Ser Davos sees an opportunity. The Wildlings begin slaughtering villagers in an attempt to lure the Nights Watch away from Castle Black. Sam takes Gilly to Mole's Town where he thinks she will be safe.
67 63 Podcast Icon
4 Oathkeeper Danerys captures Meereen Little Finger takes Sansa...
Danerys captures Meereen Little Finger takes Sansa to the Eyrie. Olenna Tyrell admits that she killed Joffrey and encourages Margaery to seduce Tommen. Jaime visits Tyrion and asks Brienne to go in search for Sansa. Locke arrives at Castle Black and befriends Jon. Thorne is worried by Jon's popularity with the men and licences his mission to Craster's Keep. At the Keep the mutineers sacrifice another baby to the White Walkers and capture Bran's group.
64 68 Podcast Icon
5 First of his Name Dany learns that Yunkai and Astapor have already e...
Dany learns that Yunkai and Astapor have already experienced counter revolutions and decides to stay in Slaver’s Bay. Tommen is crowned King and Tywin pushes on with the political marriages to the Tyrells. He says he can’t discuss Tyrion’s trial with her but she has a good chat with Oberyn about it. Sansa arrives in the Eyrie where she is greeted warmly by Lysa who then marries Little Finger. Arya continues to learn how to fight and Brienne and Pod begin to bond. Jon leads an attack on the mutineers at Craster’s Keep. Locke tries to capture Bran but is killed by Hodor when Bran wargs into him.
68 67 Podcast Icon
6 The Laws of Gods and Men Yara makes an unsuccesful attempt to rescue Theon....
Yara makes an unsuccesful attempt to rescue Theon. Stannis and Davos get some funding from the Iron Bank. Daenerys deals with the aggrieved children of the Masters of Meereen. Tyrion's trial begins and Jaime steps in to offer his King's Guard place in exchange for his brother's life. Tywin takes it but when Shae testifies against Tyrion he calls for Trial by Combat.
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7 Mockingbird Tyrion can't expect Jaime or Bronn to fight for hi...
Tyrion can't expect Jaime or Bronn to fight for him but when the Mountain is named as his opponent a Champion emerges. The Hound learns of the bounty on his head and Arya helps him with a wound. Brienne and Pod encounter Hot Pie who puts them on the path to the Eyrie. Jon suggests sealing the tunnel under the Wall but is denied. Melissandre explains why Shireen must go with her when they leave Dragonstone. Dany allows Daario into her bedroom and then sends him to Yunkai. Jorah persuades her to show a little mercy. Sansa slaps Robin, Baelish kisses her and then shoves Lysa out the Moon Door.
58 70 Podcast Icon
8 The Mountain and the Viper Ygritte lets Gilly live while the Wildlings sack M...
Ygritte lets Gilly live while the Wildlings sack Mole's Town. Grey Worm and Missandei sort of admit to having feelings for one another. A boy hands Ser Jorah's pardon to Ser Barristan. He passes it on to Daenerys who kicks him out of Meereen. Theon helps Ramsay take Moat Cailin and the latter gets upgraded to a Bolton. Sansa confesses who she is but protects Baelish to the Lords of the Vale. The Hound and Arya arrive only to learn that Lysa is dead. The Mountain kills Oberyn in the Trial by Combat.
60 71 Podcast Icon
9 The Watchers on the Wall Gilly makes it to Castle Black while Ygritte promi...
Gilly makes it to Castle Black while Ygritte promises to kill Jon. A large section of forest is set on fire north of the Wall and an attack begins both on Castle Black and the Wall. Alliser Thorne is killed defending the Castle while Janos Slynt hides with Gilly. The attack on the Tunnel is repelled despite many casualties. The attack on the Castle is too but Ygritte dies in Jon's arms. Giantsbane is taken prisoner and Jon heads out of the gate to kill Manse.
76 66 Podcast Icon
10 The Children Bran's companions encounter undead enemies at the ...
Bran's companions encounter undead enemies at the giant Heart Tree. Jojen is killed but a child of the Forest takes them to safety where they meet the Three Eyed Raven. Manse is surprised by Stannis' army and taken prisoner. Brienne encounters Arya and the Hound. Brienne badly wounds the Hound but loses Arya. She lets the Hound die and jumps on a boat to Braavos. Cersei refuses to marry Loras. Jaime helps Tyrion escape but he chooses to kill Tywin instead. He and Varys leave on a ship. Daenerys is forced to chain up two of her dragons after they kill a child.
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